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Bad Luck vs. Good Luck

Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

Friday the 13th….Bad Luck or Good Luck?? We woke up this morning to pouring rain. It had been raining most of the night and will continue for 10 days according to the weather forecast. Our friends Emil, Henrik and Erik were suppose to ride bikes down to Panama today. Oh a little background on this. Like I mentioned before Puerto Viejo is a hippie, surfer town and most the tourist and locals ride around on beach cruisers. So Emil, Henrik and Erik got the good idea to buy some beach cruiser and ride the 30 km to the Panama boarder and then on to Panama City after hitting some islands off the coast of Panama for a week or so. Sooo anyways when we and they woke up today and saw the heavy rain we all were disappointed. Bad Luck 1 vs. Good Luck 0.

Our plan was to wake up, have breakfast, grab Flip Flop and Craig and head back to San Jose for his flight home. But because of the rain we could not find Flip Flop anywhere. We stuck around for 2 hours hoping she would show up but she didn’t. We were both bummed. Bad Luck 2 vs. Good Luck 0.

The other guys were staying at another hostel for the week. When we got there to pick up Craig Erik told us he was going to sell his bike and come with us to San Jose. When the bike idea got shot down because of the 10 day rain storm he booked a flight to South America. After we packed their stuff in the van Ryan said. “We can go back to Rocking J’s and look for Flip Flop one more time.” That’s what we did. Low and behold as things always go she had showed up just after we left. YEA!! I grabbed her and we were on the road. Bad Luck 2 vs. Good Luck 1.

Twenty minutes out of Puerto Viejo the rain had stopped and we were making good time to San Jose with not much traffic. An hour on the road and we hit a GAINT pothole. The biggest yet. Oh Crap… our back left tire got a flat.

Luckily Ryan and planned for this when we bought the car; we had a spare tire and a jack. With a little “Mac Gyver” skills using rocks from the side of the road he changed the flat in no time. Bad Luck 3 vs. Good Luck 1.

Down the road we came across a Bridgestone tire store, bought a new tire (cause the old one had a bulge in it even after the hole was fixed) and continued on. Bad Luck 3 vs. Good Luck 2.

We arrived in San Jose with no other problems. Good Luck 3. Found a hostel and all decided with the way the day had gone we were just going relax at the hostel instead of going out for our last night together.

In the end the score was even Bad Luck 3 vs. Good Luck 3. So Friday the 13th Bad or Good Luck??… well I guess this time its unsettled.

permalink written by  ryan & debbrial on November 13, 2009 from Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica
from the travel blog: Us Discovering the Latin Americas
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