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Jumping in Ilanskiy

Ilanskiy, Russia

Ever heard of Ilanskiy ? Me neither before stopping there. It is a small town completely lost in Siberia. But there you'll find an old and gorgeous locomotive from the early days of steam-powered TransSiberian railways.

permalink written by  Sly on September 16, 2010 from Ilanskiy, Russia
from the travel blog: Jumping Around
tagged TransSiberian, Train and Jumping

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Jumping in Naushki, first TransMongolian jump

Naushki, Russia

Last moments in Russia ! After 10 days of intense train-ing in Russia, we are arriving at the end of this first journey and we're now fully ready for Mongolia desert country.

Oh ! And last bit of Cyrrilic lesson (i really love that alphabet):
- Y = oo (like in "food")
- Ш = sh
- И is still I

NAYШKИ = Naushki ("na-oosh-ky")

permalink written by  Sly on September 20, 2010 from Naushki, Russia
from the travel blog: Jumping Around
tagged Train, Jumping and TransMongolian

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Jumping in Sain-shanda

Alagiin Sume, Mongolia

And back in the TransMonglian, this time, direction China !

The picture below was taken at one of the few Mongolian stops, in Sain-Shanda (aka Sainshand sometimes). Thing is that BlogABond doesn't seem to know that city, so I picked the closest I found, Alagiin Sume.

Anyway, in Sain-shanda, we stopped enough time to buy some water, as well as some lyophilized Korean spicy noodles (just add some boiling water, and that's ready). Quite good... when you're hungry !

Korea and Mongolia seem to get along quite well. We saw an impressive amount Korean shops in Ulaan Bator. Maybe it is because both countries are surrounded by huge and powerful countries that they feel it is easier to deal with countries of their size ? Just a thought though, i'm not an expert in koreo-mongol politics.

permalink written by  Sly on September 26, 2010 from Alagiin Sume, Mongolia
from the travel blog: Jumping Around
tagged Train, Jumping and TransMongolian

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Jumping in Datong

Datong, China

Finally ! After 5 hours at the Chinese border to change again the carriage boggies as we did back in Belarus (which seemed ages before !) and after a last night in the train, finally we arrive in China for a first trop in Datong.

There, they changed the chinese orange coal locomotive we had had at the border for a blue electricity powered one. At least we feel we save some more trees running on electricity rather than coal.

Oh wait... where does the electricity come from in China ? Damn it.

permalink written by  Sly on September 27, 2010 from Datong, China
from the travel blog: Jumping Around
tagged Train, Jumping and TransMongolian

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LA's Union Station

Los Angeles, United States

This trip began with a car ride to Cielito Lindo, on Olivera Street in LA for Taquitos--and they were a supper yummy dinner! Then it was across the street to Union Station where we waited for our departure. We arrived super early because of "carmagedon" (the 405 freeway was shut down for construction and everyone was predicting huge amounts of chaos for cars--turned out it was fine.) so we had plenty of time to enjoy our taquitos and the luxury of finding out we are first class on this trip. We were told to just take a seat and someone would come looking for us. Nice. Before too long an oversized golf cart came to us and Denise (?) drove us to the train--She was wonderful and even dropped us off right where we would be entering our train car, even though the train was not yet on the tracks. She is good! Once the train arrived, we met Riley, our fantastic Porter. He was with us for the whole trip, and we were all happy about that. Riley was so nice and he took great care of us--He even helped us trade sleeper cars so that our group was just across the hall from each other (instead of on different levels as we were assigned). Off to a great start!

permalink written by  shrugsnkisses on July 16, 2011 from Los Angeles, United States
from the travel blog: Chicago by Train
tagged Train and LA

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Lazy Sunday

Kansas City, United States

I think that one of my favorite things about the train is the interaction I enjoyed with the people around us. We spent a lot of time in the Observation Car playing various games, or reading, or chatting. Last night we stayed up till like 2 playing the dice game, and as we were doing that the conductor was constantly passing through the Observation Car and joking with us. Tim, a fellow passenger walked by, saw us, and asked "How do I get in on that?" To which we answered with a smile "Have a seat." He was traveling with a young boy, who I believe was his nephew, Josh. He also joined us for a little while. Sadly, Tim, Josh, and Conductor Kinley all got off the train that night.We were sad to see them go, but there was still a train full of people there to meet! and there were views of NM, KS, MO to take in.

permalink written by  shrugsnkisses on July 17, 2011 from Kansas City, United States
from the travel blog: Chicago by Train
tagged Train and Chicago

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Landing at Narita!

Chiba, Japan

Landed safely after a LONG day(?) of traveling. I was of course super excited to see Yukiko and to be in Japan! I had built up my energy getting off of the plane in expectation of seeing her... two hours later we finally got to have that moment. Haha, she had thought the +1 next to my flight time was +1 hour, not +1 day (in relation to travel times). After the excitement of meeting cooled down we bought our train tickets and caught the train heading towards Tokyo (another couple of hours traveling). :-P The train was crowded off and on but nothing like I was worried about. There really are as many vending machines as I expected here! LOL

permalink written by  SarahRunningStar on October 28, 2011 from Chiba, Japan
from the travel blog: Heading to the East (but didn't I go West?)
tagged Train

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