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Hello Word!

Chengdu, China

It is hard to find a free blog that is not blocked by the G F W.

I hope the Blogabond is at my taste.

--memorial of wrodpress and blogger.

permalink written by  xpol on March 25, 2008 from Chengdu, China
from the travel blog: XPOL
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Préparatif #1 - Création du blog

Quebec, Canada

Création du blog, à Québec, 1 mois et demi avant le voyage. En ce moment les billets d'avion sont achetés, nous partons de Québec vers Paris le 4 juillet, et nous sommes de retour le 18 juillet à Montréal à partir de Rome. Notre intinéraire est pas mal fixe, nous allons visiter dans l'ordre : Paris, Venise, Florence, Naples, Pompéi, Sorrento, Capri et Rome.

permalink written by  Oli & Marie on May 21, 2009 from Quebec, Canada
from the travel blog: Paris-Italie
tagged Paris, Blog and Italie

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Cornerstone 2010, Bushnell, IL - 06/28/10 - 07/02/10

Bushnell, United States

One of the most amazing and brutal weeks of my entire musical career! We saw THOUSANDS of faces throughout the week! We teamed up with a RAD organization called Live Offensively (http://www.liveoffensively.com/lo/) who sponsored a tent for We As Human this year. The guys with Live Offensively were a BLAST! We were blessed to have an indoor, air conditioned place to sleep. I can't say so much for everyone else! Adam had a great idea to make a bed out of some of the conference chairs in our room.

The drive up was absolutely beautiful as we made the 30 hour treck across half of the US. Carrying 9,000+lbs of equipment in our trailor, we managed to pull into the Cornerstone 2010 grounds on Saturday evening. We took some time to scout out the camp and then headed out for some Hardy's burgers! Sunday it was all work as we set up our stage (one of 13 in the entire festival) called the Ammunition Room.

Cornerstone was packed with over 300 Christian artists ranging from folk to rock to hip-hop and everything inbetween! There were something like 13 generator stages (stages that ran off of small generators) and one main stage. We played every day on our stage and one day on the Texas Stage (check out video here -->http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eBfYohd40U0). We drew some impressive crowds and even attracted the attention of Brian "Head" Welch (Whosoevers/formerly of Korn), Sonny Sandoval (Whosoevers/P.O.D.), and the guys from Skillet!

We hosted some FANTASTIC bands on our stage including Upon This Rock and Don't Wake Aislin!

I heard more Metal in one week than I've heard in my entire life! There were bands from all over the country and even groups from Mexico and Canada! So many fantastic networking opportunities and connections are made every year at Cornerstone.

By the end of the week, we were EXHAUSTED! Our equipment was covered in dirt and spit, our ears were throbbing, and we were all sore as we loaded up in the rig to head south. The week was truly an experience I will NEVER forget! We made new friends and ran into some old ones. It was a first for myself and for We As Human, but if I were to place a bet right now, it definitely will not be our last.

permalink written by  Jake Jones on July 2, 2010 from Bushnell, United States
from the travel blog: We As Human Tour/Show Blog, Summer 2010
tagged Blog, 2010, WeAsHuman and Cornerstone

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My First Blog Post on Blogabond

London, United States

I am Santina Rainier I create this blog for my personal diary.

permalink written by  santinarainier on July 14, 2012 from London, United States
from the travel blog: Santina Rainier
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Chicago, United States

heyy.. this is my very first blog on BLOGABLOND... so keep reading it in future my frnds..
you will find a lot of interesting things in it...

permalink written by  samthomson on February 24, 2013 from Chicago, United States
from the travel blog: my first holiday
tagged Blogabond, Blog and InterestingThings

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