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A New Year Starting in KL

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

After a 12-hour flight we found our hostel hidden in the very centre of the city on Jalan Bukit Bintang, here is a photo [below]; we stayed behind this big advertising board!
Apres un vol de 12 heures, nous sommes arrives a KL et avons file directement a notre hotel en plein centre, sur jalan bukit bintang. voila la photo [a droit], notre chambre etait juste derriere cet enorme panneau publicitaire!!
We spent the first day hanging around the city, taking pictures and trying the local food 'Nasi Lemak, Kopi Obeng and lots of Goreng!' Brilliant! In the morning we visted a craft centre and it gave us much inspiration for any future home! Then in the afternoon, after eating, we walked around the big shopping centres [imagine the first ten floors of just shops!] with rollercoasters and never-ending electronics. An experience that couldn't possibly get any stranger! ...or could it?
Nous avons passe notre premier jour a nous balader dans la ville, a prendre des photos, et a tester la nourriture locale "nasi lemak (p'tit dej), kopi obeng (cafe glace), et beaucoup de goreng (mets frits)" super! Le matin nous avons visite un endroit dedie a l'artisanat qui nous a donne beaucoup d'idee de deco pour une future maison! puis l'apres midi, apres avoir mange, nous avons passe un peu de temps dans les immenses centres commerciaux (jusqu'a 10 etages!!) ou on peut meme trouver des maneges types grand huit! hallucinant.
...It could! In a city so huge and populated a man bumped into me [Brian] and as we turned to each other - it was an old Malay friend from times on Perhentian Island in 2006. Incredible chance! After the introductions [to Lena], we went for a coffee and in the astonishment caught up on the last three to four years! Then we made plans to meet up after New Year, the next day!

Mais encore plus hallucinant, c'est le moment ou dans une ville aussi grande et peuplee que KL, j'ai vu un homme s'approcher de Brian et lui sauter dessus! c'etait un ami malais qu'il avait rencontre lors d'un precedent voyage en 2006! Joe! apres s'etre presente, nous avons bu un cafe ensemble et ils ont rattrape le temps perdu, heureux de se revoir.

We enjoyed New Year 2010 near the Petronas towers, albeit on the wrong side to see 'all' the fireworks! We were just lucky and happy to be there in Kuala Lumpur seeing the New Year in! On New Year's day, as arranged, we met Rini and Adam [Joe's lovely family] and they took us to the Batu Caves, a Hindu temple outside the city. Monkeys, chanting, steps, interesting people, worship and lots of photos followed!

In the evening they took us to 'Genting', simply a very incredible place on top of a mountain [physically questionable] built by a mad chinese man with lots of money! There is everything there, including; one of the world's largest hotels, amusement parks, strange strange 'things' and cloud blowing through the front doors!!!! Quite refreshing too!

Nous avons passe le reveillon du nouvel an autour des tours petronas, mais nous n'etions pas du bon cote pour voir les feux d'artifices! dommage!! mais nous etions contents d'etre la, realisant la chance que nous avions d'etre a KL pour la nouvelle annee! Tel que nous l'avions arrange la veille avec Joe, nous sommes alle avec Rini et Adam ( adorable famille de Joe) voir les grottes de Batu, un celebre lieu hindou dans les alentours de KL. Beaucoup de marches a grimper pour y acceder!!! les singes sur le bord nous donnaient l'occasion de nous arreter pour prendre des photos. ouf! nous avons assiste a des chants religieux et des celebrations dans une atmosphere indescriptible.

Enfin le soir, Joe nous a emmene dans un endroit tres special, Genting, tout en haut d'une montagne, ou on peut trouver des grands hotels, un parc d'attraction etc... un endroit constuit par un riche chinois qui avait de la suite dans les idees! Si haut que les nuages entraient par les portes...

On the final day we walked around Chinatown, the Central Market, the National Mosque and more importantly KL Park. In the park we enjoyed the greenery, the deer park and fortunately the butterfly park too - which was marvellous! Imagine walking into a fantasy world of butterflies! In a rainy spell, we sat and played cards under a pagoda for an hour, the rest was quite welcome and the next day we were leaving the city, heading to a new place and a new country!

Le dernier jour nous sommes alle a chinatown et au marche central, puis a la mosquee nationale. mais ce que nous avons le plus prefere etait le parc de KL ou nous avons vu des animaux et pu nous balader au bord du lac. Le meilleur moment etait lorsque nous avons penetre dans la serre aux papillons. magique!!! un peu plus tard la pluie nous a stoppe dans notre elan alors nous avons joue aux cartes sous une pagode dans le parc. ce repos force etait bienvenue car on avait marche toute la journee. le jour suivant nous partions fin prets pour de nouvelles aventures vers un nouveau pays!

permalink written by  Lenameets50 on January 3, 2010 from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
from the travel blog: Indonesia & Malaysia et al 2010
tagged Malaysia, KualaLumpur, 2010 and NewYear

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A good flight, tiring first day

Rome, Italy

Our flight from JFK was about half full, so I had 3 seats to sleep on. I even got a few hours sleep. Nevertheless, pretty beat at 4:15pm Rome time. Arrived 7:30am, train to Termini 8:36, at hotel before 10am. No real problem except I got a little angry with the nit wit in front of me who was buying the railroad I think. Almost missed the 8:36...why did I give a damn? Me.
At hotel I, regrettably "pancaked" the laptop from about 4 feet and busted a few pixels...luckily not critical areas and function is still ok...with a weird feel to the keyboard. Not too happy with ... but over it now. Met Fulvia at hotel, very nice and helpful...hotel room basic but very clean and modern, wireless, ac, view to street from shuttered windows on 2nd floor, coffee in room, steel grated elevator (like in Madrid) and a decent area with restaurants nearby. Two blocks from Termini Station from whence we will depart on Sunday for Stuttgart.
Walked to Santa Maria Maggiore, got a bite al fresco across the square. Very helpful young waiter. €26 w/tip. Visited church. Very ornate, very holy. Walked to Trevi Fountain, mob scene, and on the way saw the Gardens and Palazzo del Quirinale where we thought we were going to see a parade. Not. Sandy then led us back to our hotel, very tired. The whole walk and lunch (?) took about 4 hours or so. Along the entire route there are numerous old, cool buildings/churches with statues, balustrades etc. Many are located on palazzos or plazas. Most are not even named in the guidebooks and probably not important for any particular reason, but the architecture is excellent for all periods. Gotta say where we walked today was not very clean or even orderly. An experience nonetheless. After a shower and short walk for me and shower and short nap for Sandy we had an adult beverage at Le Tre Marie, a little bar we can see from our hotel room. They smoke like fiends here...6 of 6 persons had a ciggy going at one time. See pic. Then for dinner a few blocks away at Traitoria, a small Italian restaurant, for a rather light dinner, after which early to bed and sleep like the dead.

permalink written by  ersutton1 on June 2, 2010 from Rome, Italy
from the travel blog: ersutton1's Travel Blog
tagged Rome and 2010

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Cornerstone 2010, Bushnell, IL - 06/28/10 - 07/02/10

Bushnell, United States

One of the most amazing and brutal weeks of my entire musical career! We saw THOUSANDS of faces throughout the week! We teamed up with a RAD organization called Live Offensively (http://www.liveoffensively.com/lo/) who sponsored a tent for We As Human this year. The guys with Live Offensively were a BLAST! We were blessed to have an indoor, air conditioned place to sleep. I can't say so much for everyone else! Adam had a great idea to make a bed out of some of the conference chairs in our room.

The drive up was absolutely beautiful as we made the 30 hour treck across half of the US. Carrying 9,000+lbs of equipment in our trailor, we managed to pull into the Cornerstone 2010 grounds on Saturday evening. We took some time to scout out the camp and then headed out for some Hardy's burgers! Sunday it was all work as we set up our stage (one of 13 in the entire festival) called the Ammunition Room.

Cornerstone was packed with over 300 Christian artists ranging from folk to rock to hip-hop and everything inbetween! There were something like 13 generator stages (stages that ran off of small generators) and one main stage. We played every day on our stage and one day on the Texas Stage (check out video here -->http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eBfYohd40U0). We drew some impressive crowds and even attracted the attention of Brian "Head" Welch (Whosoevers/formerly of Korn), Sonny Sandoval (Whosoevers/P.O.D.), and the guys from Skillet!

We hosted some FANTASTIC bands on our stage including Upon This Rock and Don't Wake Aislin!

I heard more Metal in one week than I've heard in my entire life! There were bands from all over the country and even groups from Mexico and Canada! So many fantastic networking opportunities and connections are made every year at Cornerstone.

By the end of the week, we were EXHAUSTED! Our equipment was covered in dirt and spit, our ears were throbbing, and we were all sore as we loaded up in the rig to head south. The week was truly an experience I will NEVER forget! We made new friends and ran into some old ones. It was a first for myself and for We As Human, but if I were to place a bet right now, it definitely will not be our last.

permalink written by  Jake Jones on July 2, 2010 from Bushnell, United States
from the travel blog: We As Human Tour/Show Blog, Summer 2010
tagged Blog, 2010, WeAsHuman and Cornerstone

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