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To the mountains!

Copan, Honduras

We have made the trip now from Utila to La Ceiba to San Pedro Sula to Copan Ruinas and back to La Entrada to Gracias. It has been fun though! We traveled by bus...so many connections. We are getting better with our spanish although today I think we hit overload. Spent 2 days looking at 2 different ruin sites in Copan. They are totally amazing! Hooked up with a "stalker" that wouldn't leave us alone until we agreed to let him guide us to one of the ruins. We had an amount settled and then when we paid, he said we needed to give him more. We learned our lesson with this guy. Hope we don't run into the same situation again. It wasn't a pleasant one...lol. Other then him, the people here have been very helpful and for the most part polite. Again the language barrier can be somewhat of a problem at times. Good thing the people are patient with foreigners. We are getting ready to stroll the town of Gracias and get to know the situation with the hiking here. We want to climb to the waterfull on the mountain. We will be hiking in Parque Nacional Montana de Celaque. The scenery here is fabulous! Not anything like home! Downloaded some more pictures....take a look if you have time. Will update again soon......

permalink written by  Greg & Tana Irwin on August 17, 2008 from Copan, Honduras
from the travel blog: Honduras, Guatemala, & Belize
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