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Fraser Island

Fraser Island, Australia

Hi there..

We went to Fraser Island on a 4x4 3day expedition 4 Jeeps with 44 people.
The intention was to sleep in tents,
However, I did not feel like it and therefore I decided to sleep on the roofrack of the car..
To cold therefore I went and sleep inside the car on a bench..
Same happend the next night but I rold over in my sleep and fell down the bench.
This resulting in a very painfull shoulder..

I did not feel anything due to the amount of goon streaming thru my blood.
However the next day I did..

Fraser Island does not have any roads..
It's an Island that consists of 127Km of sand, sand, sand, sand mixed with bush and wild dingo's and snakes.

Because I was the oldest one on my Jeep I was appointed to driver..
There were 3 others that were also aloud but hardly tried.. (due to hangovers)
Therfore I was driving nearly al the time... (*Big Fun)

We saw a shipwreck on the beach and we swimmed in fresh waterlakes..

Also we swimmed thru the most clear water river you have ever seen!

Now we drove to Noosa where we will stay the night.
Most likely Leonie is going to take the bus to pursue her own trip.

I will go to the Australian Zoo, Also known as home of the crocodile hunter (steve irwin)

Ok, this is it for now..


permalink written by  Kristian Kossen on September 10, 2008 from Fraser Island, Australia
from the travel blog: Trip around the world
tagged Fraser

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