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Rainbow beach

Rainbow Beach, Australia

Hi there..

Departed from AirlieBeach (with Leonie) to Rainbow beach with an stopover in Rockhampton (Of all places / do not check into the palace hotel)

(Leonie = a dutch girl (see pic) who I met on the "Spank me" and wanted to drive with me to rainbow beach instead of taking the bus)

Close to Makay airport I Nearly got arrested for speeding... (Only 33km/h)
Bulshited my way out of the courthouse sheduled next monday.
Took the fine..
(What is Oh so cheap compared to back home especialy wit the 1.7 exchange rate)

Now we are preparing for a 3 day 4WD experiance with a view German friends of leonie.

We willbe departing early tomorrow morning, then take the ferry toward Fraser Island..
(There are no roads)
therefore we must drive on the beaches and BBQ and sleep under the stars.

Will upload new pic's ASAP...

Thanks for the comment's...

Catch ya later...


permalink written by  Kristian Kossen on September 7, 2008 from Rainbow Beach, Australia
from the travel blog: Trip around the world
tagged FraserIsland

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