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joy and pain

Karlstad, Sweden

Ok so lets see where I left off...oh I know at one of our practices we had like two or three media people come. It was kinda cool cause they were taking pics and getting interviews but got kind of annoying because they kept pulling me out of drills and warm-ups to get pics and statements. But all in all a cool first time experience to encounter my teammate and I were in the paper the next I guess. The trainings went well (except that I jammed the shit outa my middle finger I can't even fully extend it and its pretty bruised) alot more chill than in the states not really fitness heavy and more relaxed on defense.
So we had our first league game on saturday which was really cool we get to games 2hours early. So we get off the bus just walking over to the locker room looking at the Field a little nastalgic.(sp?) Then we have our warm up go back to the locker room area until both teams walk out so totally like a playoff game but its just league. Things were going good we scored first were playing pretty well I was directing my backs ok then lil slip up on got through and sliced me far post. Then maybe 10min later a communication error with my center back sent me off the Field in a stretcher. haha (relax mom im ok) So what happened was I told my back away but she just kept shielding the forward so I came out for a 1v1 tackle I got the ball and the girl went cleat up into my knee, extremely painful. We ended up losing like 5-1 so not a good game after all but now we have two weeks to train and get ready for our next game.
Oh I almost forgot boo is coming in tomorrow morning Im super excited for her to get here and figure out how were gonna fit another bed in here haha. Thats all for now ciao

permalink written by  katieandboo on April 19, 2009 from Karlstad, Sweden
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game day

Kopavogur, Iceland

Alright so today was our first game and we WON 3-1. I actually started played pretty well wasn't challenged too much there goal was a 1v1 hit the back post and went in. But our team is very good and good of had 6 goals. Team is very technical great feet and good shots some opps. just weren't capitalized. Oh and our defensive position is cursed because in the first game two defenders had to come out cuz of injuries and the two center backs had previously tore ligaments in the winter.
Anyways so some other info the weather is prob think of tacoma in end of Feb early March time when it can be windy rainy and/or sunny in one day the temp is easily 45-47 F. Could see my breath at practice yesterday night but the nice thing is we have a hot tub in our locker room so we all piled in after a cold training! Our locker room is cool I guess were supposed to get a flat screen soon! Tomorrow well either go to the pool or the hot tub after prac. depending on if its sunny or rainy.
The hotel is pretty basic I just have my lil bed and a bathroom and tv, I get breakfast in the morning here. Its close to the fields but someone has to pick me up cuz its not that close and I don't have a bike. I move into my apt. on monday and hopefully get my car by then or sooner.
For my dad skies aren't that blue most of the time there is clouds, it is very good air though and really cold water. Oh and whoever says its super green here has never been, yes the grass is green but its so volcanic it looks more like eastern Washington (except the grass is green because they run hot water under some fields). Food is pretty much like any Scandinavic country they love there meat and cheese spreads with butter and bread. Although Iceland has a bigger variety like they have taco bell KFC and subway!
My teammates are all super niceee all of them are very good at english some youd think its their first language. Learning their names is tough but I am starting to get the hang of it. Two of them are on the National team and two were before they tore ACL and broke their leg. So very skilled girl.

Anyway think thats all for now if you have questions feel free to ask

permalink written by  katieandboo on May 13, 2010 from Kopavogur, Iceland
from the travel blog: icelandic adventures
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