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Hotel. breakfast and walk around the corner to SItou Forest

Ming Shan Hotel 溪頭明山大飯店, Taiwan

2007-07-21 08:14. Finished breakfast

2007-07-21 08:57. Moved luggage on to buses, then we assembled outside the hotel before walking over to Sitou Forest Recreation Area around the corner

Beautiful dining area with in-floor, under-glass illuminated decor.

permalink written by  monex on July 21, 2007 from Ming Shan Hotel 溪頭明山大飯店, Taiwan
from the travel blog: 2007 Overseas Compatriot Youth Taiwan 5th Study Tour (2007海外青年台灣觀摩團第5梯次)
tagged Hotel, Breakfast, MingShan, Glass and Floor

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When free is expensive

Beijing, China

Excited to do one more Facebook post before being blocked in Beijing I never put my phone down while in Toronto's airport. Unfortunately there are other ways for an iPhone to leave one's hand. Slipping onto the tile floor is one of them. The previously one simple cracked screen shattered into a cobweb of fissures. Tiny splinters peppered my fingers for the next 24 hours. The replacement took about half an hour and cost Beijing bundle. But it's fixed and I now hunt & peck glass shard free.

permalink written by  prrrrl on March 11, 2011 from Beijing, China
from the travel blog: Beijing 2011
tagged Glass, Iphone, Repair and Shatter

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