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our Hamburg family

Hamburg, Germany

yes it felt like a family outing d whole time we are in Hamburg. Seth always have to bring d kids along (sometimes d dog too) if he is going out. here's him taking us out to show us d nearby port:

anyway, here's what we saw/did during our stay in Hamburg:

the Port
we walked to d port n went on a boat cruise.

d cruise wasnt really nice (cos we had nicer 1 in Brugge) and Seth was disappointed as well. but we did see some things like d biggest dry dock in Europe, some parts of d port has traces of WW2 (wals with bullet holes) and some nice views of d riverside. so it wasnt all that bad.

Rathaus (TownHall)
d Rathaus is beautiful! both exterior n interior are really nice. d sculptures, d fountain, d pillars... i'll let d photos speak


smokers were protesting against d newly passed regulation to ban smoking in restaurants n pubs etc... we were caught right in d middle of it while waiting for Seth to pick us up n go to d supermarket! it felt like we were in d strike too! weird but cool! hehe...

yes we cooked here. i made curry once again (Europeans seems to love curry a lot!) n eve made stirfry vege. it was cool cos d kids helped prepare d vege. but they didnt get to eat them cos they had to go to bed. Seth like d curry a lot cos it's really spicy! i like it better than d last time i made it too. i give myself 85% this time.. :D

St Michelis Church
yes, we went up yet another church tower. this seems to be our favourite sport now! haha...

St Nikolai
from 1 side, this gothic church looks perfectly intact but it was destroyed during WW2. only d tower remains and part of d other walls. it is now a memorial more than anything.

d statues there, with d atmosphere, r so powerful that it really affected my mood. i felt disturbed n sad n depressed. a heavy heart to say d least.

i wasnt really impressed w this building until i saw d shape of it n learnt about d history. this ship-like building is build of more than 4.8 millions bricks. it is 1 of d building that survived WW2 unscathed n is considered an important architect of d city.

on our last night in Hamburg, Seth cooked white asparagus with Hollandaise sauce n potato. this dish is usually eaten in Spring (which is now) n it is a very typical German dish. this is actually d 1st time i ate (n saw) white asparagus. it doesnt really have a lot of taste but d Hollandaise made it yummy! i think i like d sauce more!

we went to d red light district in Hamburg as well, d Reeperbahn. i think after u've seen d red light district in Amsterdam, everywhere else is considered tamed...

will be heading to Berlin tomorrow. kind of dreading d train ride cos d German trains are ALWAYS packed! 1st class or 2nd class, they're always packed! plus it's friday tomorrow... i dont have a good feeling about it...

permalink written by  wangyng on April 24, 2008 from Hamburg, Germany
from the travel blog: Hello Europe!!
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we had a feast waiting in Hamburg

Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg's main train station is huge! our host n us spent 30min trying to locate each other even with 2 phone calls! we only saw him at d other end of d train station when he waved franticly like a mad man! thank goodness he is tall!

after leaving Bremen, i was thinking to myself, no more home cooked dinner. i was sooooo wrong! there's a feast waiting for us at Seth's place. Seth is an art director. he works on TVC, films, and prints as well. and he loves cooking! he told us he put a huge chicken in d oven before he came to fetch us at d train station. so yes, we have a fantastic welcome dinner once again! (gosh i love d food in Germany already!!)

Seth will be sooo busy this few days. his 2 kids are staying with him for d week cos their mum is working in India for a week. so he has to look after d kids n us... plus a dog. i dont envy him! :P my impression that all kids are hyperactive is sooo right. d 10min ride earlier from train station to his home involves a lot of talking n looking at hats, glasses, clothes, gloves, n anything they can get their hands on. i'm thinking d next few days here will b quite interesting...

permalink written by  wangyng on April 23, 2008 from Hamburg, Germany
from the travel blog: Hello Europe!!
tagged Germany and Hamburg

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Christmas Market Tours 2013 across Austria, Italy, Germany, Hungary and Slovenia

Helen, United States

I am taking Americans and Aussies on an adventure throughout Europe to visit some beloved Christmas Markets. For 17 years I have visited thousands of villages, towns and cities across Europe drinking lots of Gl├╝hwein and being spellbound by the Christmas Markets. Looking forward to this year!

permalink written by  vipalpinetours on November 5, 2013 from Helen, United States
from the travel blog: vipalpinetours's Travel Blog
tagged Christmas, Alps, Germany, Snow, Tours, Vienna, Hamburg, Austria, Berlin, Innsbruck, Holidays, Slovenia, Hungary, Tirol, ChristmasMarket, Weihnachtsmarkt, Christkindlmarkt, Wien, Graz, Tourismus and Christmastime

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