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First Day pt3

Hazard, United States

So, we met up with this fantastic trucker guy in Inez who was so kind as to give us his atlas (which turned out to be a couple of years old, more irritation on that later) and point us south. He recommended Harlan, but we were both feeling pretty crummy, so we hopped on the road to Hazard. (snerg snerg)

Along the way we passed such fun towns as Fisty, Mousie, and other such odd places. Unfortunately, I didn't realize we'd been through Fisty until we'd gone through. I really wanted some pictures with Fisty signs. :(


We pull into Hazard at about 7 and are bewildered to discover that this place that boasted two hotels (according to Streets and Trips [don't use it!]) seemed to consist of a community college, a handful of houses, a police station and a car show. Ack!

Out of the car, we're leaned over the back looking over the atlas and streets and trips. Unfortunately, without knowing exactly where we were, we couldn't get to the bloody hotels. Flagged down a guy on a motorcycle (I know, brilliant). He was great. I decided to call him Major Tom because that's the song I was thinking of.

Turns out Hazard is divided into the Hazard you can reach without the interstate (Where we were) and the Hazard where you have to come off of or pass the interstate. He took us up there and we found SEVERAL hotels, some nice restaraunts (anyone else realize that Rio Grande and La Carreta are actually A chain?) and, lo! A walmart.

So we found a really nice Super 8 and settled in (The shower creaked alarmingly, but otherwise it wasn't a particularly notable location). Went up to the local Mexican place (something "Azure", I remember laughing at it) and then to the walmart where we bought our lovely teal camera.

Unforunately, to date, our connections have been too slow to upload any.

permalink written by  eightcubed on August 16, 2008 from Hazard, United States
from the travel blog: Honeymoon
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