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Kopavogur, Iceland

So I am still in the gosh dang hotel and its driving me insane I just really want to cook and have a great big salad. Lots of my meals comprise of quick cheap things so microwave pizza or cup a noodles, not exactly the healthiest thing for an athlete but im coping. Were supposed to move out tomorrow and get our car in the morning. And yes WE, the other american has arrived and she is from penn state really nice chill.
Tomorrow we also have another game in Akueyri (sp) which is north Iceland. Team is really good and people think will take 2nd in the league but we shall see. Myself and some girls went in our hot tub after practice today was nice because my left quad has been bothering me. Had a killer keeper training the other day a circuit were none of us could really breath to say good job or keep going, just head nods ha.
Weather has been ok was really cold yesterday was 4 degrees so I think thats close to 44F. We watched the mens game after our practice and Hekla and I froze because we just had sweatshirts and wet hair.
Oh before I go I think I mention but I dont have my camera cord so no pics for probably a while sorry

permalink written by  katieandboo on May 17, 2010 from Kopavogur, Iceland
from the travel blog: icelandic adventures
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