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Reno, United States

Today we woke in Reno, Nevada at a Motel 6. A hot shower and quiet room was exactly what we needed. Sylvia was pleased to find that "we're still making money" as she went online and caught up with the business end of things. Ben and I were exploring the stairs of the hotel and re-organizing the Tahoe. The GPS unit is giving us guff and I struggled with that for a bit. I noted that we'd used about a pint of water so far in the HHO cell and that my adjustments to the vacuum relief valves were right on and now were operating perfectly. I don't know if I would be so excited about the HHO unit if it were difficult to make or to maintain. People (including myself) have better things to do than worry about their cars all the time.

As I was checking out of the hotel I asked about "those drive-through wedding chapels you hear about" - yes, the clerk says - here, go to Silver Bells chapel and tell them we sent you. Silver Bells? I just put Ben's silver bells from Christmas back into his toybox, hmmm. We go to investigate and find Richard and Sharon (BOTH our mother's names and Sylvia's step-father's name is Richard as well) and that Sharon (who is deaf) would be marrying us. So far so good, then Ruth comes to drive us in the limo to get our license (Ben has two great grandma Ruths) our first limo ride (all three of us). Afterward, Ben falls asleep and we smile our way through a simple ceremony that brought a tear to my eye. Photos of the Heddwyn's and we're off again!

A good drive South to Lake Topaz where we say hello to a few seagulls and play by the water. The weather was perfect! After an hour of stretching we get back into the Tahoe and sing our way to SR 120 and, just before we get into Yosemite, we stop for the night at a campground where we pick out a site nestled in a copse of trees. I have to admit I was a little put-off by the Bear Boxes - one at each camp site to hold your food. Should a bear decide to come down for food it would supposedly be deterred by the box. I put our food into it but I had to ponder... if I were a bear, the box would irritate me so bad I would have to wake someone up so they could open it for me. Then I may notice that their car is a box too...

anyway... sleep tight...

permalink written by  heddwyn on June 30, 2009 from Reno, United States
from the travel blog: To Costa Rica
tagged Lake, Camping, Reno, Married and Bears

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