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Dinner. ? Unknown. Elephant Park restaurant 象園餐廳

Shihding Township 石碇鄉, Taiwan

2007-07-16 17:52. BA Dinner place, roughly translates as Elephant Park Restaurant, had a green elephant logo. 象園餐廳

2007-07-16 18:36. BL

Unsure about the exact location but the restaurant's website lists Taipei county restaurant as being in Shihding

象園餐廳 台北石碇

台北 石碇鄉
ShihDing Township., Taipei County


This restaurant was between Yingge event earlier and Taipei 101 later. Before arriving here we went through tunnels, one called Xue3 San tunnel, guides said it was 2600 m long.

permalink written by  monex on July 16, 2007 from Shihding Township 石碇鄉, Taiwan
from the travel blog: 2007 Overseas Compatriot Youth Taiwan 5th Study Tour (2007海外青年台灣觀摩團第5梯次)
tagged Restaurant, Taipei, Elephant, Dinner and Squid

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Beijing, China

First meal: Hot Pot. A plate of something mammalian, stibbly* and slimy was brought to the table. I had asked for mushrooms, I thought, but my Chinese is rusty. I sent it back.

  • Might my new word make the dictionary in 2011??? It means piliated in my mind...

  • Second meal: garlic sprouts with pork and a tofu dish.

    Third meal: pick your own boil. Somewhat similar to hot pot but they cook it for you. You choose from a refrigerator of skewered tofus, green leafy vegatables, squid arms, various unidentified meat balls, mushrooms, and even identifiable veggies such as broccoli and cauliflower. Spicy & good!

    permalink written by  prrrrl on March 10, 2010 from Beijing, China
    from the travel blog: Beijing, 2010 or Liaoning, 2013. They are appear to be mixed up!
    tagged Food and Squid

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