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US Visa application

Melbourne, Australia

Ok. So I wasn't going to write another blog entry until I actually left the country. Being a travel blog and all. But this was just too silly to leave out.

My US visa application. Firstly, we don't all want to immigrate to your silly country and steal your jobs. I get that you are a nation with a president that tends to piss people off, and that more people may decide to randomly attack you, but it's just ridiculous.

Secondly, because I'm going to be in North America for longer than 90 days (Canada) does not mean I should have to pay $130 for a visa because I'm NEAR you for longer than 90 days.

Thirdly, why the interview in Australia..and the fingerprinting...and the warning at the bottom of the interview comfirmation form warning me not to bring into the consulate 'guns, Mobile phones or other electronic devices'. Very strange.

I really could rant for ages about the questions, the documents you had to bring, the TWO metal detectors you had to pass through...but I've had enough of a rant and at the end of the day, they did grant me the visa. I think. They still have my passport.

(also I think they stole my dna while I was there. I have no evidence to support this deranged theory).

Talk to you soon, I leave in 4 weeks today.

permalink written by  no_fosters_thanks on October 20, 2006 from Melbourne, Australia
from the travel blog: No Fosters Thanks
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