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Manorbier Castle

Pembroke Dock, United Kingdom

Manobier Castle is a really well preserved castle in an idyllic setting by the sea in South West Wales.

It's a great day out for the kids. There is a really interesting tour around the castle and then you can hit the beach afterwards and chill out in the sun.

permalink written by  rigo on June 15, 2005 from Pembroke Dock, United Kingdom
from the travel blog: Pottering around Pembrokshire
tagged Castle, Beach, Wales, Pembroke and Kids

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Cara Cymru (I love Wales)

Caernarfon, United Kingdom

Wales is gorgeous. Absolutely stunning. And the people are one of a kind as well. The train ride in from Manchester took me past lakes and sheep-dotted fields, beside mountains and through villages, and the only downside was that I had several changes to make at stations that were extremely difficult to pronounce.

Welsh is fascinating and confusing as anything. Apparently they have seven vowels, double L makes the sound shhl, and the people are extremely patriotic regarding it. I met Sai, the host I was staying with in Caernarfan, and he showed me around the cute town.

Caernarfan is right by the coast, very much the typical Welsh town you see in movies, and to walk along the little path between the water and lush green fields was quite an experience. Sai had the cutest puppy (Luna), who scampered about and explored the area.

Staying with him was really fun, and his roomates are also pretty cool. Sai made stirfry for supper and then the five guys took me to their local pub, where we played pool, drank a LOT, and took turns choosing songs on the jukebox. But me and Gareth were sorely disappointed by the lack of good music on the thing. It didn't have Mumford & Sons, MGMT or Beirut. Terrible.

Then we staggered home, somehow having reduced our numbers to three (me, Sai and Gareth), and crashed.

It was really fun. :)

permalink written by  Brigid Jelsma on February 8, 2011 from Caernarfon, United Kingdom
from the travel blog: Walk a little further to another plan
tagged Wales

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Got the travel-bug

Bangor, United Kingdom

I spent today wandering around Caernarfan, particularly the castle. Really, really awesome. Massive, with loads of stairs and towers and stunning views of the countryside, the river and the Ocean. One Welsh curator spent ages chatting to me about [[South-Africa]] (he found it very fascinating), and I ended up telling my gap year plans to several people. It was fun. :D

After meeting Sai and Gwynn for lunch I hopped on a bus back to Bangor, where I met Antonia. She is a really interesting lady, with many tales to tell of her experiences in Africa and the rest of the world. Her House was really homely, and reminded me strongly of my Opa and Oma's House in the Netherlands. We spent ages chatting about pretty much everything, and then Sarah, a Couch Surfer from France, came in, and we began to make supper.

One of Antonia's friends came over for the meal, and it was a really relaxed, pleasant evening, with good food and good company.

The bed was devine. Soft and comfy and perfect. I honestly felt I was staying in five star B&B.

The following morning I went for a walk with Antonia's puppy, then spent some time helping out in the garden and doing a few chores around the House. It was actually quite satisfying to be doing something worthwhile.

I'm a bit sad to leave Wales as I really don't feel I've spent enough time here. But, sitting here on the train, watching green slopes and little Houses slip past, I know I'll come back, eventually.

permalink written by  Brigid Jelsma on February 9, 2011 from Bangor, United Kingdom
from the travel blog: Walk a little further to another plan
tagged Wales

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