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Major Cities and Destinations

Abashiri, Japan Mino, Japan
Abiko, Japan Minoo, Japan
Agematsu, Japan Misato, Japan
Ageo, Japan Misawa, Japan
Akashi, Japan Mishima, Japan
Akashi, Japan Mito, Japan
Akita, Japan Miyaji, Japan
Akita, Japan Miyajima, Japan
Amagasaki, Japan Miyakojima, Japan
Ami, Japan Miyakonojo, Japan
Anan, Japan Miyazaki, Japan
Aomori, Japan Moriguchi, Japan
Arima, Japan Morioka, Japan
Asahikawa, Japan Moriyama, Japan
Asajino, Japan Motegi, Japan
Ashiarai, Japan Motochi, Japan
Ashikaga, Japan Mount Fuji, Japan
Ashino, Japan Mugi, Japan
Atsugi, Japan Muroran, Japan
Awa, Japan Musashino, Japan
Beppu, Japan Nagamachi, Japan
Beppucho, Japan Nagano, Japan
Biei, Japan Nagaoka, Japan
Biya, Japan Nagareyama, Japan
Bochu, Japan Nagasaki, Japan
Chiba, Japan Nagasaki, Japan
Chiba-nyutaun, Japan Nagasaki, Japan
Chigasaki, Japan Nago, Japan
Chikagawa, Japan Nago, Japan
China, Japan Nagoya, Japan
China, Japan Naha, Japan
Chinen, Japan Nakano, Japan
Chino, Japan Nara, Japan
Chiraibetsu, Japan Nara, Japan
Chitose, Japan Nara, Japan
Choba, Japan Nara, Japan
Chofu, Japan Narashino, Japan
Daito, Japan Narita, Japan
Deai, Japan Naruto, Japan
Era, Japan Neu, Japan
Fuchu, Japan Niida, Japan
Fuji, Japan Niigata, Japan
Fuji, Japan Niihama, Japan
Fuji, Japan Nikko, Japan
Fujieda, Japan Nisekoan, Japan
Fujioka, Japan Nishi-nippori, Japan
Fujisawa, Japan Nishinomiya, Japan
Fuju, Japan Nobeji, Japan
Fukuda, Japan Nobeoka, Japan
Fukue, Japan None, Japan
Fukui, Japan Noya, Japan
Fukunaga, Japan Nukazuka, Japan
Fukuoji, Japan Numazu, Japan
Fukuoka, Japan Obama, Japan
Fukuoka, Japan Obihiro, Japan
Fukuoka, Japan Odawara, Japan
Fukuoka, Japan Ogaki, Japan
Fukuoka, Japan Ogimachi, Japan
Fukuroi, Japan Oishi, Japan
Fukushima, Japan Oiso, Japan
Funabashi, Japan Oita, Japan
Funama, Japan Oji, Japan
Funatsu, Japan Okayama, Japan
Furaoi, Japan Okazaki, Japan
Fuse, Japan Okinawa, Japan
Fushiki, Japan Omachi, Japan
Gamagori, Japan Ome, Japan
Gifu, Japan Omiya, Japan
Goda, Japan Omuta, Japan
Gotemba, Japan Onishibetsu, Japan
Hachinohe, Japan Ono, Japan
Hachinohe, Japan Ono, Japan
Hachioji, Japan Onomichi, Japan
Hadano, Japan Osai, Japan
Hai, Japan Osaka, Japan
Haiki, Japan Osaka, Japan
Hakata, Japan Osakabe, Japan
Hakata, Japan Oshoro, Japan
Hakodate, Japan Ota, Japan
Hakone, Japan Otaru, Japan
Hakonegasaki, Japan Otawara, Japan
Hakuba , Japan Otsu, Japan
Hamada, Japan Otsuki, Japan
Hamamatsu, Japan Oyama, Japan
Hamaonishibetsu, Japan Roppongi, Japan
Hama-sarufutsu, Japan Saga, Japan
Handa, Japan Sagamihara, Japan
Haneda, Japan Sakai, Japan
Haneda, Japan Sakaiminato, Japan
Hango, Japan Sakata, Japan
Hanyu, Japan Sakura, Japan
Hara, Japan Sapporo, Japan
Hara, Japan Sarugakyo, Japan
Harajuku, Japan Sasadaira, Japan
Hattoji, Japan Sasado, Japan
Higashiyama, Japan Sasebo, Japan
Hikage, Japan Sata, Japan
Hikone, Japan Sata, Japan
Himeji, Japan Seba, Japan
Hino, Japan Sendai, Japan
Hirakata, Japan Sendai, Japan
Hirara, Japan Shibun, Japan
Hiratsuka, Japan Shimizu, Japan
Hiro, Japan Shimoda, Japan
Hirosaki, Japan Shimoda, Japan
Hiroshima, Japan Shimoda, Japan
Hitachi, Japan Shimo-naiutoro, Japan
Hiucho, Japan Shimonoseki, Japan
Hiushinai, Japan Shimo-sarobetsu, Japan
Hofu, Japan Shinjuku, Japan
Hokko, Japan Shiraishicho, Japan
Hongo, Japan Shiretoko, Japan
Honura, Japan Shiriusu, Japan
Honura, Japan Shizuoka, Japan
Hotaka, Japan Shoji, Japan
Hyogo, Japan Shu, Japan
Ichihara, Japan Soeda, Japan
Ichikawa, Japan Soezu, Japan
Ichinomiya, Japan Soka, Japan
Iizuka, Japan Sounkyo, Japan
Ikeda, Japan Suda, Japan
Ikoma, Japan Suita, Japan
Imabari, Japan Suwa, Japan
Ina, Japan Suzuka, Japan
Ina, Japan Tachikawa, Japan
Inari, Japan Tadotsu, Japan
Inawashiro, Japan Tajimi, Japan
Innai, Japan Takada, Japan
Innai, Japan Takada, Japan
Irika, Japan Takada, Japan
Ise, Japan Takada, Japan
Isesaki, Japan Takamatsu, Japan
Ishigaki, Japan Takaoka, Japan
Ishinomaki, Japan Takarazuka, Japan
Itami, Japan Takasaki, Japan
Itano, Japan Takayama, Japan
Ito, Japan Takayama, Japan
Iwaki, Japan Tano, Japan
Iwakuni, Japan Tazawa, Japan
Iwatsuki, Japan Tei, Japan
Izumi, Japan Teshikaga, Japan
Johana, Japan Toba, Japan
Jujo, Japan Toge, Japan
Kagawa, Japan Toke, Japan
Kagoshima, Japan Toki, Japan
Kakamigahara, Japan Tokimai, Japan
Kakegawa, Japan Tokorozawa, Japan
Kakogawa, Japan Tokushima, Japan
Kamakura, Japan Tokuyama, Japan
Kamikochi, Japan Tokyo, Japan
Kamimiyori, Japan Tokyo, Japan
Kami-sarufutsu, Japan Tomakomai, Japan
Kanagawa, Japan Tondabayashi, Japan
Kanagawa, Japan Toro, Japan
Kanazawa, Japan Tottori, Japan
Kanazawa, Japan Toya, Japan
Kanazawa, Japan Toya, Japan
Kanonji, Japan Toya, Japan
Karatsu, Japan Toya, Japan
Kariya, Japan Toyama, Japan
Karuizawa, Japan Toyo, Japan
Kasaoka, Japan Toyo, Japan
Kasugai, Japan Toyohashi, Japan
Kasukabe, Japan Toyoiwa, Japan
Katakami, Japan Toyokawa, Japan
Katsuta, Japan Toyota, Japan
Kawagoe, Japan Toyota, Japan
Kawaguchi, Japan Toyotomi, Japan
Kawaguchi, Japan Tsu, Japan
Kawanishi, Japan Tsuetomanai, Japan
Kawasaki, Japan Tsukuba, Japan
Kawasaki, Japan Tsuru, Japan
Keta, Japan Tsuruga, Japan
Kiryu, Japan Tsuruoka, Japan
Kisarazu, Japan Tsuwano, Japan
Kishiwada, Japan Ube, Japan
Kitakyushu, Japan Ueda, Japan
Kitami, Japan Ugi, Japan
Kobe, Japan Uji, Japan
Kobe, Japan Uji, Japan
Kobe, Japan Uno, Japan
Kobukuro, Japan Unomachi, Japan
Kochi, Japan Unzen, Japan, Japan
Kochi, Japan Ura, Japan
Kodaira, Japan Urawa, Japan
Kofu, Japan Urayasu, Japan
Koganei, Japan Usa, Japan
Komaki, Japan Usen, Japan
Komatsu, Japan Utsunomiya, Japan
Koriyama, Japan Wada, Japan
Kotohira, Japan Wae, Japan
Koyasan, Japan Wakayama, Japan
Kozashi-machi, Japan Wakkanai, Japan
Kudamatsu, Japan Washinosu, Japan
Kumagaya, Japan Yae, Japan
Kumamoto, Japan Yaizu, Japan
Kurama, Japan Yamagata, Japan
Kurashiki, Japan Yamaguchi, Japan
Kure, Japan Yamanashi, Japan
Kurogawa, Japan Yanagibashi, Japan
Kurume, Japan Yanaizu, Japan
Kusatsu, Japan Yao, Japan
Kusatsu, Japan Yatsushiro, Japan
Kushiro, Japan Yoita, Japan
Kuta, Japan Yokkaichi, Japan
Kyoto, Japan Yokohama, Japan
Machida, Japan Yokohama, Japan
Maebashi, Japan Yokosuka, Japan
Maplanet, Japan Yokota, Japan
Maruyama, Japan Yonago, Japan
Matsubara, Japan Yotsuya, Japan
Matsudo, Japan Yoyogi-sanyacho, Japan
Matsue, Japan Yuda, Japan
Matsumoto, Japan Yudanaka, Japan
Matsushima, Japan Yugawara, Japan
Matsushima, Japan Yui, Japan
Matsuyama, Japan Yui, Japan
Memambetsu, Japan Yura, Japan
Mena, Japan Yuzawa, Japan
Mikata, Japan Zama, Japan
Miki, Japan Zushi, Japan
Mikuni, Japan

see small towns (warning, it's a lot of names!)

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