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San Francisco, United States

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New friends at my hostel Nob hill...yep, read the sign under it San Francisco waterfront at night Jason Kat and myself...prior to corruption Alcatraz Hungover at Francis Ford Coppolas cafe....hell yeah Same GIANT ruins Golden Gate Bridge Strange roman ruins...in the middle of San Francisco.  I dont know Sunset from the Golden Gate Bridge One of my fav photos from the whole trip Alcatraz Golden Gate Alcatraz The Golden Gate Bridge Sexy airplane zombies Pucker up! The most deceiving moderate thrill ride in the park. Toot toot! Coming in! Don't eat the bowl! We invented the coffee-pot bath. Now, where did I berth my yacht? Hmmmmm. Spring has sprung! I know what Trumpet Fish look like but these are... Trumpet Flowers? (Dad - need your help here.) Dan looks good in pink. Alacatraz Food for the cat while I'm gone. The gear. Cat did not eat much on Sat and Sun. 1. La Bufadora 2. First night 3. Second night 4. Third night San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco Curry Without Worry J-Rad at the BYOBW The First Glimse of the Golden Gate Bridge Golden Gate Bridge Andy and I - Golden Gate Bridge Andy in frount of Nob Hill The Windy Street in San Fran

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