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Ellis Island Manhattan Island they are actual face shapes, post cards of 9-11 kanootz & Rose  between the postcards one of Staten's loved ones, lost but not forgotten Post Cards by Masayuki Sono - a 9-11 memorial on Staten Island Staten Island pier walk Galvan... Garcia... their namesakes blending in (Clinton Castle) Universal Soldier, Battery Park ruins of 9-11, Battery Park big beautiful buildings bull front if u wanna feel like bull****, go ahead... haha! ROOTS a church tower shine sapatos! rouge stumped by 9-11 'building with lights' lost... still poised Anyong asseyo! @ Todai... Yellow kanootz with our NYcity hosts in M&M's world it's BIGG! with the legends - NBA store Ian, did you order this one? (NBA store) diamond Peahen... NBC Studio Rockafeller Center (hope we got the spelling right) @ Junior's, pre-show The Phantom of the Opera yours trulalah! Tigerrrrrrrr!!! Technology System Integrator New York Thruway CUNY, New York,  Elebash Hall Hunting sounds in the Sub Hunting sounds - South Ferry NY Live from NY for the Viva La Musica of the BG-national radio Quiet afternoon Alejandro Garavaglia, James Dashow, me.: lunch between the concerts. Room Room Speaker at COSM Rainbow Speaker at COSM Alex Grey speaking at COSM Lobby at Chelsea Hotel Lobby at Chelsea Hotel

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