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David & Dolores

Nairobi West, Kenya

That's what some of the friends call us here. For Some its hard to pronounce kyrans name so they call him by his middle name David and when they found out my middle name is Dolores well then it became funny!

Ah anyways, this weekend was nice. A Sis in our hall got married yesterday. It was our 1st wedding to attend as a married couple. It was nice sitting in the audience together! The brother gave an excellent talk. I got to do the updo for one of my friends who was in the wedding :) yay 1st wedding updo here!

It was at the hall and pretty much done in the same manner as in the states. Except for that a lot of the friends got on stage as they were exchanging rings just to take a picture, that was rude, but no one seemed to mind ?? Oh well :)

The reception was in a big hall. Usually african receptions are done outside so for them it was really nice!

Our table was really fun. It was the newly wed table. There was no assigned seating but it happened that all 8 of us were the newly weds in our hall :) the oldest couple had been marred a year And the youngest was Marcus and Lily 6 weeks. So we had a good time just talking about everything. We all could relate to eachother :) one of the. Couples invite all for dinner on friday so it will be fun to hang out again :)

Well as for the reception things are done a bit different than what I'm use to. For example there is a reception and and evening party. @the reception you have the dinner speech a tiny!!! Tiny bite of cake if any and that's about it. The brother says a prayer and then people can make their way home.

It isn't untill the evening party where your told at the reception if your invited to That they have the 1st dance and music. Its held later in the night and there is where the party begins.

So I thought that was different. I would think it would be nice for everyone to dance but its just not the way its done here.

However it was cool in the beginning, as everyone waited for the bride n groom to come to the reception we had already started eating. And when they arrived we heard these african noises coming from outside. It was the family of the couple. They all parade inside together dancing with the couple walking on front. They were singing songs and dancing.

Later on one of the family members got up and sang a song in the native language. Then all the family from both sides started singing and dancing. It was a farewell song. Then we told the friends at our table that this is exactly what they show on tv to us in the states. And this is why we think that all Africans sing and dance around a fire! Lol it was a real African wedding.

So we only got to dance one song. They invited all the sisters to get up and dance. That was fun.

We didn't stay for the evening party because we were tired and had meeting for next day.

Old and married now huh? :)

Well that was my weekend,one of my friends was in town for the wedding so we spent time with some friends today and learned how to make custard!

KY says hi to you all! And hope your all doin good!

His mom told me that when he was 2 he couldn't pronounce his name so he use to call himself Kynanin! So now I call him Kynanin!!!! :)

That all for now guys! Take care

Love drea

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from the travel blog: Nairobi
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To The Ends Of The Earth :)

Nairobi West, Kenya

Its time for a vacation. I like it here but I'm really missing the food! I want a star bucks iced vanilla latte with extra vanilla and whip easy on the ice! Mc Donalds #1. Hot wings from wing stop, flautas from Tejanos Mexican restaurant and mint chocolate chip ice cream on a REAL waffle cone!!

I'm not pregnant!! Lol but I do have my cravings! There are a few places here to get fast food but the variety is limited and in no way close to good as I'm use to :)

Speaking of fast food iv been having this desire to make a homemade pizza from scratch. I got all the ingredients I need. I was going to make it the other day but after a long day traveling to the ends of the earth in service I was too tired.

What was funny is that the couple I mentioned before that was having a bunch of us over for dinner made pizza for us! I even got to make one at her house. So that desire has been satisfied. Now I want to make a cheese stuffed crust this week. Yum!

Well service keeps getting Better and better. I love certain parts of the territory especially. I mentioned I went to the ends of the earth, that just happened to be close by. I went with a Sis on some calls. We took a few small buses to get there walked and walked for miles it seems in the mud and got rained on a bit. We climbed up and down a small slipery hill. As always its worth it. We stayed 2hours and waited about 30min after for the rain to stop. I'm having to get use to this mud!

I wish I had taken my camera. The view was nice. There were fields of veggies in the distance.

The sis who took me felt bad for having me go through all of that. Then i started telling her about ALL the crazy situations iv been in. Car breaking down, losing keys n the mountain @ midnight, being stranded with Kyran and Marcus with no place to sleep, getting stuck in the game park, on the mountain, the fire at 3am so on and so on.. She said she felt 100% better, this was nothing!!!!!!

Yesterday we worked a small part of kibera. That's the biggest slum in kenya by the way. Of course I never take my camera in there. That's another place I would take some of you just so you can say that you went into the deepest of kenya.
We found interest in there. 2 people said that they would like their own bible study.

We saw some kids that were standing on the shoulders of the the other and we were wondering what they we're doing. On the houses there are these tiny tiny air holes or squares. And in them are birds nests. So that's what they were looking for, taking the birds and the nests! I don't think they were gonna eat them, but I told them that now they have to find food for them. Poor birds. I took a couple of pix with my camera phone. I'll see if I can put them on the comp.

After service we went home to do some letter writing. Kyran was so sweet! He made tea and 2 pans of brownies for everyone and just waited on us replenishing the tea and water so we wouldn't have to disturb our service :)

Today some friends came by for some tea and cake. Man iv never had so much sweets in one weekend! A Sis is here visiting her fam from UK. She was supposed to leave friday but is delayed because of the ash in the air coming from the volcano in Iceland. Crazy stuff huh?

Anyways that was my weekend:)

So what do I say in service now? No invitations to hand out for the special talk. Its always sad when a campaign ends. :(

Well congrats to my Bro in law Jeremy ! Its Almost graduation day in may! ;)

Take care yal!

Hasta la next time!! Kwaheri ;D

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from the travel blog: Nairobi
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Fashion Show

Nairobi West, Kenya

Friday night was pretty cool.

A sister in our hall works for a clothing store called Kaché by Angie.

And they were going to have a fashion show held at the house of the Spanish ambassador. So the sister managed to get us some tickets.

I wasn t sure what to expect really but I was definitely curious to find out! It was obviously going to be a formal event but wasn t sure how formal, I mean it is Africa after all :) I told kyran I was going to either be way over dressed or blend in ok :)

It was fun dressing up for the first time in 5months! Lol. I did my hair and Lilys too. We were saying how sad it was that this was a Big event we were looking forward too :)

But actually it turned out to be very nice. As you saw in the pictures we had a good time. We arrived and parked on the lawn which was huge! When we entered the house we were greeted with a red rose and a hand bag with a few things in it.

We walked straight into the back yard and there was lights and tents and people. We were escorted to a covered patio where they served drinks and a few snacks.

Then the show started, it didn t rain during the catwalk thank goodness. And it went by pretty fast. I told the sister I am totally signing up to model next show if they let me! Lol why not aye??!

That was pretty much it, they played Spanish music in the back round which was nice to hear for a change!

After that the group of us went out to eat. We were all dressed up so formal n fancy with our smart looking hubbys!

On Saturday me and kp just chilled, a couple stopped by to say hello. Peter came back from his training in south Africa and we caught up with him.

Oh and I m back into the drawing mode! I decided to start making a collection for our home. I hardly have any of my art work for myself since I always give them away or sell them. I am drawing the picture in the bible teach book of the angel guarding daniel. I ll be done with it tomorrow ! Then off to my next project :)

That s pretty  much it, yesterday the Pots got together to play a game of monopoly, I hadn t played it in years! I tell ya, its a game that emotions are involved. You get excited frustrated mad and competitive. I was very surprised that I actually won! Yay! But we played again today and me n kp were the last left in the game, he won :( oh well

That s all I got 4ya! Life here in the mother land is quite chilled.

Till next time! Love you all!


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Good News(old story forgot to post)

Nairobi, Kenya

So I have great news, Ky just started work with KQ!! We are so happy!

5months without a job seems like a long time, but we have kept so busy in the ministry that time has passed by sooo fast! Not everyone has a 5 month long honeymoon together without having to work!!! So we enjoyed it while it lasted
We had our 2 day assembly this past weekend. As I wrote to some of you already it was AMAZING!

The program was really nice. It was my first actual assembly here. It was also nice to see the work we had done on the building during construction. They have a new project coming up in june. They will be putting up new toilets in the womans section.
Have i mentioned to you before that when they first installed the restrooms that some people would steal the seat covers?!!!!!!!!! THATS SOOO GROSS!! They dont comprehend germs and bacteria they cant see!

Anyways, So i have been busy doing hair. I have met a lady who is a makeup artist here in kenya. She is considered one of the best. She has a great resume and she has created her own makeup brand that will be launched in Aug. She has been really kind and referred me to her clients. She does all the mag covers and makeup for those in the beauty section for various african mag’s. So she has already booked me in to help her do some shoots in june! Im so excited. She said she will probably train me to do makeup which im super happy to learn!

I will keep you posted on how that goes 

Speaking of learning, the district overseers wife has arranged and volunteered to give an informal class of kswahilli.We start next week. Im already learning so much on my own and im so eager to learn more!!!

Im trying to keep myself busy in as many spiritual activities as i possibly can. Helps fill in time and keep me focused..

Oh im obviously horrible in remembering what i wrote in the past and to lazy to go back and re read my last blogs  but what i have been doing on some of my free time is going in to the market of Toy, and since i know so many people there now, i have been able to wheel and deal!! For example, i took 3 blouses and tried to trade for different ones. It worked!! Thus far i have traded about 20 tops 5 skirts 2 dresses 2 pairs of shoes and 3pairs of earrings!! LOL

I can actually go in there with no cash and come with new things  its pretty fun. Some sisters ask me to go with them now since i seem to know the place better than them! LOL thats crazy, iv only been here since January! Whats even more interesting is that the vendors trust me so much that if i dont have money at that moment i can take the stuff anyways because they know i will come back to pay or trade!!

Good times good times

So yeah, i sent yal some pictures of when we went bowling last week. That was fun getting together with the friends. We are having a small get together over the weekend at this park i have never been to. Should be fun. Im enjoying spending time with the friends eve more now that Kyran is busy working.

Kp says hiiiii! He is busy studying for his ATPL (airline transport pilot licence) mean time going through training at wk. Busy man!

I often have to remind myself of how easy i have it not having to wk full time any more!!
Well i have a couple of small trips coming up soon. Kyran will have to go to the UK to do a couple weeks of training. I cant go with him  so im going with sandra and a couple from bethel to Mombasa, the coast off the indian ocean. Im also going to visit my friend in Eldoret. Look it up on the map and thats where im going

Nweza kukuonyesha andiko?? Thats means: “can i show you a scripture”
LOL i say that, take them to a text and thats as far as i am in my presentation!! I still need my partner to explain the text! Haha...baby steps

Thats all i got 4 ya folks!! Big Hugs and kisses!!
Love Drea

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A New Story

Nairobi West, Kenya

Yesterday I ressurrected my carpentry skills! I made a shelf for the restroom. Sandra had some wood so i used that. It was nice using a saw and electric sander again! You know how they sell those book shelfs at wall mart and target and all you have to do is put them together? well i actually cut all the pieces and sanded them and put them together myself. I put a base coat and just waiting on that that to dry.

It looks pretty sweet. Its 50 centimeters X60. I will take a photo of it when it is finished!

On sunday we had a good time after the meeting. A sister from our hall invited a bunch from the hall to her house. She hosted the C/O and she just happens to be a cater, so, the food was good!

Some other missionaries were there too which was nice because they will be heading to their new assignment next week. Sudan! I'll miss them. I met them last year when I came an we have kept in touch since then.

On sunday kyrans bible study came to the meeting for the 1st time! I was so happy! I had actually met him a long time ago, he is a barber so it was easy to witness to him. Kyran took over the study and now he is progressing so well!

Another study came too. Sandras bible study, she is one of those who all the friends know and have met before. So we were all so happy! She even brought 2 friends with her.

Well Thursday was my first day of work. :) its for a talk show.

Its fun I get to sit in the dressing room all day for 2 days a week. Waiting back stage and checking if I need to make touch ups on her hair while on the set.

I took the Boda Boda home! That's a motor bike :) I usually take a matatu, small 14 seater bus. But there is a long stretch from the building to the main road were there are no matatus and its not safe to walk.

Anyway I asked him to take me to the main road then I was like well why not to the bus stop, then I was like what the hec why not home we are almost there! So it was a 1st time for me. Least I can say I tried it!

This past week we have had the visit of our circuit overseer. I worked with his wife yesterday. The pioneer meeting went great!

As usual, he brought out something deep from the bible. The part we coverd was John chapter4. And it was neat how he had it read. He asked a brother to play the part of Jesus and a sister to read the part of the Smaratian woman.
So the narrative part was cut out.

So that was a good meeting needless to say.

Kyran has been enjoying his training! He is going to London next month for a simulator course. We have a couple of friends who live there so he will get in touch with them!

Since I can't go with him, I'll go to the coast in mombasa.

Oh, so remember I told ya that the district overseers wife is giving me swahilli lessons? Its funny because she is Canadian and there are4 of us she is teaching, one is from Ethiopia, Argentina and 2 Mexicans from America taking swahill lessons from a Canadian who lives in kenya!
Only jehovahs people ay!

We went over grammer and its been helpful already. Iv been able to pick up on what people are saying. Even today while we were in service i learned so much!

Oh so i almost forgot. I was in service and I noticed that there were alot of cops and security gaurds. Turns out that the vice president of US was in that car we just walked past! Ha! I wish i had my camera with me at that moment.

Thats all for now. take care!

Ok, nakwenda sasa!

Love drea

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Habari Zenu!

Nairobi Hill, Kenya

So not very much has happened since last blog.

I'm really enjoying work. Get to meet lots of interesting people. I met a local singer named Jua Cali. He was interviewed on the show. Also a few others but I have forgotten their names.

Oh it was funny because they interviewed a country singer from Nashville named BigKen? Yeah ??

But it was a big deal to have a cowboy here in kenya! Lol also it was nice to hear the country accents and hearing them say "yal"

So today I was in service with a sis and we had such a nice time, I forgot to pack a lunch so by 2pm I was starving!we stopped at a place where they make sandwhiches so we ate there and I wanted to save the rest for later.

So as we are walking a young kid comes up to me and asked me for money. I told him I didn't have any and sorry. Then he asked for my sandwhich!! I said " you know where I come from it's very rude to ask someone to eat their food for them".

Not a min later another kid stops me and asked for money and I told him " if I give you this what am I going to eat?" then he asked for Money and I told him the same as the other kid that Its very rude to ask.

30 seconds later a MAN signals with his hands to his mouth that he wants my food! Ok keep in mind these are not people begging on the side of the road these are people walking around like us!
I said to him " come here, what is your name? So and so , how can you ask me for food when you see that it's mine?" then he mumbles that it's better to ask than to steal " I was like yes that's true but where I come from it's very very rude and disrespectful to ask someone to give them food . You think because Im a mzungu ( White person) that I am rich and have money to give away! What will I eat? You give me money and I will give you this sandwhich!!!"

I was so mad by then, I told that sister " someone else just please ask me again and il stick my hand out to them and say ' Miamoja na kumi'" that means : "100.10 shillings " ($1.50) that's how much it cost and wud show my recipt!! Lol aye yay ay!!! That sister was mad too

I must say, I'm having an adventure here. Its nice especially since I get bored fast and like keeping active!

Swahilli class is going well. Who would have thought that I could EVER read this :

'Wadudu wakali Hawa wanatafuta wanyama Wale.'

That means "these fierce bugs are looking for those animals" (as in to eat)

Or how about : Watoto wadogo wazuri wachache Hawa.

Which means "these few small children"

Yes! It is amazing. We are learning proper Kiswahilli

Kp is excited because he is going to London in 2weeks for his training! We have some friends there that will show him around and get in touch with bethel to help him locate the nearest kingdom hall.

Well that is it for now. Had a long day in service and need to rest up a bit!

Till next time! GO Spain!!!!!

Love drea

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Macedonia / Convention 2010

Nairobi, Kenya

A few weeks ago our cong was assigned to seldom worked territory. Or like they call it here "Macedonia". We went to Macedonia about an hour outside of Nairobi.

There was 15 of us who went.
A sister who owns a school van loaned it to us.

That was during the time kyran was still in London. So I went alone with the friends. It was fun. I wasn't the oldest person at all but we kept joking that I was the example because everyone else was single! Even my elders who went I said to them that I'm gonna chaperone you all!!

So we got to the area and immediately we began preaching. We had a few boxes of books and other literature in English and Swahilli.

Wow the territory was great!
By noon time me and my partner had only spoken to 4 householders! They were all so interested!

I asked at one door "if Jesus was here on earth and there was one Miracle you could ask him to perform what would it be?" and she said finding out how to draw closer to God.

Well it just so happened that this was a week before our convention! Yes, her very question was right on the cover of the invitation!

She was so happy and let us in. We ended up studying for 30min. It was getting late so we had to go. But since then we still keep in touch!

We are going back to the territory on the 25th, both me and Kyran. Can't wait! And we'll get to take another group picture! :)

Don't worry I'll send pix soon!

So the next few days there was lots of preparation for the convention. I went one day to clean. Its amazing how far behind it is here. We were cleaning the seats with DIRTY water! Yes! The water was so NOT clear.

And the mops! Goodness, not a new clean one in sight! Anyway I'm a bit over the shock since I have seen how filthy our Assembly hall is. That's just the way it is :(

The next day I went to help with the setting up. The stage was super easy. It was fun unloading the books and new releases.

Since kyran was away I took advantage of volunteering. For the first time I was in First Aid. So I say right next to the speakers. I also got to hand out the new releases which I never did before.

I was just thankful that they didn't put me in Toilets! I would have just died I'm sure. Because these aren't like non witnesses toilets in the states, this is AFRICA! Lol anyway I'll be put in that assignment next year now just for saying it! :(

So the peak attendance on sunday was just under 5 thousand. Doesn't seem like much, but that is a lot for here. There is only one district in English and 3 for Swahilli.

Its kinda nice though because you get to meet and see a lot of the same people. During lunch a group of us sisters would bring a bunch of different things and all share. Was nice!

On the last day 2 couples invited me for dinner out. Its not like the down town FT worth where you see the streets full of badges. They said this was the 1st year that they went out after convention. Usually everyone just goes home!

Things like that make me miss home. I miss how everyone just loved to do things together.

Anyway that was a good weekend.

I'll write another blog to say what the latest news is.
Love you all!

Take care Drea

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Recent News On The Pock-Jackets

Nairobi, Kenya

So this is what I get for not writing sooner. I can't remember anything interesting that has happened!

Well kyran is an Aux Pioneer for this month so that's good news! He has really enjoyed early service and letter writing too. I have amazing bible studies.

There is one business territory that has never been worked before and now it seems all the Potgieter girls have a monopoly on it! We are having such great response, everyone there knows us and is either studying or a mag route. Now kyran and peter have some good RV's there now!

We really feel like the statement in the bible "Beg the master for more workers" we can't do it alone and there is never enough time to get all done.

This cong is wonderful and is like GP in that there is always someone out in service! And before I used to have to get with certain people so that I could put in a long day. But now I have my own calls to keep me out 8hours. Its just great!

And its so nice that we all know eachothers studies and calls. Its one of those "it takes a village to raise a child" situations. Some of us have calls and studies in the same shops, so there is like 3or 4 in one store that study with different people. The business territory is amazing!

What else? We had 2 girls and a Bro visiting from Italy. Me and kyran had a good time spending time with them. Unfortunately they were sick for a whole week :( so they didn't do much Here, but we did get to know them as friends better just by spending time at home. Oh, and we ate some good Italian food!

It was funny that the girls couldnt pronounce Potgieter, They kept saying "Pock-Jacket" LOL

I'm way behind in sending pix but no worries! Kyran got me such sweet gifts while he was in London and one of them was a camera! At last!

One evening one of my good friends form Eldoret, the Sis we went to visit a few months ago, was visiting us. So on her last day like 10of her close girl friends got together at a local cafe. We stayed 5hours just chatting away till they kicked us out. :)

Going back to Kyrans vacation, well not so much a vacation rather his training, it was fine. Same old airplane talk. Don't understand much. But he does enjoy learning so I know he had a good time.

But his highlight was getting to meet up with his buddy Tristan from Irland! Before Kyran came to TX he was living with his bros and Tristan's family. They are just like brothers and so it was so good for him to meet up with him and his wife Ashley.

They live a few hours not too far from where Kyrans hotel was. They were really good to him and when me and KY would talk he kept going on how happy he was to be with his 'Boet' that means Bro I think? That's what they call eachother

Well now I'm glad my KY KY is back! Its like honeymoon all over again! :D

Today Was pretty fun, I was interviewed by Passion magazine. They are doing a story on celeb hair dressers. And they wanted to interview a few of us here in Nairobi.

So we did a photo shoot at a local salon, it was a cute modern one. Its too bad that they only use one for the mag :( But i will get all the photos and use them for my Portfoilio :)

That was may day :) I will let yal know what i think of the final outcome of the story :)

Anyway love yal! I'll write a blog entry next week after our next "Macedonia" trip.

Take care & send our love!

Drea and Kyran.

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Wadudu Wadogo

Nairobi, Kenya

So I just got a new hand bag for service and then I guess I put too many books in it so now the strap broke :(
Anyway I came to get it sewn together at this fundi on the side of the road. He also fixes shoes.

The reson why I'm writing this is because you will never believe what he uses to shine shoes with! Its a broken end of a paint brush! Haha! As in he just broke the handles off and cut the bristles short so that its tighter, and he has a bunch of them to shine shoes!

So african>>

So whats new?? Oh, well I went back to Lukenya for Seldom Worked. I got in touch with one of my return visits and made new ones!!

I will send yal pix very soon. It was a bit larger group than last time. The weather was amazing!

As we were walking and talking, i was telling one of the sisters that "This" is what i have only ever imagined i would be doing! I wanted to serve in a country with a great need, and what better place than AFRICA!! I need new Goals!!!

There i was, walikng in the open middle of No-where, preaching to the people in there Shambas & shaggs, or farms and country homes. There is literally nothing to do in a place like that other than the regular household duties.

You often see locals sitting in small groups juat relaxing and talking. When you come up to them they will listen with no problem.

When someone like me a Mzungu (a white person) passes by you will no doubt here the little kids calling out ' How Arrre You? How Arrre You?" over and over :)

After we finished the morning we had a nice lunch. Everyone brought their own food. And we found a huge flat rock and thankfully it was cloudy just in time for us not to roast on that rock!

We saw a bit of willife, like Giraffe and Zebra. I still cant belive im in Africa sometimes.

That was our day, we continued in service for a few more hours after that and then headed home..

So honestly not much new has happened. Kyran is Aux pionnering So we have just been helping eachother alot in service. WE LOVE the ministry here!

The business territory is just BOOMING here!

Kenyans are such hard workers, many work 10 to 12 hours a day 6 days a week!! Not even joking! So its very hard to find them at home. There are a few places that up to 5 people are studying the bible in just one shop! Its wonderful.

Im just so happy that one of Jah's Students who im helping, went to the meeting this Sunday and took her whole family! She loved it and plans to go this weekend too.

Well this past week Nairobi Had a Agriculture Trade Show. Its a big deal here, kinda like the State Fair in Tx. All the schools get free tickets. Anyways, a few of the friends when i asked if they wanted to go hesitated a bit but didnt tell me why they didnt want to...

On Saturday one sister said she would like to go and of course i wanted to also, just to say i did, also, i heard it was nice and plus it was something different to do.

Well we tried to catch a matatu or a bus but they were all full!! Finally after waiting for 10 min we said we would just ask one of the drivers to takes us and we just tip him extra, Which worked :)

He took us through the backway. ( the slums of kibera) It was so dusty. We had asked another sister to join us, she really didnt want to go but was a good sport an went with us!

The show wasnt that great. It was nice to see the veggies, coffe, bean stocks and live stock in its natural habitat but overall it wasnt much to see. The place was really dirty with trash, so sad.

There were a group of African dancers, all older women or Mama's like they say. It was neat to watch them. They move there hips and back side like nothing i have seen!!

I was craving a Flechers Corny Dog and a Funnel Cake but they dont exsist in Kenya!!

Anyway it was getting late so we decided to catch a bus from the front entrance. The lines were so long so we decided to take a Boda Boda, Motor bike, to the main Rd. I actually saw the guy who use to take me to and from the main road and work.

As i was asking him how much he would charge us, all of a sudden the 50plus other motor bikes that were there started scrambling all over the place. Thank goodness i was in front of a car so if i needed to i would have jumped on top of the hood.!!

The reason for all the confusion and panic was that there was policemen on top of horse trying to skat them away!! They police were literaly whipping and chasing them without control! It was really scary!

So me and my friend were ok, she got the back of her sandal, not foot, ran over. And the poor sister who didnt even want to go in the first place actually got her foot ran over by one of the wheels :(but she is ok, nothing broken.

We were like soooo shocked! we just decided to walk the rest of the way. That was worth our 5$ to enter!!

As we were walking we heard a roar of bikes again!!! Like idiots sometimes do, the Motor Bike guys who had went back after being chased away, were being chased and whipped by these cops on horses again!!! So we ran off the raod, and just took the long way around.

That was an eventfull day!!!!!! Now i know why no one wanted to go. Even Kyran had said he wouldnt be found in a public festival with a huge crowd. Its not uncommon for a panic, Here in kenya that is, to break out. You would think the police are the ones incharge of keeping the peace, but here, they are usually the cause of it. Very sad

Okey yal thats all the stories i got for now.

Oh one more,

Never in my life did i think i would be able to read and understand this:

Wale wadudu wadogo wengi waliengia chumbani, kwasababu haku funga milango!!!

That means; Those small bugs came into the room because you didnt close the door!!!!

Like most languages it sounds funny when translated word for word, for example:

Over there bugs many small they went in room because you didnt close door!! haha, Swahilli is fun!!

Dudu is a Bug :)

Take care! love yal!


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Found Some Mexicans & Wing Sauce

Nairobi, Kenya


Ah so hows everyone doing??

Lately I have been so busy! But with good things so cant complain.Just trying to get ahead on my time :)

First of all wanna send shout-outs to the only person in Kenya who i think reads my blog!!! :) You know who you are chica :) HAha so funny, now i have to watch what i say bout Nairobi!!!! :) jk

So for the first time since Ky Ky came back from London,he had to wk overnight :(
Just so happend that a sis in my hall was alone for the weekend too. Poor us :(
NOT!!!! we had a sleeepovverrr!!!!

It was really fun. She invited a few sisters over and we really had a goodtime! It was my first "slumber party" since Iv been married! Took some pix but sorry, cant post them :)!!!!

But distance really does make the heart grow fonder :D

Kyran has been busy at wk ever since he got back. But it has been worth it. He will be checked out soon. Im very proud of him!!

So..Last week i went with a sister to a town called Machakos. It is close to Lukenya, where we did seldom worked territory.

The service was amazing!!! You know, we spent about 7 hours out there and only had 3 studies and 2 Rv's!!! It was great, got to use a bit of Swahili. And i learned 'Mweka' which is a greeting out there.

If i say Mweka, you say EEhh. But i kept saying AAHH :) or is it the other way around?? Ill just stick to learning Swahili for now. :)

While we were walking, we saw a big tree, I had a 90's moment and i climbed it!!

So that has been a good experience for me! Man i got dark! we must be closer to te sun im tellin you! HA, when i sent some recent pix on snapfish, a bro in Dallas said, "you look like a cute african now'!!!!

Me and Mr. Sun are not friends right now. But i cant really run away from it.
Oh speaking of darkness, did i tell yal ran into some Mexicans?? ;D

Yeah, i was walkin in sevice one day. And i told the sis i was that i bet they were from MEX. As we passed them, i heard them speaking spanish!!

So recently, i was walking home, and i saw them, so i just stopped them and asked them "hola, como estas?" And they responded in spanish!!
We had a good convsation, and got all their info

Im just gonna copy some Mags from our Official website. i think that would be the fastest way. I joke that one day that there will be a spanish group one day here in Kenya!!! So far we would have 6! (Me Lily A sis from Argentina and our hubbys!!!) Well See well see...

What else?? Oh, i found HOTWING Sauce the other day!!!! IM SOOOO HAPPY!! Crazy thing is that a bro is coming to visit from the States to see his girlfriend who lives here, and we had asked him to bring some Franks Hot Wing Sauce. And now they sell it here!!! Along with Jalapenos, Skittles, Twix and M&M's, all of which I had Kyran and some friends bring me only to find that they carry them here...Maybe I should request some corn tortillas and Jarritos de Narangja so they will ship it in!!!

I didnt find Buffalo Wings But chicken works just fine!!!!

You know, we always read about how religions are always very ununited, but i have seen it first hand for myself.

In TX the easiest ones to talk to, Catholics, are actually very diferent here. Yeah, It really helps me appreciate how United and consistant Jehovahs People really are.

Well thats all folks, Oh, well i got food poisoning for the 3rd time..:( im over it now but tis last one was bad,i got poisoning on Wed, and as soon as i was over it, i ate something bad on sunday!!! :(O
NO more eating at random places!!!

One of our friends from Nanyuki will be getting Married in Dec. Im so excited to go back to "shaggs" (Hometown) :D
Havent been there in almost a year!!!! Will be great to see everyone again!!

Alright Yall!! Ima close for now.

Thanks for all the e-mails!

Love and miss you alll!! GO RANGERS!!! Bout Dang Time :)

Drea & Kyran

permalink written by  africandre on October 28, 2010 from Nairobi, Kenya
from the travel blog: Nairobi
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Howdy yall!!

Although this is a travel blog this may be a permanent stay in Kenya!

I will update it when something exciting happens. Yes, i stole this idea from lil lisa's trip to Austrailia! Seems a lot easier to write it all down for you here than a million e mail's. :)


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