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Eldoret kenya
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Nanyuki Kenya
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Nanyuki Kenya

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Howdy yall!!

Although this is a travel blog this may be a permanent stay in Kenya!

I will update it when something exciting happens. Yes, i stole this idea from lil lisa's trip to Austrailia! Seems a lot easier to write it all down for you here than a million e mail's. :)

I'll try to update this with pictures when i can.
Take care and hope you enjoy!!!

Friends Engagement

Nairobi, Kenya

Hola! Geeze long time since my last entry!

Let me just give you the highlights.

I don't know if I mentioned IN one of the blogs about a Bro from Kenya who lives n the USA who is dating a Sis from my hall? Well he came to visit her for a month.
I had spoken to him over the phone before he came, he mentioned that he wanted to do a surprise engagement party for her. So the plan was the 4 of us were gonna go to the coast in Mombasa, and he would pop the question there on the beach and then have a party at home to celebrate.

Well, that was going to be toward the end of his stay, and course, he wanted to do this early in his visit so that they could be engaged for the majority of time.

So on Wednesday, we were all hanging out and I asked him how soon does he want this party to be? He says "How about on sunday?"
I was like what!!!! So I called a Sis right away and asked if we could do it at her house. We managed to make Evites and organized everyone to bring something.

The friends on the guest list already knew that we were planning it but we just didn't know the date.

All of her friends contributed to making it a surprise! We even had lunch plans right after the meeting since they wouldn't be able to meet us later that night because they had "been invited for dinner already" ;D

So we all arrived at the house. Was small and intimate with a few friends.

When they arrived, we all stood by a corner and heard them come in. They actually lingered for a bit by the door, and as soon as she turned around we yelled "Surprise"

She was absolutely caught off guard! Really, only the photos of her reaction could explain how she felt.

As she was saying hi to everyone, we kept saying that this party was to welcome him home and celebrate him being there with her. Kinda like the picnic I threw for kyran when he visited me in TX ;D

So it happened as she was in the middle of it all he started saying a few words and then said that he brought a gift with him. And he opened the box and showed the ring! Again! You should have seen her reaction!!!! She became weak in her knees!

Out came the yummy black forest cake! And then the party started.

It was such a nice evening. We teased them that this was a practice of cutting of the cake. U noticed that as they cut the cake, they started slicing a bunch of pieces on one plate!

It was funny actually, I don't know if you remember I once wrote about a wedding that I attended in April?

Well I learned then that the custom here when serving the cake at a wedding is that they have one huge cake, and the Bride and Groom cut and pile a bunch of tiny slices on one plate and go around serving ONE BITE per person!

So as these two cut the cake, I remembered about that. So we told them that there was enough cake and plates for each to have his and her own big slice! Everyone loved it!

As the night went on, we played a game, it was one where the men are blind folded, and the sisters are lined up with the palm of their hand out flat.
The husband has to figure out which hand is his wife! It was so funny to watch!

There was only 3 there who were single so they had fun with it too, even the brothers put there hand out too!!

I was proud of KY, as soon as he felt my hand he said "yes definitely her!" aww

The funniest part was that when it was time for the engaged Bro to find his Fiances hand. Not only did he struggle to figure out which one it was, but when he got to her, he said "no for sure not her!" haha, he kept trying and trying and every time he got to her said the same!

So the moral of the story was, Hold your wife's hand more often! :)

After a while we ended up telling stories about how we all met and started dating our mates. It just hapend that all of the couples there had been married no longer that 2 years.

Speaking of being married, that was just a week before me and Kyran celebrated our 1st year anniversary!

I'll write about that in the next blog!

Take care all!

Love Drea and KY KY!

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Found Some Mexicans & Wing Sauce

Nairobi, Kenya


Ah so hows everyone doing??

Lately I have been so busy! But with good things so cant complain.Just trying to get ahead on my time :)

First of all wanna send shout-outs to the only person in Kenya who i think reads my blog!!! :) You know who you are chica :) HAha so funny, now i have to watch what i say bout Nairobi!!!! :) jk

So for the first time since Ky Ky came back from London,he had to wk overnight :(
Just so happend that a sis in my hall was alone for the weekend too. Poor us :(
NOT!!!! we had a sleeepovverrr!!!!

It was really fun. She invited a few sisters over and we really had a goodtime! It was my first "slumber party" since Iv been married! Took some pix but sorry, cant post them :)!!!!

But distance really does make the heart grow fonder :D

Kyran has been busy at wk ever since he got back. But it has been worth it. He will be checked out soon. Im very proud of him!!

So..Last week i went with a sister to a town called Machakos. It is close to Lukenya, where we did seldom worked territory.

The service was amazing!!! You know, we spent about 7 hours out there and only had 3 studies and 2 Rv's!!! It was great, got to use a bit of Swahili. And i learned 'Mweka' which is a greeting out there.

If i say Mweka, you say EEhh. But i kept saying AAHH :) or is it the other way around?? Ill just stick to learning Swahili for now. :)

While we were walking, we saw a big tree, I had a 90's moment and i climbed it!!

So that has been a good experience for me! Man i got dark! we must be closer to te sun im tellin you! HA, when i sent some recent pix on snapfish, a bro in Dallas said, "you look like a cute african now'!!!!

Me and Mr. Sun are not friends right now. But i cant really run away from it.
Oh speaking of darkness, did i tell yal ran into some Mexicans?? ;D

Yeah, i was walkin in sevice one day. And i told the sis i was that i bet they were from MEX. As we passed them, i heard them speaking spanish!!

So recently, i was walking home, and i saw them, so i just stopped them and asked them "hola, como estas?" And they responded in spanish!!
We had a good convsation, and got all their info

Im just gonna copy some Mags from our Official website. i think that would be the fastest way. I joke that one day that there will be a spanish group one day here in Kenya!!! So far we would have 6! (Me Lily A sis from Argentina and our hubbys!!!) Well See well see...

What else?? Oh, i found HOTWING Sauce the other day!!!! IM SOOOO HAPPY!! Crazy thing is that a bro is coming to visit from the States to see his girlfriend who lives here, and we had asked him to bring some Franks Hot Wing Sauce. And now they sell it here!!! Along with Jalapenos, Skittles, Twix and M&M's, all of which I had Kyran and some friends bring me only to find that they carry them here...Maybe I should request some corn tortillas and Jarritos de Narangja so they will ship it in!!!

I didnt find Buffalo Wings But chicken works just fine!!!!

You know, we always read about how religions are always very ununited, but i have seen it first hand for myself.

In TX the easiest ones to talk to, Catholics, are actually very diferent here. Yeah, It really helps me appreciate how United and consistant Jehovahs People really are.

Well thats all folks, Oh, well i got food poisoning for the 3rd time..:( im over it now but tis last one was bad,i got poisoning on Wed, and as soon as i was over it, i ate something bad on sunday!!! :(O
NO more eating at random places!!!

One of our friends from Nanyuki will be getting Married in Dec. Im so excited to go back to "shaggs" (Hometown) :D
Havent been there in almost a year!!!! Will be great to see everyone again!!

Alright Yall!! Ima close for now.

Thanks for all the e-mails!

Love and miss you alll!! GO RANGERS!!! Bout Dang Time :)

Drea & Kyran

permalink written by  africandre on October 28, 2010 from Nairobi, Kenya
from the travel blog: Nairobi
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Wadudu Wadogo

Nairobi, Kenya

So I just got a new hand bag for service and then I guess I put too many books in it so now the strap broke :(
Anyway I came to get it sewn together at this fundi on the side of the road. He also fixes shoes.

The reson why I'm writing this is because you will never believe what he uses to shine shoes with! Its a broken end of a paint brush! Haha! As in he just broke the handles off and cut the bristles short so that its tighter, and he has a bunch of them to shine shoes!

So african>>

So whats new?? Oh, well I went back to Lukenya for Seldom Worked. I got in touch with one of my return visits and made new ones!!

I will send yal pix very soon. It was a bit larger group than last time. The weather was amazing!

As we were walking and talking, i was telling one of the sisters that "This" is what i have only ever imagined i would be doing! I wanted to serve in a country with a great need, and what better place than AFRICA!! I need new Goals!!!

There i was, walikng in the open middle of No-where, preaching to the people in there Shambas & shaggs, or farms and country homes. There is literally nothing to do in a place like that other than the regular household duties.

You often see locals sitting in small groups juat relaxing and talking. When you come up to them they will listen with no problem.

When someone like me a Mzungu (a white person) passes by you will no doubt here the little kids calling out ' How Arrre You? How Arrre You?" over and over :)

After we finished the morning we had a nice lunch. Everyone brought their own food. And we found a huge flat rock and thankfully it was cloudy just in time for us not to roast on that rock!

We saw a bit of willife, like Giraffe and Zebra. I still cant belive im in Africa sometimes.

That was our day, we continued in service for a few more hours after that and then headed home..

So honestly not much new has happened. Kyran is Aux pionnering So we have just been helping eachother alot in service. WE LOVE the ministry here!

The business territory is just BOOMING here!

Kenyans are such hard workers, many work 10 to 12 hours a day 6 days a week!! Not even joking! So its very hard to find them at home. There are a few places that up to 5 people are studying the bible in just one shop! Its wonderful.

Im just so happy that one of Jah's Students who im helping, went to the meeting this Sunday and took her whole family! She loved it and plans to go this weekend too.

Well this past week Nairobi Had a Agriculture Trade Show. Its a big deal here, kinda like the State Fair in Tx. All the schools get free tickets. Anyways, a few of the friends when i asked if they wanted to go hesitated a bit but didnt tell me why they didnt want to...

On Saturday one sister said she would like to go and of course i wanted to also, just to say i did, also, i heard it was nice and plus it was something different to do.

Well we tried to catch a matatu or a bus but they were all full!! Finally after waiting for 10 min we said we would just ask one of the drivers to takes us and we just tip him extra, Which worked :)

He took us through the backway. ( the slums of kibera) It was so dusty. We had asked another sister to join us, she really didnt want to go but was a good sport an went with us!

The show wasnt that great. It was nice to see the veggies, coffe, bean stocks and live stock in its natural habitat but overall it wasnt much to see. The place was really dirty with trash, so sad.

There were a group of African dancers, all older women or Mama's like they say. It was neat to watch them. They move there hips and back side like nothing i have seen!!

I was craving a Flechers Corny Dog and a Funnel Cake but they dont exsist in Kenya!!

Anyway it was getting late so we decided to catch a bus from the front entrance. The lines were so long so we decided to take a Boda Boda, Motor bike, to the main Rd. I actually saw the guy who use to take me to and from the main road and work.

As i was asking him how much he would charge us, all of a sudden the 50plus other motor bikes that were there started scrambling all over the place. Thank goodness i was in front of a car so if i needed to i would have jumped on top of the hood.!!

The reason for all the confusion and panic was that there was policemen on top of horse trying to skat them away!! They police were literaly whipping and chasing them without control! It was really scary!

So me and my friend were ok, she got the back of her sandal, not foot, ran over. And the poor sister who didnt even want to go in the first place actually got her foot ran over by one of the wheels :(but she is ok, nothing broken.

We were like soooo shocked! we just decided to walk the rest of the way. That was worth our 5$ to enter!!

As we were walking we heard a roar of bikes again!!! Like idiots sometimes do, the Motor Bike guys who had went back after being chased away, were being chased and whipped by these cops on horses again!!! So we ran off the raod, and just took the long way around.

That was an eventfull day!!!!!! Now i know why no one wanted to go. Even Kyran had said he wouldnt be found in a public festival with a huge crowd. Its not uncommon for a panic, Here in kenya that is, to break out. You would think the police are the ones incharge of keeping the peace, but here, they are usually the cause of it. Very sad

Okey yal thats all the stories i got for now.

Oh one more,

Never in my life did i think i would be able to read and understand this:

Wale wadudu wadogo wengi waliengia chumbani, kwasababu haku funga milango!!!

That means; Those small bugs came into the room because you didnt close the door!!!!

Like most languages it sounds funny when translated word for word, for example:

Over there bugs many small they went in room because you didnt close door!! haha, Swahilli is fun!!

Dudu is a Bug :)

Take care! love yal!


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Macedonia / Convention 2010

Nairobi, Kenya

A few weeks ago our cong was assigned to seldom worked territory. Or like they call it here "Macedonia". We went to Macedonia about an hour outside of Nairobi.

There was 15 of us who went.
A sister who owns a school van loaned it to us.

That was during the time kyran was still in London. So I went alone with the friends. It was fun. I wasn't the oldest person at all but we kept joking that I was the example because everyone else was single! Even my elders who went I said to them that I'm gonna chaperone you all!!

So we got to the area and immediately we began preaching. We had a few boxes of books and other literature in English and Swahilli.

Wow the territory was great!
By noon time me and my partner had only spoken to 4 householders! They were all so interested!

I asked at one door "if Jesus was here on earth and there was one Miracle you could ask him to perform what would it be?" and she said finding out how to draw closer to God.

Well it just so happened that this was a week before our convention! Yes, her very question was right on the cover of the invitation!

She was so happy and let us in. We ended up studying for 30min. It was getting late so we had to go. But since then we still keep in touch!

We are going back to the territory on the 25th, both me and Kyran. Can't wait! And we'll get to take another group picture! :)

Don't worry I'll send pix soon!

So the next few days there was lots of preparation for the convention. I went one day to clean. Its amazing how far behind it is here. We were cleaning the seats with DIRTY water! Yes! The water was so NOT clear.

And the mops! Goodness, not a new clean one in sight! Anyway I'm a bit over the shock since I have seen how filthy our Assembly hall is. That's just the way it is :(

The next day I went to help with the setting up. The stage was super easy. It was fun unloading the books and new releases.

Since kyran was away I took advantage of volunteering. For the first time I was in First Aid. So I say right next to the speakers. I also got to hand out the new releases which I never did before.

I was just thankful that they didn't put me in Toilets! I would have just died I'm sure. Because these aren't like non witnesses toilets in the states, this is AFRICA! Lol anyway I'll be put in that assignment next year now just for saying it! :(

So the peak attendance on sunday was just under 5 thousand. Doesn't seem like much, but that is a lot for here. There is only one district in English and 3 for Swahilli.

Its kinda nice though because you get to meet and see a lot of the same people. During lunch a group of us sisters would bring a bunch of different things and all share. Was nice!

On the last day 2 couples invited me for dinner out. Its not like the down town FT worth where you see the streets full of badges. They said this was the 1st year that they went out after convention. Usually everyone just goes home!

Things like that make me miss home. I miss how everyone just loved to do things together.

Anyway that was a good weekend.

I'll write another blog to say what the latest news is.
Love you all!

Take care Drea

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Recent News On The Pock-Jackets

Nairobi, Kenya

So this is what I get for not writing sooner. I can't remember anything interesting that has happened!

Well kyran is an Aux Pioneer for this month so that's good news! He has really enjoyed early service and letter writing too. I have amazing bible studies.

There is one business territory that has never been worked before and now it seems all the Potgieter girls have a monopoly on it! We are having such great response, everyone there knows us and is either studying or a mag route. Now kyran and peter have some good RV's there now!

We really feel like the statement in the bible "Beg the master for more workers" we can't do it alone and there is never enough time to get all done.

This cong is wonderful and is like GP in that there is always someone out in service! And before I used to have to get with certain people so that I could put in a long day. But now I have my own calls to keep me out 8hours. Its just great!

And its so nice that we all know eachothers studies and calls. Its one of those "it takes a village to raise a child" situations. Some of us have calls and studies in the same shops, so there is like 3or 4 in one store that study with different people. The business territory is amazing!

What else? We had 2 girls and a Bro visiting from Italy. Me and kyran had a good time spending time with them. Unfortunately they were sick for a whole week :( so they didn't do much Here, but we did get to know them as friends better just by spending time at home. Oh, and we ate some good Italian food!

It was funny that the girls couldnt pronounce Potgieter, They kept saying "Pock-Jacket" LOL

I'm way behind in sending pix but no worries! Kyran got me such sweet gifts while he was in London and one of them was a camera! At last!

One evening one of my good friends form Eldoret, the Sis we went to visit a few months ago, was visiting us. So on her last day like 10of her close girl friends got together at a local cafe. We stayed 5hours just chatting away till they kicked us out. :)

Going back to Kyrans vacation, well not so much a vacation rather his training, it was fine. Same old airplane talk. Don't understand much. But he does enjoy learning so I know he had a good time.

But his highlight was getting to meet up with his buddy Tristan from Irland! Before Kyran came to TX he was living with his bros and Tristan's family. They are just like brothers and so it was so good for him to meet up with him and his wife Ashley.

They live a few hours not too far from where Kyrans hotel was. They were really good to him and when me and KY would talk he kept going on how happy he was to be with his 'Boet' that means Bro I think? That's what they call eachother

Well now I'm glad my KY KY is back! Its like honeymoon all over again! :D

Today Was pretty fun, I was interviewed by Passion magazine. They are doing a story on celeb hair dressers. And they wanted to interview a few of us here in Nairobi.

So we did a photo shoot at a local salon, it was a cute modern one. Its too bad that they only use one for the mag :( But i will get all the photos and use them for my Portfoilio :)

That was may day :) I will let yal know what i think of the final outcome of the story :)

Anyway love yal! I'll write a blog entry next week after our next "Macedonia" trip.

Take care & send our love!

Drea and Kyran.

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Mother & Daughter-In-Law Adventures part 4

Mombasa, Kenya

The last few days have been great.
On wed morning I woke up early and gave Eric, grandmas brother, a hair cut. Then we packed up the land rover and headed out to Tsavo national park. It was a 3hour drive.

This park covers about 21.000 kilometers of land. We went to Tsavo East on wednesday. Drove around the first animal we saw was an elephant, actually a bunch of elephants.

The last time I went on safari the only animals I hadn't seen were elephants, Cheetah leopard and Hippo. This safari I saw all of them! But it was definitely an elephant safari. We even saw wild dogs. Apparently they are very rare and hardly ever seen.

The friends I was with were more excited to see the dogs than they were any other animal!

On our first day there we stayed in tent. I thought it was gonna be one of those small camping tents that you can buy at WAL- Mart. But it wasn't, these were huge tents that fit 3 beds in it. Had plenty of walking space and a shower and toilet. I must say I was very pleased and happy.

In front of our tent was a water hole so we could see when animals went for a drink. It was nice waking up early and lying in bed listening to the sounds of nature :)

The camp site served the 3main meals to us. It was all out doors of course and in the evening they had a camp fire. It was nice having dinner under the stars. So different than the city. This is real bush living.

The fallowing morning we woke up @6 to have an early morning game drive. We took lots of photos. It was a clear sunny morning and we got to see a lot of animals.

After that we went back for breakfast. They packed a lunch for us to take since we were not coming back to that place. I could have stayed another night in a tent. I really really enjoyed it. Except for the cold shower!

The rest of the day we spent driving around. We found a bunch of elephants playing around so we decided to stop there and have our lunch. We stayed in the car and watched them. In East Tsavo the land is flat with the mountains surrounding it.

After lunch we drove around more. Then we went to Tsavo West. Which they say is better but I preferred East because its green and lush where as west was a lot of bush and dried out land.

The brothers we were with were excellent tour guides. They knew all the back roads and even the names of all the birds. They took us through some really deserted paths right along the river. The car kept getting scratched by thorn bushes and we had lots of taxi flies fallowing us. That was because taxi flies are attracted to blue and the car was blue! Crazy huh, I kept wondering why we couldn't get rid of them.
That's the area where we saw a leopard and hippo.

Anyway we eventually got to our new lodge, Ngulia. It was one that a brother in our hall designed and built. It was very very nice. The dining area was outdoors also. But it was more like a covered patio deck. It over looked the vast valley that we drove in.

It also overlooked two water holes so as we ate we could watch the elephants and buffalo drinking. It was gorgeous!

Our rooms were big and all the floors were made of mazaris stone. It had three walls and the the 4th one was a huge tent net and so we could overlook the same view as the dining area. The breeze at night was great. And we had a patio that you could sit on and watch the sun come up!

Yes it was a paradise for sure. The next day we went for a mountain climb. I will write about it in the next blog :)

Till then Kwaheri!

Love drea!

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Mother & Daughter-In-Law Adventures Part 5

Mombasa, Kenya

So I mentioned that we went mountain climbing, its actually a hill. But it was still at the same altitude as Nairobi.

The reason why we wanted to climb it was because Grandma Pot told us that back in her day she climbed it to the top! So Sandra said if mother -in- law did it then she had to. And of course if my mother -in -law can do it I have to as well! So it was a Good thing we did it together, I went as far as she did. That's 3 generations of Pot girls that climbed the same hill! Cool isn't it! :)

Anyway we hired a KWS (kenya wildlife services) lady and her huge gun to go up with us. It is leopard territory so we needed her. Well the guys went to pick her up and found out she was new at her job and never climbed that hill before! You could tell she was nervous.

The owner of the lodge we stayed at was worried for us so he gave us one of his Maasai men! A bit of history on Maasai's is that before you can become a Maasai, you have to kill a lion all by your self. 3 other men go with him to witness the kill. Then they get tattoos of different things to prove they killed a lion.

So in reality we felt completely safer with him than with the KWS lady. Even though she had a gun and The Maasai had only a knife and a long spear.

It was great that he went with us. This was the hardest climb any of us had ever done, we were in the real bush. We had to climb rocks without ropes, and literally cut our way through the bush. At times we found paths cut out by animals which helped but it was a tough one.

You know usually when you have 2 tour guides one stands in the front and one in the back, well,as I mentioned the girl was new, so she was scared. So she walked right behind the Maasai man! And we were all in the back of the trail!!

We never saw any animals thank goodness!. But did find a few leopard dens.

We got to the top and relaxed. The sister got to witness to the Maasai and KWS lady. Matter of fact almost everyone in these rural areas never get a witness so we made sure to leave mags with everyone we met.

The trek down was really hard. It always is. Managed to not break any bones!

Later on that evening after dinner we went for a sun downer. The brother took us to Leopards Rock, we had a aerial view of the entire park and beyond! That hill had some benches so we took out our watermelon, wine, cheese, crackers and chocolate!

On that hill was a huge rock that gave us a 360 view. On one side of the valley was the red African sun going down. And the other side was the dark land and full moon. It was definitely a highlight of this trip.

Now it was getting dark. And your not supposed to be out after dark so we rushed back to our lodge and played a game of Baldadash!! (I HIGHLY recommend that game to anyone)

On day 4 of our safari we saw the sun rise on Poachers View. Then they packed us a lunch to take with us and we started driving back to Mombasa! We needed that vacation! And it was the best safari yet. Even Sandra said it was the best time she had ever had.

After we dropped everyone off we went to grandmas unpacked and went straight to the beach and relaxed.

This is the life no? :)

Ok more stories in the next blog!

Love Drea

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Mother & Daughter-In-Law Adventures Part 6

Mombasa, Kenya

So on Sunday we had lunch with grandma on the beach boat yard. Its nice having a good meal and fruit drink whilst your toes in the sand!

We got ready for meeting and headed 40min to the Mtwapa kingdom hall. Soon as we arrived we found out that the English meeting was @ 9 am. This was Swahilli! Anyway me and Sandra just left. We called up some friends and went to their house for tea.

We agreed to do the watchtower together. Turns out that the English had the visit of CO. The exact talk we heard last sunday in Nyali. So this would have been our 3rd time hearing that talk :)

On monday we went again to the beautiful Kalifi beach. Then we met up with Sandras good friend for lunch. I had the best sea food! There was a patio just by the boat decks and we sat under the palm trees and ate.. Kyran took me there the 1st time I went to Kenya.

After that we went to Sandras spiritual moms house for tea and cake. Chatted a bit with her and the family. Her husband and sons own a Deep Fishing Company. They live just off the ocean creek. Her son took us on a wonderful boat ride.

So refreshing to watch the glassy sea and have the wind and breeze in your face. He took us up by the house where Kyran use to live when he was younger. The house was big and had such a nice view of the creek.

Its tempting to say that if this isn't paradise what is? I have already reserved the boat for anyone who comes to visit :)

After that lovely ride we came and chatted some more. The father had some books that talked about the last Kenyan Regiment. So we looked for grandmas brother. The one I mentioned before. And sure enough his story was there :)

Later on that evening we went to Nyali because a couple had invited us for dinner. It was a privilege that they invited us to stay the night with them. It was my first time to spend the night in a missionary home. The house is huge and beautiful. Next door is a Mosque and a Pentecostal house, so its quite a noisy area.

The sister Cooked a large meal and an amazing apple sponge cake! They also had the new magazines up to Oct Nov. So I had a sneak peak! Lol, one article was titled " Surviving the first year of marriage" :) can't wait to read.

In the morning we had breakfast and did the text together. Then we were off.

We went to this construction site that a brother has. He is building Apts and really wanted our suggestions . So we gave him some pointers and ideas. Then we took off and went to Malindi to go shopping!

That was a hour and a half drive. We found some good deals and souvenirs. For lunch we met up with the special pioneers I told yal about earlier on in one of the previous blog post.

After a few hours we drove back to Kalifi to say bye to granny Pot. She got to meet the friends that came with us from Nairobi. And we got to take them to the beach. The tide was really high so we didn't get to pick sea shells.

Anyway that was the last swim! Then we went to Nyali and dropped the friends off at the brothers house. Me and Sandra stayed and her spiritual moms guest house that night so that we could leave early and head back to Nairobi.

As I mentioned the sisters house looks over the water. So it was my last peak of the ocean. The moon was full! Just try to even imagine the beautiful moonlight over the water! It was gorgeousness!!!!!! Reminded me exactly of That special night in Miami :) For those of you who know that story ;)

Anyway today we are on the road back to Nairobi. We just stopped on the side of the road to have lunch under a tree. As we drove off we saw that we JUST missed the baboons!

So here we are at the and of the Mother & Daughter- in - law adventures......
To be continued in on our next Mountain adventure. The Maasai Mara....

Love Drea Pot :)

permalink written by  africandre on August 6, 2010 from Mombasa, Kenya
from the travel blog: Mombasa Kenya
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Mother& Daughter- In-Law Adventures Part One

Mombasa, Kenya

Today we left Nairobi @6am. I'm not really a morning person but I managed.

The drive was beautiful, we passed Tsavo and had mountains on the East and West side of the road. We even saw some zebras and camels on the side of the road.

The day was so sunny and clear that we could see MT Kiliminjaro in the distance. That's in Tanzania which is roughly 100 Kilomiters away.

We got to Mombasa around 2pm. On the way we stopped a few times to eat. Oh, and I have to say, Its been such a long time since I had to "USE" the side of the road! But were in Africa in the bush so there is not much choice as to toilets!

When we arrived in Mombasa Sandra took us to a special place. It was a nice beach area. So beautiful! Can't even describe it so I won't :) we stayed a bit to unwind. Then dropped off the couple that came with us at a brothers House.

On the side of the road you notice lots of shop stands. And one man was selling Casava chips. Its interesting that every culture has similarities. In Mexico and TX they sell the pig skins with hot sauce in a bag for 1 dollar. Here its Casava chips with pili pili as they call hot sauce.

After we left the friends at the brothers House in Nyali, we drove about 40min to Kilifi which is where Granny Pot lives :) On the way there are many Baobab Trees. In Swahilli they are called Mbuyu. Do you remember there was and article in the AWAKE! Magazine about them? So that was cool to see so many!

When we arrived in Kilifi it was raining. Spent time with grandma and made ourselves comfy in the guest House. Its really nice that she lives about one quarter away from the beach. Its within walking distance and I must say its is SOOO beautiful!

That was today and now I'm off to bed!

Take care and we miss yal!

Love Drea

permalink written by  africandre on July 31, 2010 from Mombasa, Kenya
from the travel blog: Mombasa Kenya
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Mother & Daughter-In-Law Adventures Part2

Mombasa, Kenya

Sunday was a wet rainy day. Its was perfect for sleeping in. However the meeting we wanted to attend was 40min away so didn't have much time to be lazy.

We went to the Bamburi Cong. It was the last cong that Kyran and his family attended before moving to Nairobi. Like I mentioned before Kyran couldn't come with us on this vacation because he has training in London. But it was really nice to meet the friends in his old Hall.

When the friends introduced themselves to me they asked me where I was from and asked why i was visiting. Then Sandra told them I was her daughter- in- law. They were so happy and shocked! They finally met Lil KY KY's wife! It felt like what i imagine an animal feels like when humans stare in amazement at it LOL!! The friends were so nice!!! They want to do a BBQ on the beach!

Oh so I mentioned it was raining hard! Well the roof of the hall is made out of tin. So we could hardly hear anything. They happened to have the CO visit and for his talk it wasn't too bad but he had to speak loudly.

For the watchtower study it wasn't so easy, we had to almost yell out into the microphones just to hear each other. The conductor told us to pause a few times for almost 10min at a time because it was pointless to comment when we couldn't even hear anything.

The roof leaked so that was interesting.

After the meeting was over, of course the rain stopped! To get out of the parking lot was a challenge. Part of the entrance was swept away. So the brothers kindly threw rocks in the water in attempt to make a path. Well we somehow missed the ramp to cross over and sort of sunk into the muddy water :(
I'll send photos later.

We were soaked. Sandra took me to this restaurant called Yul's. Its a nice place just off the coast. Reminded me of those seafood restaurants off the coast of Miami beach Galveston South Padre and places like that.

Its was wonderful except for the rain. I kept imagining that a Tsunami would come! The waves were big!

Anyway lunch was good, I ate the BEST hamburger that I have ever had in my entire life. In Dallas my dad use to take us to this amazing burger joint with the best fries. But now, this place tops it off by far! Ironically they named it TEXAS Rocker Cheese Burger!!!! Yeah ya!

After that nice lunch we went back to Kilifi and spent more time with grandma.

For dinner we made prawns and sauce. its all about food

Don't know which Meal was off but I had an upset tummy. Quickly took some Anti's and now i feel better!

Now off to study and lala (sleep)

Take care! Love drea

permalink written by  africandre on July 31, 2010 from Mombasa, Kenya
from the travel blog: Eldoret kenya
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