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Frankfurt Am Main, Germany

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Best Job In The World

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

I am now half way across the world, in Frankfurt, Germany, only because I have the best job in the world (at least from my point of view). I work for our family business,[[Philippines/Cagayan-de-Oro]] Handmade Paper. Our company manufactures tree-free or abaca- fiber based paper products: Photo albums, stationery, gift articles etc. and I am responsible in putting our creations out to the world to as many people as I can, simply put, I am in charge of marketing.

I have gone here with my mother, the founder of our small paper company to participate for the 2nd time, in Paperworld 2010. It is an international trade fair for manufacturers all over the world. I am proud to say that there are only 2 companies in the Philippines that were qualified to join in this prestigious exhibition, the other one is Leather Collection.

So, we are both here not for travel and leisure alone, but we are mainly on this mother and daughter mission. Our efforts are dedicated to the people back home working with us: the Indigenous People planting the Abaca fiber and the crafts men, women and paper makers whose skills in making quality paper products, are the very reason why we have gone this far. We are both working on finding more buyers to keep our business running and thus continue in providing means of livelihood to those in need.

As I was saying, I have the best job in the world. There is nothing more fulfilling to me, than helping or reaching out to people. It is only in our company that I realized, that I will be able to finally make a difference. I have to say, I am now determined to make this small paper manufacturing company someday be world renowned, under my watch. :) So now, I am so driven to do my best and work harder as this is not only for my own good and that is a promise!

With the best mom in the world, in Schulstrasse, Frankfurt am Maine, Germany

permalink written by  Adore_Imagery on January 23, 2010 from Frankfurt am Main, Germany
from the travel blog: Frankfurt Am Main, Germany
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The Little Ones

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

When I set foot here in Germany, one of the very first things I noticed were the little ones, perfectly angelic with their rosy cheeks and bright blue eyes, all covered up in their tiny colorful winter wear- I so adore!

Managed to have my photo taken, with one of the beautiful cherubs!:)

permalink written by  Adore_Imagery on January 25, 2010 from Frankfurt am Main, Germany
from the travel blog: Frankfurt Am Main, Germany
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Grateful for the Yangs

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Today is our third day in Germany and we have been treated like royalty by Tita Edna and Tito Jun Yang. The couple have generously made us stay in their lovely home, filled our bellies with great German and Filipino food: Adobo, Lauya, Daing, Ampao, Yema, etc. and I never imagined to feast on them here in such a place, so far away from home! :)

We are very blessed and forever grateful for their kindness.

Mom with the Yangs, strolling in the beautiful streets of Frankfurt.

permalink written by  Adore_Imagery on January 25, 2010 from Frankfurt am Main, Germany
from the travel blog: Frankfurt Am Main, Germany
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View from my window

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Some may say this may not be the best view in Frankfurt, but from my end, it never fails to blow me away, every time I look.

Early Morning Glory

Late Night Glory

permalink written by  Adore_Imagery on January 25, 2010 from Frankfurt am Main, Germany
from the travel blog: Frankfurt Am Main, Germany
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Heaven Sent

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Today just like all other days here, we have again been more than well taken cared of, treated like we're royalty by the Yangs. They literally won't even let us lift a finger even for the simplest household chores. Because of this and all other countless good things they've done to us, I think I've never said "Thank You" this much to anyone, but them.

I've never ever imagined people could be this amazingly generous, sincere and humble all together! I thank God, we have met them, it makes me believe even more, that everything realllly happens for a reason. The way I see them, they are our angels. For sure our trip wouldn't be as smooth as this without at them or worse, i do not think we could ever afford to stay as long as we need to be, here at all. Their presence, has convinced me that angels are indeed here amongst us.

The Yangs brought me and mom out for a drive around and upto the outskirts of Frankfurt. The moment I stepped out of the building, my body shook like there was an earthquake inside me. Haha. Seriously. I didn't expect it was going to be that cold! The day was sunny! The snow or ice melted away and so I thought wearing a leather jacket would be enough. haha. Stupid! It wasn't. Turned out to be the complete opposite!

Outside the apartment of the Yangs, #50 Schulstrasse, Frankfurt Aim Germany. Trying to figure out the millions of directions written in that map and having no clue just yet, on how to go about our way to Frankfurt especially to Messe!That's where mom and I would need to go without the Yangs tomorrow, considering the couple will then be out for work.

Clueless Traveller

Two of my quick snap shots while on the road. Never seen trees this bald before or whatever way you want to call it! hahaha. But even so, it still looks both hauntingly beautiful and romantic! Didn't think that would be possible. Umm. basta. I'm sure you understand what I mean. It's just beautiful, still.

(Time's up! gotta get back to work on some stuff for paperworld! Tomorrow, then. :) )

permalink written by  Adore_Imagery on January 26, 2010 from Frankfurt am Main, Germany
from the travel blog: Frankfurt Am Main, Germany
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Purple Hands

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Finally, back inside my room. The weather outside, i have to say, is unbearably painful. I had two layers of puff jackets, 2 layers of warmers, 2 layers of socks, 1 scarf, ear cover, hood, and a pair of winter boots on, and I still feel like I'm naked! It's seriously annoying me that all that, is still not enough to make me feel even a little bit of warmth or am I just being such a baby? Haha. I'm starting to complain, I can't help it. haha. But all this snow, is so beautiful, it makes me wanna dive in, roll around, make angel shapes or snow balls out of it. ugh. I wish. I can't even put my hands out or else it turns purple and feels excruciatingly numb! Although, sometimes I sacrifice a few more seconds to take quick snap shots of this unbelievably beautiful place!

I still so want to run back outside, and get lost in the streets of Frankfurt, while listening to Dave Matthews Band Songs. But for now, I am such a wimp to brave the piercing cold weather, so I'm stuck inside. oh well. But getting stuck in here, is also a good thing, it means I have all the time to blog away.

Looking like Teddy Bears after wearing layers and layers of winter clothing.

permalink written by  Adore_Imagery on January 27, 2010 from Frankfurt am Main, Germany
from the travel blog: Frankfurt Am Main, Germany
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Taking Chances

Frankfurt am Main, Germany


I am now on a 3-hour train ride for a two night visit in Brusells, Belgium. The view again, is overwhelming, an endless sea of snow covered pine trees, and beautiful landscapes. My mom and I have finally accomplished what we were mainly here for, Paperworld, 2010. I have to say, and very grateful, it was a success. All the sleepless nights, sacrifices, were definitely more than worth it! I am forever grateful to my family, who trusted me enough, that I too, can pull off such a feat; I never thought I could handle. And to my surprise, I enjoyed every bit of it, every second, and every breath! It felt like I finally found a place where I belong and I without a doubt saw it more as this extremely extraordinary celebration or better, Paperworld was this one big parade of opportunities.

Being with people from all over the world, the good relationships you gain, is one of the countless opportunities. I will miss, the CBI consultants, Yolanda, Leveine, Hans and Ires and their unbelievable support. I will miss our wonderful booth neighbors; Delia from El Salvador, Diego, Alex, Tatiana, Louis from Columbia, Christina, Yassin and Omar from Egypt, Not and Nat from Thailand, Angie and Monique from Peru, Anuj, Amit, Suma, Damani from India, Linda from Indonesia etc. In them I saw so much drive for greatness, dedication and strength, I surely love to acquire. But for sure, It’s certainly great to know that if someday, I’d find myself in their part of the world; I have them to count on to and vice versa.

All in all, the whole Paperworld experience, its effect on my entire being, to my soul especially, is just hard to explain. But for sure, it has definitely changed me in a million ways. For now, I’m just over flowing with everything that I learned or discovered. Seeing people from all over the world, fighting hard for their dreams, causes and their unbelievable drive and commitment to create all that is beautiful and everything about the word, from pens, journals, leather goods, bags to machines etc. is just awe inspiring!
To simply define Paperworld, in it, is the entire world market, under one roof. You can imagine, the competition is just immeasurable. You can’t help but doubt, if at all you could still stand a chance. But, really, all anybody can do is to just let go, just have faith that someone out there, who needs what you have to offer, will eventually find you. And then you will realize, everyone will always have someone in the end, as long as you are patient and that you fight for it. To me, that is the essence of the entire experience and all the same in reality. With that, I can surely say, life is just sweet for certain.

Mom, looking chic at the Messe!

Booth Set up

Ready for Paperworld

Bus Stop to Train Station

Gloves for breakfast?

Dutch clients

Mother and daughter team

Italian clients

Some of our booth neighbors and CBI consultants

Blogging on the train bound for Brussels, Belguim

Morning coffee on the train

Snow-covered trees view from the train window

permalink written by  Adore_Imagery on February 5, 2010 from Frankfurt am Main, Germany
from the travel blog: Frankfurt Am Main, Germany
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