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Just setting up the blog...

Glasgow, United Kingdom

I've added everywhere we're flying to (and from), on the map, but the dates after flying from South Africa to Hong Kong are all guesses at the moment. I've filled in some guesses at the overland sections as well, but everything in the Americas is highly speculative.

permalink written by  The Happy Couple on November 26, 2008 from Glasgow, United Kingdom
from the travel blog: Michael's Round-the-World honeymoon
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University of Limerick

Limerick, Ireland

Hello all! I just started classes today...and so far they are ok. I just had two classes today, I'll have a better idea of how this semester will be at the end of this week. Mostly this entry is to post pictures of the University of Limerick (or UL) campus! I don't have pictures of everything yet (like the outside of my appt. building or the sports pitches) but at least this is a start!

I took these pictures Saturday morning when we were headed to the bus stop to catch the bus into the city centre. I'm a the back of the group taking pictures during the walk (you'll see the backs of my fellow Arcadia students). We are on the North Campus (we're on the North side of the river) and it's a good 10 min walk from our apartments to the middle of campus. When we first leave Cappavilla we encounter the Health Sciences Building...and the construction site of something...then we cross the Living Bridge, over the Shannon River, to the main campus.

I'm not quite sure why it's called the Living Bridge...but it does move when you walk on it...not a lot...but enough to disturb you...

As you cross the bridge you get a really nice view of the main campus and of the Plassey House, which is where the president of the college lives...they sometimes call it the White House...cause it's white.

Slush on the bridge!!

We're near the end of the bridge and are approaching the engineering buildings...one of the buildings has a cafe that faces the river...I haven't been there yet but it looks nice.

I have my Ireland: Revolution and Independence class in the Engineering Building...in room EB001 (Engineering Bldg, Lower Ground Level (they don't call it a basement), Room 01).

Now we are approaching the main complex of buildings.

The Ski Slopes are a part of the Main Building. The Main Building has 5 blocks, labeled A-E. The building is a giant U shape...and each block is part of the U...it's very confusing....

Here is the Foundation Building and University Concert Hall. I have European Cinema in FB028 (Foundation Bldg, Lower Ground Level, Room 28).

Here is the Library. I'll get a better picture, minus the crane, at some point.

We continue walking by the library and the giant vine-y torch thingy...

Past more of the Main Building...

To the Student Centre!

We first encounter The Stables, which is a pub on campus. It's a nice place, that's pretty lively every night.

Through an archway...to the bookstore.

Through another archway, to the main student centre area, where the Spar (a small grocery store), the Student Union, and Ulster Bank/ATMs are located.

We go toward the Spar...turn right...and are out of the Student Centre. We turn left to go toward the bus stop and can see the Arena (UL's grand sports complex, with the first Olympic size pool in Ireland).

So that's the campus...or at least what I see most of the time. Later on I'll take more pictures, probably during the afternoon, so there isn't the glaring morning sun. But before I Ieave, I'll post a map of campus...and try to explain where everything is.

# 32 is Cappavilla, where I live (it's the orange circle at the top)
# 12 is the Engineering Bldgs
# 13 is the Main Bldg, where the ski slopes are
# 14 is Plassey House
# 11 is the Foundation Bldg
# 10 is the Library
# 16 is the Student Centre
# 22 is the Arena
Outside of Bldg # 20 is where the bus stop is

permalink written by  lesieur_h on January 26, 2009 from Limerick, Ireland
from the travel blog: A Semester Abroad
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Heaven Sent

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Today just like all other days here, we have again been more than well taken cared of, treated like we're royalty by the Yangs. They literally won't even let us lift a finger even for the simplest household chores. Because of this and all other countless good things they've done to us, I think I've never said "Thank You" this much to anyone, but them.

I've never ever imagined people could be this amazingly generous, sincere and humble all together! I thank God, we have met them, it makes me believe even more, that everything realllly happens for a reason. The way I see them, they are our angels. For sure our trip wouldn't be as smooth as this without at them or worse, i do not think we could ever afford to stay as long as we need to be, here at all. Their presence, has convinced me that angels are indeed here amongst us.

The Yangs brought me and mom out for a drive around and upto the outskirts of Frankfurt. The moment I stepped out of the building, my body shook like there was an earthquake inside me. Haha. Seriously. I didn't expect it was going to be that cold! The day was sunny! The snow or ice melted away and so I thought wearing a leather jacket would be enough. haha. Stupid! It wasn't. Turned out to be the complete opposite!

Outside the apartment of the Yangs, #50 Schulstrasse, Frankfurt Aim Germany. Trying to figure out the millions of directions written in that map and having no clue just yet, on how to go about our way to Frankfurt especially to Messe!That's where mom and I would need to go without the Yangs tomorrow, considering the couple will then be out for work.

Clueless Traveller

Two of my quick snap shots while on the road. Never seen trees this bald before or whatever way you want to call it! hahaha. But even so, it still looks both hauntingly beautiful and romantic! Didn't think that would be possible. Umm. basta. I'm sure you understand what I mean. It's just beautiful, still.

(Time's up! gotta get back to work on some stuff for paperworld! Tomorrow, then. :) )

permalink written by  Adore_Imagery on January 26, 2010 from Frankfurt am Main, Germany
from the travel blog: Frankfurt Am Main, Germany
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My estimated route with estimated dates.

Hertford, United Kingdom

permalink written by  Brigid Jelsma on March 18, 2011 from Hertford, United Kingdom
from the travel blog: Walk a little further to another plan
tagged Map and Hertford

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