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No Fosters Thanks

a travel blog by no_fosters_thanks

It's a 14 month trip around the world...for someone who gets lost on the way to the supermarket.
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Ice-hockey, beer and UBC

Vancouver, Canada

Crazy, just looking at the google map above, it's insane to think how far I've come...and also how much of it was overland! You would think after 28 hour bus trips in South America, that I would appreciate plane travel more. But I think people get to caught up in 'losing' time while in transit...one of my favourite views in Bolivia, was while we were on a chicken bus going through a tunnel, while travelling in the Andes. I'm actually looking forward to going across Canada by bus, granted, some of it will be boring (I'm predicting the prairies), going through the rockies by bus, awesome. Not to mention going through USA, where we can see lots of their cool country barns. I find them hillarious.

This week has been a bit social for us, Thursday we headed out with an Aussie contingent to Room 18, our local bar to watch the hockey, the Vancouver Canucks vs. Dallas. Sadly, we lost that game in overtime, but hey, it's best out of 7...so we're still in with a chance. Was a great night, quite amusing when the massive bench 3 of our party was sitting on broke, and consequently propped with with milk crates. Very classy. The poor waitress nearly went out of her mind with this dilemma. We agreed that she had to be new.

Friday night we went over to a house leaving party, for a bloke I used to work with when I first got to Canada. The house was due to be demolished, so we gave it a rousing farewell...actually we drank, played Texas hold'em and other board games.

But it was a good night, our friends Shannon and John picked us up and drove us home, so we got home all safe and sound:)

Saturday we just slept in...had a house day catching up on important business....trying to continue with learning spanish, which is going slowly but steadily.

Today we went for a walk around UBC parklands, which was rather surreal. UBC is like a little town all of it's own, even with it's own MacDonalds. Going from RMIT university, which is just random buildings scattered throughout the CBD, to a well developed region....strange.

But the parklands were quite nice....and it was a good form of exercise.

Still trying to plan our trip trans canada, but apparently according to Tom, I have a few 'reality' issues in regards to how much time and money we have. But hey, I'll get there in the end:)

permalink written by  no_fosters_thanks on April 22, 2007 from Vancouver, Canada
from the travel blog: No Fosters Thanks
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Canadian house parties and compulsive fibbers

Vancouver, Canada

The parent creatures seem pretty happy with the once weekly 'I'm alive' phone call, however displeased when it's short due to imminent free beer. Honestly, you would think your parents would want whats best for their children.

Basically, I'm pretty gutted, due to my mum preferring Tom's blog to mine, even after I pointed out that very little is related to reality. And apparently I try to kill him every week in a new and creative manner. THE LIES!!!! It's taken a few days to calm down...but my overwhelming jealous moment is well under control. However, Tom's mullet keeps increasing...he says he's going to try and look like Tom cruise ala MI2. Crazy.

So the weekend just gone was a bit of fun...we headed out to the Richmond Ikea, which was pretty awesome. I'm not sure how much Tom enjoyed the experience, but I had a ball. I'll admit, it was very similar to the Ikea at home, and I love both of them equally. Is it lame when tourist attractions include foreign ikeas? It's almost tempting when I go to Sweden to go to ikea there....except I'm sure they won't have the explanation of what something is...and you know what, I need it sometimes. Incidentally, the swedish words for kitchen chairs are apparently all boys names. There you go.

Saturday night we were invited to a bbq, hosted by my co-worker Rose. There are pictures of Tom and I with her teenie tiny dog...smaller than the cat. It was a pretty good night, beer and snags...very very tasty.

Other than that, we've just confirmed, we will be leaving Vancouver on June 3rd...and are confirmed to arrive in London on July 7th. Jeez, hope I get my passport back from the UK embassy soon!

So doot crew and mates in the Uk, get your livers ready! Also vancouverites, book in a leaving party, details soon!

permalink written by  no_fosters_thanks on April 29, 2007 from Vancouver, Canada
from the travel blog: No Fosters Thanks
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"It's a treasure hunt, at your local thrift store"

Vancouver, Canada

**update** So totally nothing interesting has happened. At all. I worked, drank beer, teased Tom, and bought bus tickets. Greyhound 30 DAY DISCOVERY PASS! Thats right North America, you shall suffer my travels for 30 days of invasive discovery. Hahahahaha **update waaaay over**

A real sign, complete with a picture of an old school pirate treasure map. Oh, of all the days to forget my camera. Who knew that a trip to the mall would be so eventful?

Saturday we ventured all the way out to Burnaby, marking Tom's first trip on the skytrain. (incidentally, have you noticed we've run out of lots of free stuff to do in vancouver, we're really stretching our imaginations now). At Burnaby was the rather large, confusing shopping mall of Metrotown. Wow. They even have people on rollerblades 'shopper assistants' to aid you. Which you need, with the most CONFUSING floor plan known to man. I cannot count the times we got lost, and then by the time we were slightly orientated, trying to find an atm..lost again! However, we did find the best store, called 'ages 3 and up' which sold geek toys. They had a person sized statue of Gundam. Now you can see why we needed a camera!

We managed to find a webcam in londondrugs, so we rang all our families, and proved that we're alive and well with video evidence.

Monday afternoon was the most gorgeous day, so we walked down to the beach and played frisbee...which I'm ashamed to say wasn't a success. Well, a success in the regard that Tom got plenty of exercise, and utter failure that my throwing skills are much diminished.

Tonight we're heading to the Vancouver Art Gallery to see some photography exhibits with a girl from work, so that should be great fun.

4 weeks until we leave Vancouver now, off to Banff and Lake Louise first, get in some horse-riding up there! Super excited!

permalink written by  no_fosters_thanks on May 8, 2007 from Vancouver, Canada
from the travel blog: No Fosters Thanks
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Leaving Vancouver

Vancouver, Canada

Ok, I'll finish my blog entry soon...I promise. But the day has come, we're bussing out of vancouver today, heading for the awesome, Lake Louise. So, contact will be more random, but YAY! On the road again.

Finished work friday, spend all weekend with amber and simon, and very soon it's time to leave. But enough time for bacon and eggs first!

Chatskies soon


permalink written by  no_fosters_thanks on June 3, 2007 from Vancouver, Canada
from the travel blog: No Fosters Thanks
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