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Vienna Life

a travel blog by Heather Bryce

I have been living in Vienna on and off while teaching at the International University there, and I have gotten in more trouble traveling around. I think my frequency of travel has been the catalyst. Is it okay to say that some of my best experiences have been recorded on my web site www.talestogo.com? I'll try to summarize a few here.
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Smells of Vienna - horses and dogs, then inside the sewers

Vienna, Austria

I lived in Vienna while teaching at the International University there, and seemed to get into a bit of trouble at times while traveling. I think it was the frequency of my running around that got me. Anyway, I wrote about some of my experiences at www.talestogo.com, and you should take a look for sure. To really appreciate Vienna, one needs to pay special attention to the smells of the city, which can be pretty intense.
First off, the city is filled with horses, very well dressed horses. Some have diapers, but others just do it on the pavement. And the dogs. Every Viennese walks a dog with pooping regularity. It is wonderful. I was on high alert at all times lest I slip on a surprise. As if that weren't enough, at the end of one of my trips, I just had to go underground and visit the Viennese sewers. It seemed like the thing to do. My best description of the nasty smells is in my book "Paris Picture". Gotta love Vienna!

permalink written by  Heather Bryce on October 25, 2007 from Vienna, Austria
from the travel blog: Vienna Life
tagged Vienna, Smells and Sewers

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Heather writes downloadable travel books under www.talestogo.com .(You can reach her at that site.) She has written dozens of articles in various magazines and presented seminars all around the country and Canada. She has taught college classes at various Universities, most notably the...

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