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Travelling around Australia

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The Eighty Mile Beach

Port Hedland, Australia

We left Broome after a terrific time at the PCYC but it was time to move. We made some new friends Paul, Lisa, Grace and Eden, who are from Sydney and are travelling around Australia for twelve months, we went for a swim with them at their caravan park. Caitlin also organised a Teddy Bear Picnic as part of her School project and they all met us for the picnic at the market which was fun. Glenn organised Teddy Bear Biscuits, marshmallows and soft drink - fairly civilised by Glenn's standards. We stopped at a road side stop over night and then headed for the Sand Fire Road house where we were hoping for an icypole as it was over 30degrees and very dry. Unfortunately the roadhouse had burned down only three months ago and there was not much to buy from a makeshift ATCO. We refuelled and camped at the Eighty MIle Beach for the night. It was spectacular and Caitlin and Glenn collected heaps of shells- very beautiful big and small.
The next day we travelled to Pardoo Road house about 150km and then turned off to Cape Cardue Coastal Reserve which is a State run park. When we checked in with the ranger and were given all the rules he advised us that all shells in WA are protected. I confessed to him that we had collected some at the last beach as there were no signs to warn against it. We obviously did not collect any at the Coastal reserve and the ones there were bigger and better!!! We loved this place and camped with postcard beach views for three nights. Lots of walking and swimming and also plenty of school work. It was very relaxing but we were off after three nights. It is always difficult to leave a place as we fall in love with most places we stay but we have to keep moving and a shower was calling us.

permalink written by  michelle62 on July 29, 2007 from Port Hedland, Australia
from the travel blog: Travelling around Australia
tagged MonthFour

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Port Hedland

Port Hedland, Australia

We left the Coastal Reserve early in the Morning as Lisa and Paul had warned us about how had it was to get accomodation at Port Hedland due to the resource boom and we desperately needed a shower. We arrived at 10.00 and were advised that there was only one park available in South Hedland and this was letting places on a first there, first spot. So we fortunately were successful to get a spot in the overflow with power so we could recharge our batteries and have a decent shower. We realised that we had not had access to power for over seven days and we need it every so often. We had a very lazy day just reading the paper and relaxing. We bought Black Books so we are all really excited as this will be our night time viewing for the next month. I think we are all well over Scrubs now!!We found the South Hedland library where we updated our emails etc. and Riley sent his work off also. We are heading further South now and hope to stay at Ningaloo Reef so they can go snorkling again. We will probably be out of range for email and Mobile for the next couple of days also. Port Hedland and South Hedland is principally a mining town with all the big companies here such as Rio Tinto, BHP and a Dampier Salt- there is heaps of work and people are flocking here from all over Australia. It is also a cyclone prone area and the photos of the caravan park during the cyclone 4 months were frightening.

permalink written by  michelle62 on August 3, 2007 from Port Hedland, Australia
from the travel blog: Travelling around Australia
tagged MonthFour

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Perth, Australia

We had been camping in the Karratha overflow which was the Karratha bowling club car park and had looked all around Karratha. We travelled out to Dampier which is about 27km away and had alook over the North West Project which is a mutli company project to extract liquid natural gas from the North West Shelf and transfer to China aong with other countires. It was a huge concern and the information centre showed us just how huge and what a multi billion project it is. I had to do some client business at the ANZ bank but encountered some problems so I reluctantly advised Glenn we would have to stay at that 'luxurious car park' yet another night. All I can say is 'Thank God'. I say this because the next day the truck started making strange noises and a visit to the diesel mechanic meant that we were now looking for a new engine and the prices he was quoting were like telephone numbers. If we had not stayed an extra day we would have been out bush, out of Mobile range, no where near anything so it was a stroke of good luck we were there. The long and short is that this is the end of the Around Australia Trip. We had our truck towed and it is being transported back home and we flew from Karratha to Perth to Melbourne and are now back in our home. This all happened in two days so it was a shock for all of us although Caitlin loved the flying and had all the passengers laughing around her at her excitement at the take off and landing. We had been away for 99 fantastic days but unfortunately did not finish the last two months.

permalink written by  michelle62 on August 9, 2007 from Perth, Australia
from the travel blog: Travelling around Australia
tagged TheEnd

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Back in Gordon

Gordon, Australia

Well we are home and trying to get used to the winter that we have missed. It was lovely to be home and although it is an anti climax that we have not finished the trip. We are still ecstatic as the places we went, the people we met and the experiences we all had as a family were priceless. It doesnt get better than that!!

Or does it????

Well maybe it does ---As soon as I got home on Friday I booked a flight to Hawaii and I am flying there with my sister, Jacinta and Mum in two days for a seven day holiday. Very spontaneous but a great opportunity and after all you only live once. Some of you may be wondering if I will start a new blog for the Hawaiian trip but I think that you have probably had enough of my ramblings for a while.

Thanks for listening and I recommend to you all that to travel around Australia is a must for us all.

Regards for now.


permalink written by  michelle62 on August 12, 2007 from Gordon, Australia
from the travel blog: Travelling around Australia
tagged TheEnd

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Trip around Australia

4/5's of the James Family have been planning to go on a trip around Australia for a number of years. We now have the vehicle which we are having modified and we hope to leave late April 2007

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