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Europe Trip

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Getting ready to leave

Edmonton, Canada

The goal of this trip: to see the world with new eyes, explore, learn, be impacted and impact others.

Just two days until I leave for London and I think things are coming together. My Bag is almost packed and I have said goodbye to lots of friends. Thanks to everyone for all your trip tips and suggestions on what to see, do and where to stay it has been helpful already in putting my mind at ease to not worry that we will be bored (jk) I feel like I am in holiday mode akready and anxious to get on the plane.

It was nice to talk to Sandra (my cousin who lives in Spain) this morning. She has been a huge help by helping book everything to do in Spain and I am excited to actually meet her as I think the only time I have met her I was about 2 months old.

Well soon I will be writing this from across the world. Talk to you soon

permalink written by  Trevor and Amber on April 26, 2009 from Edmonton, Canada
from the travel blog: Europe Trip
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London, United Kingdom

permalink written by  Trevor and Amber on April 29, 2009 from London, United Kingdom
from the travel blog: Europe Trip
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Trevor Arrives in London

London, United Kingdom

What a day my first was in London.

Arrived around noon (London time) after sleepin on the Red eye flight for only about 2 or 3 hours. Did nothing of particular importance. Ate some fish and chips, saw the tower of London, saw what we thought was he London bridge (but it was actually just the tower bridge ... oops) and finally checked out the picadilly circus (not a real circus).

I got to ride the tubes a lot the first day, so when amber and marlene left to go to their hostel, I thought I would have no problems getting to matt's flat. That was until I couldn't get to the starting station in matt's directions from where I was,, that line was closed for maintence, so I bypassed by jumping on two other trains, only to discover that I needed to take the alternate bus (many thanks to random stranger #1 for getting me to that bus). We then arrive at stop #2 and since the previous tube line was closed, I thought I needed to bus it (not knowing that there was a seperate train line). Anyway I'm on the bus for a long time waiting for my stop (thanks to random stranger #2), informed me that the bus didn't stop where I was wanting to go, but he got me off at the closes place and walked a good 5 minutes with me before sending me on my way with directions. I good 15 minute walk later I get to the train station (I got to see a really nice church along the way). So I start following matt's directions to his flat, so I wander for 10 minutes or so heading in very direction. Clueless and confused and random stranger #3 comes along walking his dog. He gets me right to the front door. Finally safe and sound. Many thanks to the many strangers. This 2 hour ordeal should have only taken 20 minutes, but this way i got to see a lot of London, while wondering if i was going to have to sleep on a park bench or not

permalink written by  Trevor and Amber on May 2, 2009 from London, United Kingdom
from the travel blog: Europe Trip
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Amber in London

London, United Kingdom

Well London has been amazing but for so many more reasons than one would think. The Color women conference with my mom was great and I really enjoyed spending time with her. My other highlight was most definitly seeing my very good friend Matt who moved to London 3 years ago already. Matt was a great host and tour guide, and I definitly would not have enjoyed the city so much if he wouldn't have been there to put up with his tourist friends. The city and architecture is beautiful and I understand why Matt has little ambition to move back to Canada. During my few days there we spent a lot of time walking to and fro, the many underground stations, which wasn't as hard to navigate as some people made it sound. We also saw the parliament buildings, Westminster abbey, the famous London tower and tower bridge. Piccadily circus, Hyde park, buckingham palace, and for Trevor platform 9 3/4 from Harry Potter.

On Sunday we went to the Hillsong London church which was so good to get some perspective on other churches succesfully reach out to people and show God's love. We truly serve an amazing God! Sunday was probably one of my favorite days just walking around and hanging out with Matt who cooked us a great dinner and let us stay at his flat.

permalink written by  Trevor and Amber on May 4, 2009 from London, United Kingdom
from the travel blog: Europe Trip
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Brugge according to Amber

Brugge, Belgium

The adventure to Brugge started early in the morning where we caught a cab to the bus station. The Driver dropped us off at the wrong spot and told us the wrong building so we wandered around the block and stood in a queue (an English word for matt) unneceraily, but we eventually found our way, caught the bus and headed out of london. When we got to the English Chanel we thought we were taking a ferry but the driver drove the bus right into a cargo type train car and we went under the English channel by train. It was a weird feeling to be driven into a cargo car like cattle but it wasn't bad. We slept the majority of the way to Brugge and when we arrived realized we had 0 idea how to get to the hotel.

We finally found our way through the beautiful mid- evil town to our small but mostly clean hotel room. It is very cute and the wall of the hotel is actually part of the canal wall. From the courtyard you could step right out onto the water except for the locked gate and the fact I cant walk on water: The food here is good and i enjoyed my first beer: I didnt say i had my first beer but the first beer i actually enjoyed!
Tomorow we head for Brussels.

permalink written by  Trevor and Amber on May 5, 2009 from Brugge, Belgium
from the travel blog: Europe Trip
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Brussels according to Trevor

Brussel, Belgium

We decided to head to Brussels after Brugge, actually we tried to find a route to see the national Canadian war museum (in a small town) but could not figure out the transportation even with the help of our hotel manager. So we came to Brussels. Upon arrivng a nice old couple from Canada actually, told us that our hotel was within walking distance of the train station, and it was. I was kinda disappointed though, the neighborhood looked very skechy ( so we did not go out after dark ). The room was small and the shower leaked all over the floor so that sucked, but the staff were rally nice, but that is what you get for booking online. I think next time we might wing it.

Brussels had some really cool old squares with giant old buildings and a really nice old church, but honestly that was about it. I honestly would not recommend it, not a lot to see and the lack of hostels made it expensive.

Today we got up early to check out of he hotel and tour around a bit more. Then we headed to the train station to get to Charleroi (small town with an airport so we can fly to Barcelona in the morning). We probably circuledthe giant train station 3 times. First we were trying to find a bus to take us because we thought it would be cheaper (twice because we didn't understand people's directions). We found the bus and the driver basically made a fart noice to my face, to say piss off) when I asked him if he went to the airport. I was so confused on how to respond, it was actually quite funny, he even told another froup of people "5 euro to answer your question". Needless to say we all walked away. The train we cheaper anyway.

We are now in Charleroi where will spend the night and fly out to Barcelona in the morning. We also bought our novelty Belgium chocolate and it was delicious.

permalink written by  Trevor and Amber on May 7, 2009 from Brussel, Belgium
from the travel blog: Europe Trip
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Gerona, Spain

permalink written by  Trevor and Amber on May 8, 2009 from Gerona, Spain
from the travel blog: Europe Trip
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Gironna Spain, According to Amber

Gerona, Spain

Well the day started out with an early morning plane ride from Charlroi (which we learned how to say correctly) to Gironna, Spain and we were very excited to leave expensive Belguim for hopefully a little bit more affordable Spain. From the airport near Gironna we took a bus to the city, found some fresh fruit from the local market and walked the old Roman wall which used to protect the city years and years ago, it was very nice to see the city from the top of the wall.

On the streets they were getting ready for a huge city wide flower festival so we got to see some of the displays in progress.

After this we went to the city park to sleep and read on the grass like true backpackers do only to find that the city parks in Spain have little to no grass, only trees, gravel and a playground. After lounging for the day we had some icecream, relaxed some more and went for smoothie´s and then caught the train to Barcelona where my cousin Sandra met us at the train station.

permalink written by  Trevor and Amber on May 9, 2009 from Gerona, Spain
from the travel blog: Europe Trip
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Barcelona by Trevor (edited by Amber)

Barcelona, Spain

What a great couple of days we had in Barcelona.

Amber´s cousin, Sandra and her boyfriend Martin picked us up at the train station on Friday night. We drove past their house to the top of the mountain to see the city by night, it was very cool. And then to their house and Sandra made us some tradional Spanish dishes, (Bread with Tomato, some different meats and cheeses, and various appitizers, sorry they are called Tapas).

Day 2 was saturday and we walked all the way accross Barcelona (I am not exageratting at all). We started on the mountain side (where they live), and first we went to a public park (HUGE) that was designed for a very rich man by an Architect named Gaudi. The park is probably just over 100 years old. There we some really cool things in the park, you can check out the pictures.

Then we walked a bit and came to this hospital (actually used) that looked amazing, it was surprising to see so much art in a working hospital. After that we walked to see the most famous thing in Barcelona, the Holy Family Church (also designed by Gaudi, who is now dead) but the church is still being constructed. Construction started in 1882 (yes over 100 years ago) and is only about 2/3 done because they ran out of money. At this time if construction continues at this pace it is estimated that the church will finally be finished around 2035.

After that we walked down a famos street called La Ramba, which had a lot of shops and cafes (think whyte ave times 50), down to the ocean. We saw the Chirstofer Columbus statue (I immitated it and these girls lauged at me because I was cute, Amber says it was because I was a dork, but I know it was because I am cute).

That was it for walking, we took the metro back to the house and got the car, had an amazing cheap dinner at a small resturaunt (more authentic food) then to see another house designed by Gaudi (again really cool).

At this house we were just admiring it and this guy came up to us offering "Coke-Beer-Water", we were offered alot of places around town. So I said "no" but then said to Amber "See", pointing to the guy. Amber and Sandra laughed (nervously at me) after because the guy actually offered "Coke-Beer-Water-HASH" and "See" sounds like the same as "Si", so I should be very careful next time. Finally we went to the Royal Palace (not designed by Gaudi), because they have a light / water show to music everynight, but we were late and only saw the last 5 mintues.

All in all an amazing day, a lot of walking but so worth it.

permalink written by  Trevor and Amber on May 10, 2009 from Barcelona, Spain
from the travel blog: Europe Trip
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Day 2 Barcelona according to Amber

Barcelona, Spain

After a busy day yesterday our feet told us. I more walking so we planned abut more of a relaxing day. We started later I. The day and drove e up to a beautiful mountain ate our my lunch and went back Down. It was a long drive but well worth it although martin was driving so maybe we should have asked him if it was worth it. After the
MOuntain we took a drive to a nearby beach city to enjoy the sun and the sand. We walked theiugh the town and i found a cute shirt and Trevor got to fly his first kite and we relaxed on the beach. After this we went to eat donairs which I found out are a Turkish food and fairly common here. They were really good but Trevor did say not as good as Maina's in Beaumont. After dinner we drove home to get ready to pack our clothes and head for Valencia. Sandra and Martin were great hostsand tour guides, it was so nice to see this beautiful city with them. We are very excited to do all the things she has planned for us in Spain. This is such a beautiful country!

permalink written by  Trevor and Amber on May 11, 2009 from Barcelona, Spain
from the travel blog: Europe Trip
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