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Hong Kong

a travel blog by Susie Sue

After meeting many randoms at Heathrow Airport through BUNAC we all headed to Hong Kong where we spent two nights before reaching New Zealand.

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Hong Kong

Kowloon, Hong Kong

We finally arrived in the huge airport in Hong Kong at 07:35 am on the Friday morning. It was so humid when we got off the plane and all we wanted to do was sleep!

We were met at the airport by the tour guide and then made our way to the South Pacific Hotel. Helen and I shared a room and we all had a free day to catch up on some of the sleep we had missed. In the afternoon, we had a wonder around Hong Kong Island and then decided to go on the ferry to a place called Tsim Sha Tsui.

We then decided to head to a few bars to test out the Hong Kong nightlife. Jo, Hayley and Rich decided to go for the all you can drink for $138 at Fat Angelos and ended up getting quite drunk. Helen and I got stuck with the drunkards who thought it was a great idea to get on the wrong ferry! After walking round most of Hong Kong, we eventually got back to our hotel by taxi and left them to find their way home!

On the Saturday, the tour rep had arranged for a tour around Hong Kong and we were to meet in the hotel lobby at 2pm. Helen set her alarm clock for 1pm but it didn't go off! We rushed to get ready in five minutes and went down to the lobby to find everyone waiting for us! It was a bit of a panic but man it was the best sleep I've ever had!

After a lot of giggling about us being late, we arrived at Victoria Peak and took many photographs of the fantastic views of the big buildings which surrounded Hong Kong. We then made our way to Stanley Market where you could buy lots of souvenirs.

We then made our way to a restaurant where some of the group decided to try the local delicacies which included a hatched duck egg, deep fried jelly fish and frogs legs! Yuck!

In the afternoon we went visited Repulse Bay and took a little boat to the Aberdeen fishing village, which I thought was going to be a nice relaxing but an old lady was driving it scarily close to the other boats!
In the evening we went to a Chinese restaurant and were given a selection of Chinese food to try which included sweet and sour pork, fish dishes, chicken and sweetcorn soup, Chinese tea, rice and lots more!

On the final day of the stopover, Helen and I managed to get up for breakfast and then headed out for the tour of Kowloon and the New Territories. This included visiting the Jade Market where I haggled for a bracelet from $50 to $15! Bargain! We also visited the Mosque, where there were lots of people praying and lighting incense sticks.

Hong Kong, was a very interesting place to visit, but the humidity was unbearable! The stopover gave us a good chance to get to know each other but by the end of it we all just wanted to get to New Zealand!

permalink written by  Susie Sue on November 3, 2005 from Kowloon, Hong Kong
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Hello everybody! After spending a wonderful year travelling around New Zealand, I am now in Australia having more adventures.

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