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Who's Britain?

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Edinburgh, United Kingdom

We left London Yesterday and took our coach to York. I feel asleep as soon as we started driving and didn't wake up until we arrived. We got free time and went for high tea at a tiny little tea house. Today we woke up and drove to Edinburgh (except not really, becauswe we're about a fourty minute drive out of it). In our hotel, we have four girls to a room and there is probably six square feet of walking/standing space. We stopped at a mall today to grab something to eat and stuff so after doing that, I built a bear. I named it Elsha. Then we stopped off at some place just passed the England/Scotland border and got more free time (we are so sick of free time). Tomorrow we apparently have a big day and tomorrow will also be our last night in this stupid hotel before we move on to our hostel in central Edinburgh. Finally, we have a non-smoking room though. So I shouldn't complain that much. After tomorrow, we will be kitimat-free which is a relief for everyone because everyone on the group is annoying/obnoxious, the teacher being the worst. He is one of those people who comments loudly on EVERYTHING, trying to make himself sound intelligent at any possible opportunity. He makes me so mad. Everyone just rolls their eyes when he talks. Anyway, the laptop is going to die and I've run out of things to say so I'm gonna go now. How are things at home? How is little caese?

permalink written by  Beth Young on March 20, 2009 from Edinburgh, United Kingdom
from the travel blog: Who's Britain?
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Free (and final) Day in London

Coventry, United Kingdom

Yesterday, the internet was being gay so I couldn't get on the internet. Not to mention I was too tired. It was our last day in London, and it was off to a bad start. Wake up call was at 7:00am and breakfast was at 8:00. Bree and I slept trough the wake up call and woke up at 8:30, (half an hour before we were supposed to leave). Then we took the train to the National British Museum (which was huge) and then we got about 2 hours of free time on Oxford St. to shop. We were told to meet at Marble Arche afterwards. Bree and I went shopping at at about 1:40, decided to head for this alleged "Marble Arche". We asked not one, but TWO locals where it was and they both said "Oh it's way down there, about ten or fifteen minutes." So then we starting thinking "maybe we were supposed to meet up where we started and then we were going to take the tube to Marble Arche". But we started walking towards this place but after about 20 minutes of walking (time: 2:05) we started to second guess ourselves and walked all the way back to the start. No one was there. So, we flagged down a taxi (time: 2:30) and told him to take us to Marble Arche. When we got there, we started searching and FINALLY found our group waiting for us across the street. Basically we got lost in London. Then we went to Harrods but they don't let groups in so we all went in separately. It wasnt that great and Bree and I were really tired from our stressful treck so we found a starbucks and waited out the rest of the time there. Then we went on the London Eye and rode that. And then we went to dinner in Picadilly Circus and had chicken curry. Afterwards, we went on a Jack the Ripper tour but since it was St. Patricks Day we had a handful of way-too-drunk British men occasionally causing disruption. We finally got back to the hotel about 10:30 and so we packed up in preparation for our departure today.

Today went a bit better, we still didn't make it to breakfast because we had so much stuff to try and jam into our suitcase. So we ran up the road to Mcdonalds just before we left. Then we rode the bus to Oxford, where we toured a bit of the university and poked around the town for an hour or so. We then set off for Anne Hatheway's cottage, and after that, Stratford upon Avon where Shakespeare grew up. Then we got just over two hours in Stratford (might I add there are only coffee shops and jewellry stores in Stratford). Finally, we got to our hotel is Coventry. And here I am. I discovered I have free internet here as well, although we leave tomorrow for York. I have everyone's presents except for dad. I have been looking for anchor cufflinks but I havent found them anywhere. And I don't know what nice cufflinks look like. This hotel room blows the nutballs off our last one.

Things That Were Wrong With Our Previous Hotel Room:

Our power didn't work (the lights did, but not the outlets)
We were on a smoking floor
Our TV didn't work
The hairdryer stopped working
The outlet made my hair straightener blow up (kind of)
There wasn't a hot/cold option on the shower, just a hot/hotter and an on/off on the other side.

Things I Like About My New Hotel Room:

We have a TV that looks like it works
I tapped into free internet
Our outlets work
Our beds look comfy
It has a table and chairs, so you know its big
We don't have to put our room key in the light things to turn the lights on

Things The British Do Weirdly In Their Food Chains:

The roasted chicken at Subway is diced and dry
McDonalds only has bottled juice in the morning.
Subway only has three flavours of fountain pop: coke, fanta or sprite
McDonalds sells donuts
Starbucks has never heard of an Espresso Truffle
A cafe in St Paul's Cathedral didn't have drip coffee...

Things I Have Bought So Far:

A summer dress
A clearance sweater
A shirt from United Colours of Bennington (students get 10% off)
A pair of boots
A fridge magnet for Mr. Spencer (he told me to)
A bottle of olive oil and a bottle of vineager for mom
Two CD's for mom
A mini blue willow china tea set for grandma
A pair of Union Jack bootie short underwear
An I <3 London t-shirt
A flower press for allie
A book on 1001 uses for vinegar for mom
Two shot glasses (one for airdrie, one for jasmine)
Elenor Rigby by Douglas Coupland
Seasons 1-5 of Absolutely Fabulous for mom and allie
A box of tea for mom, a box of tea for allie
A canister of tea for myself
A keychain
A black jacket on clearance

I think that's it.

A couple guys from Kitimat went out last night after we all got home and went out to the pubs for St. Patricks day. They got kicked out of the pub so they bought 21 cans of beer from the vending machines and got drunk in their hotel room (I know, cool eh). When we got to Oxford today, I look behind me and see one of those particular guys (mom close your eyes and don't read this) throwing up into his hands all over the pretty roads. Idiots. I should have bought incents and stunk up the bus, just for them.

Britain is cool and all but now that I've seen all this stuff, I don't think I want to come back. I'd way rather go to France or Italy.

Anyways, I don't really have anything else to report.

Over and Out.

permalink written by  Beth Young on March 18, 2009 from Coventry, United Kingdom
from the travel blog: Who's Britain?
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First Two Days in London

Feltham, United Kingdom

I couldn't access this website from the computer downstairs last night, so I have to write both days today (from the laptop). We arrived yesterday at 10 in the morning, after no sleep on the Calgary - Hethrow flight. I was too tired to care about anything. We walked around, went to Picadilly Circus, took the tube and train, saw Big Ben and the whole nine yards. For dinner, we had bangers & mash. Then we went back to the hotel where we got ready for bed. After I was done on the computers downstairs, I took the "lift" to my room and some East-Indian guys got off on my floor with me. When I went into my room, one of them kind of watched me as I closed the door so I deadbolted it and went to bed. Around 11:30, the phone rang so I, dazed and confused, answered it. And East-Indian man said what I THOUGHT was "This is the front office, you need to come down here immediately" so after a long pause, I said "... what?" but the line was dead. I thought the guys were trying to lure me out of my room or something so I went back to sleep. A few minutes later the phone rang again so I once again answered it:
"Hello, this is the front desk. You have a call, I'll put you through."
so I'm thinking "What the hell, who is calling ME?"
turns out it was Breanna's mom.
Scared the shit out of me.

This morning we had breakfast (which was croissants and toast, so I paid the extra 4 pounds and got a real boy breakfast - bacon and potato paties). Then we went to Windsor Castle, and the flag was raised, (the Queen was in!). I also saw Eaton School from a distance and the Polo Fields of Windsor Castle which was cool. Here I bought Grandma and miniature Blue-Willow tea set and mom something as well. Then we went back to London, stopping for photo opportunities at Buckingham Palace and St Pauls Cathedral (Princess Di's place of marriage). We stopped in a park for a bit before heading to dinner, which was Chili Con Carne. (So far, I've lucked out food wise). Afterwards, we caught the Tube to our show, Wicked. Which was, for lack of better words, wicked. In a good sense. By the time it was over, it was 10:30, so we caught the tube straight back and now here I am.

I also bought a quill at the shop for the London Tower. It is blue and two feet long so I wrote a letter to Grandma Elaine today and Hilary. Tomorrow is our free day in London, so my group is going to Harrods and the London Eye and the Jack the Ripper Tour. It will be our last day in London before we head to York. I will upload some pics tomorrow because I have my internet connection for 24 hours.

By the way, today was the hottest day in London so far this year: 18 degrees Celcius. I wore a dress.

Anyway, I've run out of things to say so I'll talk to you tomorrow.

PS what does everyone want as presents?

permalink written by  Beth Young on March 16, 2009 from Feltham, United Kingdom
from the travel blog: Who's Britain?
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Calgary AIrport Gate B24

Calgary, Canada

Grandma: So, guess who built the colleseum?
Beth: Uhm, didn't the Romans?


I'm at the Calgary Airport, drinking an Iced Capp (obviously). Our flight leaves at 19:50. Why don't you guys set up an account with this website? Then you can comment on my posts I'm pretty sure. I get free internet at this airport (for two hours... tight) which is a lot better than Victoria; $10.00 for 24 hours. I've hooked up with four other girls on the trip and we've been hanging out. One of them is Brianna Yee from grade 1. Anyway, I'm run out of things to say, so I'm gonna peace.

Peace Trout,


permalink written by  Beth Young on March 14, 2009 from Calgary, Canada
from the travel blog: Who's Britain?
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