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Manorbier Castle

Pembroke Dock, United Kingdom

Manobier Castle is a really well preserved castle in an idyllic setting by the sea in South West Wales.

It's a great day out for the kids. There is a really interesting tour around the castle and then you can hit the beach afterwards and chill out in the sun.

permalink written by  rigo on June 15, 2005 from Pembroke Dock, United Kingdom
from the travel blog: Pottering around Pembrokshire
tagged Castle, Beach, Wales, Pembroke and Kids

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Goa ... Mesmerising Goa

Panaji, India

Goa!! so many words that can be used to describe it .. but none of them will be as beautiful as goa really was. Iv never been there before, even tho i just live 12 road-hrs away. and it happened so so suddenly!!

it just happened that anand was gonna b in goa on a weekend ... and my family has been going through a specially hard time recently and i thot of askin my mom to come along with me for a vacation to goa and she agreed !!! so there i was vacationing wit my mom and boy friend.. wat an european thot na?

the trip there was terrible, we had sleeper seats on the bus which didnt allow us to even sit up ... and thats how we spent 16 looooooong hours. but then we reached goa finally and i caught a view of the sea... we reached hotel delmon where anand was and freshened up and went in search of a new hotel ...why? cos delmon was in the heart of the city and all we cud see was lots of cashew and wine shops...

after a lot of searching and examining, we finally settled on hotel swimsea ... which had a beautiful view and was affordable too!! then came another round of searching ... this time for a place to eat... cos it was 3.30 and all goan restaurants close at 3 there!! so here we were in panjim - the seafood and malwan food capital and u know where we ate? Delhi Darbar!! we made sure this mistake was not repeated again however ... we feasted on amazing seafood every time after that!!

then we headed on to the following beaches: vagator - where we stood on the rocks and felt the waves on us !!

Anjuna - where bargaining is an art

calangute - which is horribly crowded and completely beautiful... it also has a janpath-like shopping stretch there!! after this we went to a hanuman mandir and then headed home.

A fresh sea food dinner later... we ended our first day here...

the second day we headed on to the chapel of francis xavier (where his body is) and saw the cathedral next to it too ... beautiful old churches .. wish someone wud restore them!! then we headed on to the next religious destinations namely the mangeshi and shantadurga temples (astonishing the number of temples in a place so dominantly catholic).

Then came the only so-called disappointment of the trip cos when we reached the state-owned spice gardens which were closed cos of the rains. but it was all ok cos v got more time to spend over our next seafood oriented meal!!

and then we headed to "ancestral goa" where they hav recreated old goa and the way they used to live in portuguese times.. thats all good but they hav put these amazing robotic women as guides who rattle off recorded gems like "in earlier times there were no newspapers so there used to be a khabri who wud go from village to village telling latest news" but to be fair, they had tried to recreate it as authentically as they cud!!

then v got on a sea cruise which was also s'posed to have folk dances but mostly there were horribly unfit people dancing vulgarly to latest himesh yuckiya songs... but we stayed on the lower deck where there was no one .. just us and the sea !! and we got our feet wet in the rain that was splashing in from the sides ... it was sooo amazing!!

then we headed to colva beach and watched 2 goa ppl fishing for fishies which had been caught in the sea current an brought into the shallow pools made along the beach.

we ended off our second day in goa by going shoppin for i love goa tees and found a beautiful flower market right in the middle of a dense marketplace!! and retired back amazed by all the discoveries of this day..

the last day was just caught up with getting ready to get to the airport on time and i got a huge reality check wit mrs.scatty's fone call!! but all's well ... i went to goa didnt i?????

and now i have a dream ... a dream to go back to beautiful, green, romantic, unapologetic and truly content Goa.

permalink written by  ipshi on July 13, 2006 from Panaji, India
from the travel blog: My hop, skip, jump visit to Goa
tagged Temple, Beach, Goa and Church

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Cijin beach parking and took ferry at Cijin Ferry Pier 旗津輪渡站

Cijin Ferry Pier 旗津輪渡站, Taiwan

2007-07-25 15:19. BA Cijin beach 旗津海水浴場 for bus parking, got off buses and walked.

2007-07-25 15:37. Cijin Ferry Pier 旗津輪渡站, NT$10, boarded the ferry.

Cijin beach

Bus arrival was at Cijin beach, near
Municipal Cijin Hospital and Administrative Center
Cijin, Kaohsiung

Ferry point at Cijin was beside Cijin Police Station
鼓山分局 旗津分駐所

Ferry from Cijin to opposite mountain shore with ice dessert place.

Cijin Ferry Pier 旗津輪渡站

旗津輪渡站 pronounced: qi2 jin luen2 du4 zhan4

permalink written by  monex on July 25, 2007 from Cijin Ferry Pier 旗津輪渡站, Taiwan
from the travel blog: 2007 Overseas Compatriot Youth Taiwan 5th Study Tour (2007海外青年台灣觀摩團第5梯次)
tagged Beach, Washrooms, CijinFerryPier and Police

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Visiting New Jersey

Atlantic City, United States

While not first in many people's minds' as a vacation, or 'to visit' destination, New Jersey's $32 billion tourism industry is one of the best in the nation. In part driven by it's approximately 130 Miles of pristine shoreline, renowned internationally as the Jersey Shore, New Jersey has a rich diversity of things to do and places to visit. From the sea- side gambling Mecca of Atlantic City, to the Travel Channel's pick of the best family vacation town in the nation three years running, Ocean City, New Jersey constantly surprises vacationers and business travelers alike as a place like no other.

New Jersey's a geographically diverse state unlike any other. It's one of the few states where some of the nation's best beaches are just a couple hours drive away from award winning winter ski resorts. Sunset Beach in Cape May is one of only a handful in the country where sunrises can be seen in the morning on the eastern beach, and sunsets seen at night on the western beach. New Jersey's home not only to the HBO hit show the Sopranos, but did you know it's also the home of the nation's first beach resort (Cape May), half of all the revolutionary war battles, the first college football game ever (Rutgers beat Princeton) and the statue of Liberty?

If you're planning a vacation, business trip, or just a week-end getaway, consider New Jersey for its 13 casinos, wild wolf preserve, 130 Miles of gorgeous beaches, both winter and summer skiing, nation-wide largest collection of Victorian Era B&Bs, historical landmarks ranging from the Statue of Liberty to the museums of George Washington and Thomas Edison, and world's greatest collection of beach boardwalks, just for starters.

permalink written by  ACCar on December 30, 2007 from Atlantic City, United States
from the travel blog: Visiting New Jersey
tagged Tourism, Beach, Travel, CarHire, Limo, CarService, AirportShuttle, GroundTransportation, NewJersey, Beaches and Limousine

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Cape May, New Jersey

Cape May, United States

Sometimes referred to as America's first beach town, Cape May is the oldest seaside resort in the United States. With its keen focus on beauty and history the entire town was designated an historical landmark in 1976. Founded in the 1700's many of the buildings in Cape May are actually originals maintained in emaculate condition. With many being converted into pristine bed and breakfasts, of all shapes and sizes, Cape May is home to the largest collection of Victorian Era B&Bs in the country. Time and again voted in regional and national publications as the most romantic town in America, Cape May is a must-see.

With its numerous nature preserves, Cape May is world famous as one of the best bird watching spots in all of North America. With whale watching, dolphin watching, sport fishing and evening boat tours, Cape May is a seafarers paradise. For the land lubber who would rather dine on seafood than watch it, at Cape May's main dock spectators can watch local fishermen clean and sell the day's catch to the local restaurateur. The tuna, seabass, salmon, crabs, clams, oysters, and more, caught and harvested on Monday often become Tuesday's specials at Cape May's dinning options which range from sandwhich shops to 5 star restaurants.

Walk Cape May's numerous cobblestone streets, or instead take an antique trolley or horse drawn carriage ride around town. Go on Cape May's lighthouse tour, or visit during the holidays and take one of the several decorated B&B tours. Explore your nerves on a ghost and haunted house tour, or laugh out loud while dinning on surf and turf at one of Cape May's dinner theaters. Wonder on your own and see an early 18th century mansion on your left only to turn a corner and find a nearly hidden meticulously maintained French garden like you've never seen. Come visit, and stay, in Cape May for a trip you'll never forget.

permalink written by  ACCar on December 30, 2007 from Cape May, United States
from the travel blog: Cape May, New Jersey
tagged Beach, CarHire, Limo, Resort, BedAndBreakfast, CarService, AirportShuttle, GroundTransportation, NewJersey, Beaches, Limousine, CapeMay, SeasideResort, Victorian and BB

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Paradise beach

Pondicherry, India

Plage Paradiso (Paradise Beach) is located at Chunnambar near the mouth of the backwater. This is located about 8 kilometers away form Pondicherry towards Cuddalore Main Road. It is a perfect place for leisurely holiday and beach sport. The visitors can sail to the backwaters to the sands and pitch up a cozy sea side tent. One can see playing dolphins if cruised into the sea. For more photos please visit: www.maneesh.co.in

permalink written by  maneesh on January 22, 2008 from Pondicherry, India
from the travel blog: Pondicherry
tagged Beach, Paradise and Pondicherryy

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Going to Florida - Part 1

Point Pleasant, United States

Well, here we are again...

Getting down to Florida! And our first stop is here, at Pleasantville... it is not a big city, is just a very nice beach city, small, with a lot of beautiful houses, the way I've never seen. We're driving the long way through the coast, so we'll take a little longer to get there.

permalink written by  me on January 20, 2008 from Point Pleasant, United States
from the travel blog: USA here I go!
tagged Beach, USA, Coast and NewJersey

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Going to Florida - Part 2

Ocean City, United States

Today was a great day!!!

Driving trough the coast, along the beach, with amazing little houses!!! It worth the driving! I've never seen such a beautiful place. The beach is just ok (when you compare to Brazil, of course), but everything is so beautiful, that you don't need the beach, actually.

permalink written by  me on January 21, 2008 from Ocean City, United States
from the travel blog: USA here I go!
tagged Beach, USA, NewJersey and OceanCity

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Going to Florida - Part 4

Charleston, United States

Well, that was one desired destination... and we've been here for two days now.

It's a very nice city, all about history! It looks a lot with Paraty, in Brazil. The same vibe, beach and history. And we took our time to check on the gardens, plantations, and of course, the walking tours with the guide showing us all architecture, all the history and some funny stories.

It's an amazing place to walk around, looking at everything (my kind of travel =). And that was what we did! Of course, with a stop to shop on "The Body Shop" and to eat.

Only one thing I've getting tired of is having no vegetarian options here... only sandwiches... and fried stuff, that is making me slightly chubby...

permalink written by  me on January 24, 2008 from Charleston, United States
from the travel blog: USA here I go!
tagged Beach, Nature, USA, History and SouthCarolina

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Day 9b

Eureka, United States

That's lunch. There's a lot of information to take in there, let me walk you through it. The juice on the left is a pomegranate raspberry 100% juice drink from Nantucket Nectars (happily no high fructose corn syrup). Yes, those are Trivial Pursuit cards in the sugar dish. They're well loved and placed on every table. Requisite salt and pepper, natch. Did I ever tell you that my great grandfather insisted that there was no difference between katsup and mustard save the color? Yes, well, I can tell, but I don't mind them mixed. Then the good stuff. This place had a heated tureen of bbq sauce. It was de-lish. At the end of my meal I had abandoned any pretense of civility and proceeded to slurp the sauce directly from the small serving cup. NOM! That little betsy in the foil is a "small" chicken sammich. I'm glad I didn't get the large. It was at least a third of a pound of slow white roased chicken meat dumped between a quarter bagette of savory butter infused garlic bread. So damn good. Last but not least are the fried potato wedges. Simple but effective. Was at least two medium potatoes. This monument of nom was brought to you by the good people at Eureka's 'Porter Street BBQ'. If you're in town, go.

I love maps. These folksy ones especially. This is at the 'Porter Street BBQ'. I had just finished a chapter in the pulpy sci-fi book I was reading (Joe Haldelman's "Camoflage") and the couple below the painting had just left.

Eureka I found was truly out of my ability to safely drive. From the hotel I had a two hour ride through misty mountain roads and dog leg turns, steep hills. And that was during the day. I could have made it if I were a coffee fiend with a cast iron stomach. I'll be taking it easy with the stomach abuse for a few more days.

On the way to Eugene I stopped at a state beach. It was a wide beach, a good 100 yards from end of the dunes and scrub to the waterline. Low tide most probably. I saw a raven. It was obviously not a crow, more stately, thicker beak, maybe a little wiser, maybe I'm projecting. They were pecking at large lumps of sea weed. Sacrificing my good taste and respect I startled them a little and captured their flight for your pleasure.

More things I will not be seeing on this trip, damn damn damn. Though that's true, I wonder what my tolerance for this high percentage of oxygen is. Will I merge with the soil and undergrowth on a longer trip? Will my beard grow and branch and be home to birds and squirrels?

This is basically the drive. Toss in some turns and twists and hills and views. I wish I had a fish eye lens for this view business.

Had to stop for water, pulled into this town, Tiberon? Just a little beautiful cove. See, If I had time I could have walked down to the virgin beach, swam out to the rocky island and munched on some wild berries and bark.

Check it, yo. Old dude with a covered wagon. I doubt he has a cell phone or wi-fi in that thing. I could be wrong though, he could be a deep sleeper cell from the civil war. The driver was, yes, a grey old gentleman with a giant beard and leathery face, ancient and patient.

permalink written by  kleer001 on November 25, 2008 from Eureka, United States
from the travel blog: Tijuana to Vancouver
tagged Beach, Lunch, BBQ, California, Raven, Oregon, CoveredWagon and Crows

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