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My arrive in Melbourne

Melbourne, Australia

Very tired but exciting, the views are beautiful in there. It is not so green in Hong Kong, Hope this trip is gd. I meet my host family today, she is kind and gd, Coz she has time to care about us. I don't want to waste the time there but i am really tired!

her dog!

permalink written by  ttw on July 9, 2006 from Melbourne, Australia
from the travel blog: Australia study tour
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Phillip Island

Melbourne, Australia

I have three hours research before going to Philip Island, I go to school at 8:30 Am, I have used three hour to set the outline, it is very time-consuming, but it is worth. My topic is recycling in Australia!! I Hope i can do it well!!

We go to the Phillip Isand today. I go to the Philip Island Wildlife Park, And i have feed the Kangaroo!!!XXXDVery Very interested!!!!!!!

The photo with Koala, the second animal i love

and then go to the walk, we see the little penguin there!!! It is cute! And the view is fantastic, but I have wrongly set the white balance! What a pity

we go to the Penguin Parade, we learn lots abt the Little penguin, unfortunately, i can't take the photos there coz of some reasons... I have got a gd day.

permalink written by  ttw on July 14, 2006 from Melbourne, Australia
from the travel blog: Australia study tour
tagged Melbourne

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Melbourne City

Melbourne, Australia

G'day mate

I have a gd day and i spend a lot there!

We go to the Melbourne Observation Deck first

the lift is very fast! only 38 second, so most of us feel ...(u see it)

We have gone to the top floor and have sight-seeing, I have take lots photo and take a lot leaflet!!

We go to the Federation Centre later, I wanna to go there when the FIFA final, but I was so tired, so I stayed at home. The place there is very new and quite beautiful??

We have gone to the Botanial Garden there, I talked to the teacher and I have learnt a lot abt Melbourne.

Then, we did not go to the St Paul's Cathedral but St Patrick's Cathedral(St Doy?!XXXXXXXXD). It is the biggest church in Melbourne, When I gone there, I think abt The movie-The Da Vinci Code. It is very interesting and I gd experience for me.

After that, we go to the Victoria market, we only have a few time there, it is not enough. I cannot buy anything there. ONly but some candies in the 'Suga'. It is very gd.

We go to the China Town and our teacher miss us. But we still continue our journey. I have buy a koala there, it is very cost, it costed 20 AUS, and I have bought some Nuguet there, since I ahve to buy some for my family.

We go to shopping and the AFL shop the goods there is very expensive, since they have a higher living standard and the GST, so Hong Kong is better in this time.

We go to see the fire show at night and eat ice-cream, I was impressed there, it is very unbelieveable!!

The night view there is very gd. We go home by the train.

permalink written by  ttw on July 20, 2006 from Melbourne, Australia
from the travel blog: Australia study tour
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Back to Hong Kong

Melbourne, Australia


We have to meet them in the Monash by 7 am in the morning!! It is very cold, only 3 degree celcius!!I wake up at 6 and change my clothes, and started the trip back to Hong Kong. We all say goodbye to the host, and go to the Melbourne airport.

When we arrived the airport, we have faced a serious problem instantly, it is our package are over-weight!! We ahve heard that the limatation is 20 KG, I think mine is 23-25 KG, so I think I have to take out all the things out. When I put the laggage on the transmittion track, it said"22.9 KG." i said" O MY GOD, how come??" But the one who sit there do not care abt it, so I pretent nothings happened.

Our plane is delayed of some reasons, but we finally get on at 10:55, delayed 45 mins, And i missed Australia...

permalink written by  ttw on July 22, 2006 from Melbourne, Australia
from the travel blog: Australia study tour
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Final thoughts....

Melbourne, Australia

Well, we are home now! We're happy to be back in our own place, with the doggies and in our own bed.

We had an absolute ball, so thanks to everyone who contributed to our travel fund!!

Here are our final thoughts:


Favourite place/s: Amsterdam,Great city, easy to get around with everything from great galleries to liberal drug laws(something for everyone) and everyone speaks English which makes all the more easy to get around.
Cinque Terre, Beautiful place to relax and unwind

Favourite experience/s:
Not one but all the different food we got to eat and see in the markets, Especially Tokyo Fish Market
Wandering about Dijon

Most interesting experience:
Hard to pick one, the whole trip was one big interesting experiance

Least favourite place/experience:
Lyon, not through any fault of their own, just bad timing and not having booked accommodation ahead of time.
Nice, having to climb up the huge hill to our hostel in the pouring rain and ending up with a cold.

Best food experience: Between, La Rochelle (Iron Chef Sakai's Restaurant in Tokyo) and L'isle Sonnante in Avignon (Baby Ravioli topped with perfectly cooked Fois Grais, Heaven)
Chocolate shop in Venice

Best gallery: Georges Pompidou, fourth floor was very average but the fifth floor was amazing (The best of modern art from Piccasso, Kandinsky, Dali, Matisse etc etc)
Peggy Guggenheim Collection, again as above

Best activity:The whole trip, too hard to single out one, maybe further down the track when i can digest it all a bit more.

Prettiest scenery:Cinque Terre, The Cottswolds, Tuscany

Best accommodation:Apartment in Florence

Any regrets?:Never have any regrets!

Place most likely to return to: Amsterdam, Tokyo


Favourite place/s: Florence (Tuscany)

Favourite experience/s: Swimming in the clear waters of Cinque Terre; Eating in Iron Chef Restaurants; being with Kristian for 6.5 weeks straight!

Most interesting experience: Tokyo (as it was the most 'foreign' country we went to) and Anne Frank House in Amsterdam.

Least favourite place/experience: Nice! The French Riviera is so overrated and vacuous; living out of a suitcase and not having my hair straightener!; Waiting in train queues in France!

Best food experience: Kristian's prosciutto, pesto and mozzarella pasta in Cinque Terre and L'Isle Sonnante in Avignon; Market produce in France; chocky in Venice; Gelati from Vivoli in Florence

Best gallery: Georges Pompidou in Paris and Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.

Best activity: Driving through the villages of Provence; strolling through Dijon; shopping in Florence; Driving through England with Mike; Market hopping in France

Prettiest scenery: Costwalds, Tuscany, Provence.

Best accommodation: Mikey's house and the apartment in Florence.

Any regrets? Not doing Karaoke and bars in Tokyo.

Place most likely to return to: Italy and Japan....because I didn't get to see enough!

permalink written by  JaneandKristian on October 27, 2007 from Melbourne, Australia
from the travel blog: Jane and Kristian's honeymoon
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southern Melbourne

Melbourne, Australia

We found a nice small inn in southern Melbourne yarra area of St Arnaud. It is managed by a small Irish pair named Maria and Bill. They love ..... They are only human beings, right! The territory is so sweet, very close to the city and the botanical garden are the foundation of the road and you will be all, we are so proud of their tour of loads and cycling along the South Yarra River Trail. You want to be able to determine whether we are still (especially after our 4-hour cycle). The first few days we have only a little cool and know our way around the city. In addition, met with dobber and dobberess, Steven and Shannon back home and went to the absence of this concert Killers! We wanted a little more, he went to the Great Ocean Road Trip Shannon last week, and our friend found latest "B" and a revolt that we had! We early on the morning of Monday morning, and met our guide ozzie early as a type named Todd. There were 14 of us in total on the trip, and we
They all really well. We had a barbecue at the inn, where we are with all the cool people (we both have also arranged only were invited VIP's), including Mary and Bill Doll (which at the end of bloto on red-very funny)! We then in the direction of our first big night in Melbourne, where we are by chance, Steven. On Sunday, we are partly to a Biergarten day, it is very nice, they live, then lead us to a hotel, the large percussion rastas plays very cool.
We will stay here for a few weeks and hopefully find jobs that we really want both! In addition, the improvement has been slow bronze. The weather is becoming warmer. It was 37 degrees when we went on the road to travel

permalink written by  visitmelbourne on November 28, 2007 from Melbourne, Australia
from the travel blog: Melbourne journey
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Melbourne drives me crazy

Melbourne, Australia

Any good Melburnian tourists know that means its time for the final match! Well, you do not even need to be a good Melbournian what happens. Or even a Melbournian for this question. It seems the game is all people talk. There are more than all advertising signs, many television commercials are the theme of the game, and it is the buzz around the office. Teasing others because their team did not, since their team is ranked in progress, so I always thought the Super Bowl was a big problem, but it seems that people May be even more obsessed with the Grand Final.

Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend a match of the finals with the Geelong Cats against the St. Kilda Saints. Geelong entered the final with a near-perfect (lost one game all season) smashed the Saints who were ranked fourth. I expected at the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground, or better known as the 'G') to be packed, but there are still some places available. This May had something to do with the fact that it was Fathers Day in Australia that day.

Although I what some have done in the game, I do not think I'll mind the season is over. The first time I moved into my apartment, it was on all weekend. The games range from Friday evening to Sunday evening, though there were plenty to choose from. And living with footy fanatics fact it seems it is always on. Since the roommate shuffle 'which took place a month or two ago things have softened in the match arena, but it is always in mind someone seems.

But speaking on roommate shuffle, it is again time to find a fourth roommate! It's funny because since I moved all my roommates have moved and I shall be the person who lived there the longest. But this is worse than all others. The roommate was moving in the best roommate because he was never there! There remain all but one or two nights a month at his girlfriends apartment, which means that we have had someone to pay the rent, but does not use the kitchen etc. Also, it was the person I was supposed share the bathroom with, as it has never been there, I had the bathroom to myself! So my life "luxury" is now more in this regard. So we will be advertising and screening for people coming weeks ....

permalink written by  visitmelbourne on September 23, 2008 from Melbourne, Australia
from the travel blog: Melbourne drives me crazy
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Melbourne city

Melbourne, Australia

I have come to Australia for work and staying in Melbourne. I want to cover as many places as possible before I leave this place. So far I have been to Cairns and Portsea.

permalink written by  siva on March 5, 2009 from Melbourne, Australia
from the travel blog: Australia
tagged Melbourne and Australia

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