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Window Seat!

London, United Kingdom

Walking through to airport security, properly on my own for the first time, was possibly one of the scariest things I've done in a while - including my first ever trip to alton towers last week where I was forcibly taken on oblivion. Twice.

The highlight of the usually uneventful boarding process was the bus ride sitting next to a couple of young actors from the film 'Africa United'. They were on their way to Rwanda by invitation from the government (or similar authority) to promote the film and its ties to the country, and were telling anyone that would listen about their parts as 2 of the main 5 children in the film. Funnily enough i didnt beg for autographs - maybe i will kick myself in a few years time when they are superstars. Maybe not.

Scored with a window seat...

In flight movies : Eclipse (again) - yup, still very much Team Jacob
Inception (again) - Still dont quite undertand how they follow the guy
into limbo without dying...

Moments panic int he first few hours of Africa:

  • When the woman at the bureau de change wouldnt accept my signature ont he travellers cheques until i did it 3 separate times.

  • Waiting for over 45 minutes for my bags to come through, the very very last on the conveyor belt.

  • Standing in a sea of people holding signs and not seeing my name or my hostel for a good minute (but felt like 30)

  • Being approached by a man in a trenchcoat with a security badge asking me if i knew the man i was just with (the driver), to which i said 'No, but he's from the hostel I am staying at' and being met with a steely gaze and something being muttered into a walkie talkie...

  • I never did find out whether he was security or just a stange man but luvkily the driver was a real driver and i got to Wildebeast Camp in one piece.

    I need to perfect the skill of getting into a dorm, getting into a bunk bed, and getting to sleep, as silently as possible so as to not wake my 5 dorm buddies at 1am.

    permalink written by  JL1 on November 5, 2010 from London, United Kingdom
    from the travel blog: African Travels
    tagged Nairobi, Kenya and Wildebeast

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    Landed in Nairobi

    Nairobi, Kenya

    Landed and overpaid for taxi by tons.

    permalink written by  choover on January 1, 2013 from Nairobi, Kenya
    from the travel blog: Africa Beta Test
    tagged Nairobi, Kenya and Africa

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