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Antwerp, Belgium to Den Haag (The Hague), Netherlands

The Hague, Netherlands

since we couldnt make it for d morning train anyway, we decided to leave in d afternoon. eve went to do her final shopping spree while i stayed home n chill.

we finally left around noon and had our final Belgian waffle while waiting for d train. we got off at Rotterdam as planned and stored our luggages in a big locker. after walking around for about 30 min, we only saw big tall buildings and a realy really big/loooong sea port! we got bored n decided to head to Kinderdijk, where we can see d most windmills in Netherlands! Kinderdijk is about 1hr away by bus and the bus doesnt run very often. we were set on heading there thou so we waited for d next bus, which was about half an hour.

the hour bus ride passes pretty quickly (especially when u dozed off!). there were some nice sceneries to Molenkade so it was cool. when we finally reached Kinderdijk, it was almost 6pm. most of d visitors are already leaving and the shops are all getting ready to close. we had a quick browse n coffee b4 heading to d windmills area.

it was freezing cold n bloody windy! but i still took sooooo many photos of the windmills! it was almost near sunset so d skyline was nice too! i cant really explain or describe d sight so here they are in photos.

we didnt really stay long cos we need to get to Den Haag b4 it gets too late. with d bus ride and train ride, it took us almost 2 hours to reach Den Haag. we took d tram as instructed by our host Yorien. as we got off d tram, still trying to figure which direction is d right direction, we heard "u are just on time ladies!". i was pretty happy she came to picked us up at d tram stop cos we would have gone d wrong way and we were real hungry by then! so she brought us to her home, which is a nice 2-storey apartment on d top floor of her block (only 3rd floor actually). we are to sleep on d top floor, which is kind of d attic/living room. we chatted over dinner with Yorien. she suggested us going to Keukenhof tomorrow (Sunday) as she can drop us off on her way to meet her friends. we decided to accept the free ride and head to bed pretty early.

permalink written by  wangyng on April 12, 2008 from The Hague, Netherlands
from the travel blog: Hello Europe!!
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Amsterdam, Netherlands

it was around 10pm when we got here. d city is very very much alive! coffeeshops n smell of weed everywhere. d coffeeshops here r not like ours back in Singapore. coffeeshops here r d venue where u are allowed to smoke weed. can imagine d smell inside a coffeeshop... eeks!

anyway, our host stays right in d city and is very convenient to go anywhere. we are staying in a little house in the backyard of their apartment. d little house is self contained with everything needed for a stay (just missing a stove otherwise it's a full studio apartment)!

karen & maarten, our hosts, chatted with us over tea and helped us booked tickets to Anne Frank House. then we can skip d queue n head straight into d house. they were saying how long d queues are at some museums and how we can skip d queuing up for tickets!

there's a whole lot of museums here but i think we have quite enough from the Maurithaus in Den Haag. so we'll see if we get into any museums here.

i'm looking forward to see d Red Light District n all d leaning buildings though! it should be pretty interesting!

permalink written by  wangyng on April 16, 2008 from Amsterdam, Netherlands
from the travel blog: Hello Europe!!
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Den Haag - Day trip to Keukenhof

The Hague, Netherlands

as planned, we woke up around 8am (or earlier??) to have breakfast with Yorien and to catch her ride to Keukenhof. this is our 1st official ride from a host. her ride is a Peugeot Cabriolet. eve had to squeeze into d back seat cos it a 2 seater with a really small back seat. we had d top opened all through the 40min trip. was pretty cold but fun! we saw some tulip fields even b4 reaching Keukenhof.

when we got to d entrance around 10am, it was already waaaaaaaaay PACKED!!! ok, a bit of background on Keukenhof. it a huge garden full of flowers, apparantly the world's largest flower garden with about 7 millions flower blubs are planted annually. it's only opened like 2 months in a year between march and may. u can do an internet search for more info.

so, that explain why there were HUGE MASSES of people at the garden. we were expecting to spend about 3 hours in d garden. but after we got in and saw d actual size of Keukenhof, we knew there was no way we will leave in 3 hours!

there was soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much flowers!!! (much becos we cant count them any more!!!) there's flowers of all colours and all sizes! especially d tulips! i think there are more than 100 species of tulips in d garden alone! it really is amazing to see so many flowers blooming at d same time! words really cant describe what i see. gotta thank my friend amy who strongly recommended the garden to me. we took soooooooo many photos there and i think i'd never seen so many species of flowers at 1 time.

there's a lot of creativity in the container used for planting the flowers. so it was all nice to see. here's some more photo...

yes we both went crazy with d photo taking (eve's camera went dead b4 we even left d garden!)

after 6 hours at d garden, we left n head to d nearest train station for home. Leiden is about 1 hour by bus and is d birthplace of the famous artist Rembrandt. there's Rembrandt everywhere! we spent a couple of hours walking around town to try n soak up d artistic feel in d air... i think it didnt work cos i still cant paint or draw to save my life!!

we figured we had enough for d day by then n head back. ready to rest our feet and have a gd night's sleep.

permalink written by  wangyng on April 13, 2008 from The Hague, Netherlands
from the travel blog: Hello Europe!!
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Amsterdam, Netherlands

we are almost coming to an end to our stay in Amsterdam. i didnt really like d city actually... 1 of d few rare ones who would say this i guess. almost everyone i knew spoke extremely well of d city. well, d city is nice and all n i do feel d 'free spirit' there. but i also see (or smell) d ciggies n weed n d results of soft drugs on d streets. not a pretty sight i must say. and d city is way tooooo COLD! it's much colder than Den Haag was! maybe cos of d canals or something but it was freezing! especially when d heater in our room doesnt work. d door doesnt shut very well either so there's cold air coming in thru d door. burrrrrr......

but i do like d Dutch people. they are nice n friendly in general and very humorous. d house leans left, right, front and even backwards! very cool althou sometimes i wonder if they will just collapse 1 day!

there's lotsa museums here to visit but we didnt go to any (except Anne Frank House which i will talk about in a bit). we were still overloaded with Flemmish paintings from the Maurithaus in Den Haag.

the infamous red light district is definitely worth a visit! it's 1 of d highlights of my time here. there's women in windows all the way in the streets! 1 transsexual or transvestic opened d door of d window which freaked us out a little. but all he did was shouted 'Ni Hao' to us. quite interesting experience i would say.

d other place that left deep impression on me is d Anne Frank House. it was quite amazing to actually see d description right before your eyes! for some weird reason, i feel really sad in the house and felt like crying when u see her words n how she lived in d small house. very very depressing place but unbelievable.

i thik that sums up Amsterdam. d town of Bremen musicians is next! but before that, here's more photos i took in Amsterdam.

permalink written by  wangyng on April 18, 2008 from Amsterdam, Netherlands
from the travel blog: Hello Europe!!
tagged Amsterdam and Netherlands

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Ladenkasten, winkelkasten en meubels praktisch en voordelig bij Zitmaxx Wonen

Calgary, Canada

Krijg je al een beetje last van voorjaarskriebels en ben je van plan je woonkamer van een nieuw look te voorzien? Of wil je meer ruimte creëren door eens goed op te ruimen en rondslingerende rommel zorgvuldig op te bergen? Een mooie kast is in dat geval zeer handig. Niet alleen vanwege de bergruimte, maar ook omdat je je woonkamer hiermee een nieuwe uitstraling kunt geven.

Bergmeubels zijn er namelijk in zeer veel stijlen, uitvoeringen, kleuren en materialen. Bij Zitmaxx Wonen, een zeer grote en stijlvolle meubelzaak in de plaats Ter Aar, kun je op dit gebied je hart ophalen. De enorme collectie meubels bestaat namelijk o.a. uit prachtige ladenkasten en winkelkasten.

Door het gebruik van massief hout zijn deze oerdegelijk en onverslijtbaar. De collectie winkelkasten is ideaal voor wie graag spullen op wil bergen, maar daarnaast ook wil kunnen pronken met een mooi servies, een verzameling of woonaccessoires. De onderkast is namelijk af te sluiten met openslaande of schuifbare deuren terwijl de bovenkast is voorzien van glazen deurtjes. Hierdoor komen jouw pronkstukken perfect tot recht. Ben je juist op zoek naar een handig opbergmeubel waarmee je alles uit het zicht op kunt bergen, neem dan een kijkje bij de collectie ladenkasten. Deze zijn praktisch en stijlvol in één. Er is volop ruimte voor het opbergen van spullen en bovenop de kast kun je van alles neerzetten. Bij Zitmaxx Wonen heb je altijd vol op keus uit modellen en uitvoeringen zodat je er ongeacht je interieurstijl, wensen en smaak, altijd een passend model kunt vinden. Ook uit houtsoorten is keus. Kies je voor teak, eiken of grenen? En welke kleur past het beste bij je huidige interieur? Er is zeer veel keus en sommige kasten zijn zelfs in combinatiekleuren verkrijgbaar. Zo kun je de binnenkant in een andere kleur laten uitvoeren dan de buitenkant. Dit zorgt voor een eigentijdse en originele uitstraling.

Wil je de collectie meubels en kasten eens met eigen ogen bekijken? Kom dan eens langs in Ter aar en laat je verrassen!


permalink written by  ladenkasten on February 13, 2013 from Calgary, Canada
from the travel blog: Ladenkasten
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Rotterdam, Netherlands

Energieprijzen vergelijken van Nederlandse energiemaatschappijen wordt tegenwoordig steeds populairder. Maar klopt het wel allemaal? Bedrijven die beweren energie uit groene bronnen te halen. Ja er staan 10 windmolens, honderden zonnepanelen en noem maar op zo weet je dat je groene energie krijgt. Nou heb je dat wel eens goed nagekeken? Staat daar wel een windmolen, zijn er wel zonnepanelen geplaatst? Met deze trip kom je niet alleen daar achter maar krijg je energie van de mooie uitzichten en momenten die je zal zien en beleven.


permalink written by  consument on December 28, 2015 from Rotterdam, Netherlands
from the travel blog: Energie krijgen
tagged Netherlands

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