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Visit to Abruzzo

Teramo, Italy

Have been to the small town of Valle San Giovanni near Teramo in Abruzzo. More information at: www.vallesangiovanni.com

permalink written by  ulissi on October 14, 2006 from Teramo, Italy
from the travel blog: Italy
tagged Teramo, Abruzzo, Italy, Vacation and Holiday

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Viva Las Vegas!

Las Vegas, United States

I've been to Sin City and it really lives up to the hype. There's this huge black pyramid hotel on the strip called Luxor. You can get a bunch of discounts and perks with this promo code "PDNIGHT" when you book your reservation on their website. I believe you get VIP seating for Fantasy get to meet the girls after the show! Your room or suite will be upgraded for free and you get a personalized massage. Look to pay around $90 per night and expect an amazing view of the strip.

For the price and the location on the strip, I think it's well worth it.

permalink written by  green702 on July 29, 2008 from Las Vegas, United States
from the travel blog: Summer in Vegas
tagged Vacation, Fun, LasVegas, Strip and Luxor

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Casa Delfin

Acapulco, Mexico

OMG! I just came back from Acapulco, Mexico, which was the best vacation ever. Some friends and I stayed at Casa Delfin, a luxurious villa. The views are breathtaking and the staff was fabulous. They would make us delicious mexican cuisine like enchiladas with rice and beans served with refreshing margaritas . We found it hard to live the villa since everything was at your fingertips, but some must sees of the local attractions are cliff drivers, markets, and nightclubs like Palladium.

If you are interested in visiting Acapulco, I highly recommend staying at Casa Delfin. Check out their website at www.acapulco-villa-rentals.com.

permalink written by  El_18 on October 13, 2008 from Acapulco, Mexico
from the travel blog: Viva Acapulco
tagged Mexico, Travel, Vacation, Villa, Acapulco and Luxury

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Hiking Safari to Uganda

Kampala, Uganda

Rwenzori Mountains National Park.

The 120km Rwenzori alternation is admired to be the allegorical snow-capped Mountains of the Moon, declared by Ptolemy in AD150. Reaching an acclivity of 5,109m, it is as well Africa's tallest abundance range, exceeded in distance alone by the free-standing Mount Kenya and Kilimanjaro.

The characteristic arctic peaks are arresting for afar around, but the slopes aloft 1,600m are the bottle of hikers, who amount the Rwenzori to be the a lot of arduous of all African mountains.

A array of ample mammals inhabits the lower slopes, but the Rwenzoris are notable added for their majestic backdrop and assorted vegetation. The trails advance through rainforest awkward with monkeys and birds, again Alpine bamboo forest, afore arising on the high-altitude acreage zone, a mural of affected behemothic lobelias, towered over by atramentous bedrock and white snow, searching for the absolute apple like the set of a science fiction film.


The seven days/ six nights bend is a boxy but advantageous backpack demography in all frondescence zones bar the arctic peaks.

Shorter hikes can aswell be arranged.

The top peaks should be attempted alone by accomplished mountaineers.
[a href="/Kenya">Kenya[/a>
Where to stay?

Hotel Margherita action up bazaar adaptation and account at Rwenzori abject affected admitting while on the abundance are basal hiking huts forth the bend trail.

When to Visit?

Best time during dry division June-July, January- February.

permalink written by  safaris on October 24, 2008 from Kampala, Uganda
from the travel blog: Safari to Uganda
tagged Safari, Adventure, Travel, Vacation, Holiday, Tour, UgandaSafari, African and AfricaSafari

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This where we start...

Prague, Czech Republic

So, here we go. We are leaving our home town ...well, not home town for all of us, for some it is just the city where they currently live :) ...anway, we are heading for Munich to catch our firs plane on this trip. All of us in one small car...let's hope we get there ok.

permalink written by  Janicka on March 24, 2009 from Prague, Czech Republic
from the travel blog: Vietnam + Cambodia March 2009
tagged Vacation and Asia

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A Hotel San Fermin review

Benalmadena, Spain

Amazing place for the Price. I stay at the Hotel San Fermin whenever my schedule permits and it's just been getting better and better every time. The bedrooms were polished daily. The staff offered remarkable aid to my every need. Bathrooms and rooms were extremely fashionable. This hotel has awesome location - we even enjoyed some action at the exciting Calanova Golf Club I have seen superior facilities in other places

permalink written by  Lando81 on March 15, 2011 from Benalmadena, Spain
from the travel blog: Inns opinions
tagged Hotel and Vacation

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