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London, United Kingdom

I'm in London! Still... but on my way to Paris like ...very very soon! Just so you know I'm still (yes, still!) not dead. (This is a horrible joke that never ends, eh?)

I don't have much to write at the moment-- been here, there, everywhere. I haven't taken that many pictures lately so not much to upload. Went to a couple of shows at Wembley. The weather has been great (except for today.... cold and rainy blah) and I've been in a great mood. I think the turning point was back in Amsterdam when I got 2 free hugs (ha!) from a young Irish gentleman. Believe it! Hugs.. for free!! Then Brugge ...then London. It's all been great.

But now, Paris. Second time in less than a year. I am a VERY VERY lucky girl.

I miss home though. I feel like this trip has been the longest trip ever. Sometimes I think back to a place that I was and can hardly believe I was actually there...seems like forever ago. I would do it again but it's definitely time to get back to "Normal"... for a little while anyhow. I'm already calculating in my head ;P

À bientôt


P.S.... is it snowing?

permalink written by  Sarah Andrea on May 29, 2010 from London, United Kingdom
from the travel blog: Europe 2010
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Yeah....it's snowing......did you dream that or did someone hear it and you could hardly beleive it?! haha If the temp would just go up a degree it would turn into rain...on the positive side, everything is very green. Wow, its seems like you've been gone for so long Sarah and we're so looking forward to seeing you. Sounds like you've had a great holiday and just had a great time in London and I know you really enjoy Paris so take it all in in your last few days.

Love Mommsie

permalink written by  Mommsie on May 29, 2010

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