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Days 15 & 16

Kowloon, Hong Kong

Not really coming to you from Hong Kong, but rather the ship, on the way to Hong Kong.

After trading CITS horror stories (of which I had non but then again I wasn't on the budget plan), there's not much else to do but read, sleep, play cards and eat (and write in this journal). Quite relaxing -- its really great meeting all these fellow travelers and sharing stories and tips. Now, if they could shorten the trip to 1 day ...

Another problem is, of course, hearing about everything you missed or didn't have time for, like the Moscow-Beijing train ride or the boat from Chung King to Wuhan, which was supposed to be beautiful (as opposed to our wasted day going from Shanghai to Nanjing), or things you won't have time for -- southern Thailand, Kathmandu to Lhasa, etc. Spending lots of time in just one country is obviously the solution, but there's just so much to see in the world. Unlike most people on this boat, I won't be traveling for six months or a year -- I have to pick the major spots. By the same token, until you get someplace you don't really know what those are, ie which part of the Yangtze is worth seeing. But, while I have some regrets (my obsessive personality -- I want to see everything), I'm glad I saw what I did -- a taste is better than nothing at all (better to have loved and lost theory of life).

Breakdancing -- the last evening on the boat, they planned a "disco." I missed most of it (there was a guy singing and a fan dance apparently) but I did catch a few minutes of the soon-to-be law student breakdancing! That really gave everyone a thrill.

permalink written by  shoshtrvls on August 16, 1987 from Kowloon, Hong Kong
from the travel blog: Around the World (1987)
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