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a nice warm feeling from our host

Bremen, Germany

we reached Bremen in d evening around 6+. our host Simone greeted us at the train station in her car (althou it's juz a 10 min tram ride). she is an art/home economics/P.E. teacher who is staying with her life partner and daughter. her life partner Dietrich is also a teacher teaching a few subjects including art.

we were surprised when we reached her home. the family occupies the top 3 floors in a 4-storey building/house (including a little roof top garden). and she actually gave us the whole of d top floor for our stay! d bed is in d attic accessible thru d top floor. can really feel d art teachers in them at their home. lots of stuff were made by themselves: lights stand, little ornaments, photo frames, paintings, etc. all were nicely done! very cool!

o yes, i must mention d dinner. Simone cooked us dinner in like 10 min! i was most impressed! she is like a magician at work! cutting, cooking, seasoning all at d same time. d result is a chicken fillet with cheese n tomato n a huge bowl of salad! absolutely delicious!! Dietrich welcomed us with sparkling wine n d 4 of us chatted over dinner. her daughter Afra came home shortly after n immediately invited us to join her for a night out with her best friends the next evening.

all these gestures bring a lot of warmth to a traveller, this is like a royal treatment! i was really touched. after dinner me n eve was juz sitting by a window, admiring d view n feeling touched n grateful with d treatment. it really does feel like home...

permalink written by  wangyng on April 20, 2008 from Bremen, Germany
from the travel blog: Hello Europe!!
tagged Germany and Bremen

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