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a nice warm feeling from our host

Bremen, Germany

we reached Bremen in d evening around 6+. our host Simone greeted us at the train station in her car (althou it's juz a 10 min tram ride). she is an art/home economics/P.E. teacher who is staying with her life partner and daughter. her life partner Dietrich is also a teacher teaching a few subjects including art.

we were surprised when we reached her home. the family occupies the top 3 floors in a 4-storey building/house (including a little roof top garden). and she actually gave us the whole of d top floor for our stay! d bed is in d attic accessible thru d top floor. can really feel d art teachers in them at their home. lots of stuff were made by themselves: lights stand, little ornaments, photo frames, paintings, etc. all were nicely done! very cool!

o yes, i must mention d dinner. Simone cooked us dinner in like 10 min! i was most impressed! she is like a magician at work! cutting, cooking, seasoning all at d same time. d result is a chicken fillet with cheese n tomato n a huge bowl of salad! absolutely delicious!! Dietrich welcomed us with sparkling wine n d 4 of us chatted over dinner. her daughter Afra came home shortly after n immediately invited us to join her for a night out with her best friends the next evening.

all these gestures bring a lot of warmth to a traveller, this is like a royal treatment! i was really touched. after dinner me n eve was juz sitting by a window, admiring d view n feeling touched n grateful with d treatment. it really does feel like home...

permalink written by  wangyng on April 20, 2008 from Bremen, Germany
from the travel blog: Hello Europe!!
tagged Germany and Bremen

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Bremen - the town musicians everywhere!

Bremen, Germany

ok i 4got to mention in my last entry that Bremen was kind of an accidental stop. our host in Amsterdam couldnt have us for d last night n our host in Hamburg couldnt have us for d 1st night. so we have 2 nights with nowhere to go n Bremen happens to be a stop between Amsterdam n Hamburg. n Simone was kind enough to have us there with d last minute request. so here we are!

anyway, d town centre in Bremen is very small. a day to spend in d town centre is more than enough. like most Europeans cities, there's a market square (Marktplatz) where most activities happens. d Town Hall, Cathedral and Parliament r d main sights there.

n of cos d Bremen Town Musicians r everywhere! books, souvenirs, n different versions of d musicians statues. of cos i need to do d touristy thing n take photos with d original statue!

Simone told us about this 'thing' that starts playing a sound from 1 of d musicians each time u put in a coin. we really wanna see n play with it. we asked d tourist info centre who pointed it out on d map where this 'thing' is suppose to be. until this point we still dunno what this 'thing' looks like. i guess i was expecting it to look like a vending machine or something like that. we walked around d town centre for 30min trying to find it. no luck. we asked some1 at another tourist centre who pointed us a different area from d 1st. we circled that new area again. still no luck. Eve decided to asked a lady at 1 of d shop in d church. thanks to her specific directions, we finally found this 'thing'!! it looks nothing like what i imagined! have a look!

it just looks like a manhole cover! we probably passed by it like hundreds of times when we were circling the area! we were pretty excited and started putting in coins. each time u put in a coin, it plays 1 of d town musicians call. d donkey, d dog, d cat n d chicken. i played twice n Eve played 4 times so she can record all d 4 musicians. o d lady at d church told us d money put in will be given to d poor so it's cool to put in as many times as we want. there were many people staring at us when we were playing with this. it was quite funny getting all d stares n smiles from all these people. haha...

i like this old area called Schnoor. it's d oldest quarter in Bremen. there's lotsa small houses, little shops selling interesting stuff n of cos lotsa souvenirs. some of d doors r not even my height! for once i feel tall in Europe! lol

the stay in Bremen turns out to be extremely unforgettable!

permalink written by  wangyng on April 22, 2008 from Bremen, Germany
from the travel blog: Hello Europe!!
tagged Germany and Bremen

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