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Roto-Vegas Baby!

Rotorua, New Zealand

Yep...we've finally had to face the fact that the holiday is over and it's time to find work! Noooooo!!

After saying goodbye to the others who we flew out with, Helen, Hayley and I decided to head to Rotorua to settle for a while. Rotorua is the stinkiest place, and smells of eggs due to the sulphur. Even after six weeks of the smell, we weren't really used to it!

After staying in hostels for a couple of weeks, we decided it was time to find a flat to settle in for a while or at least to stop us from living out of our suitcases! After a lot of hunting, we finally found a little shed of a home in Trent Place. It was small with only two bedrooms, but we weren't fussy as long as we had a roof over our heads and beds to sleep in and best of all it was only $55 a week!

Living in our shed was a bit of an experience with some strange neighbours who weren't over friendly. Thursday's appeared to be "dole" day as we noticed many of the residents drinking throughout the day while in their pyjamas and partying all night...and sometimes in fancy dress costumes! It could get quite noisy their at night especially with the beds springs creaking from above and the loud music, still it did for us!

We all found it really difficult to pick up work in Rotorua as it was such a teeny place. Eventually, I managed to pick up some cleaning work at the Silver Fern Motor Inn just up the road scrubbing spa baths amongst other exciting duties. Although the work was extremely tedious and poorly paid, the people were lovely to work with so it worked out ok.

We spent most Friday nights at our local, The Pig and Whistle, which has to be the best pub in Rotorua! Not that there are many places to choose from!

The lack of work, poor wages, little shed and eggy smell began to take it's toll on us all so we decided to move on for the next adventure.

permalink written by  Susie Sue on December 4, 2006 from Rotorua, New Zealand
from the travel blog: Oz Adventures
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