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The ´paz rocks out

Uyuni, Bolivia


So we did the salt flat tours which were amazing. Lots of waiting at bus stations, and train stations.

We stayed in the most basic accomodation, but it was fine, and a lot better than most bolivians live, so we really can´t complain. PLayed soccer against some local kids, who in the altitude whopped us something chronic. The kids here are gorgeous, but everyone is so geared to make money off the gringos, that they charge you money to take photos of them.

The salt flats were amazing to see, heaps of fun also. Travelling in such a big group is awesome. John and Chris are off today doing the death road on mountain bike. Google the pictures, they are insane. It´s a road that is about 3m wide, and has 500m drops on the side. Something like 4 people a week on average die on this road. But the tour company they have gone with haven´t lost anyone yet. Which is a good sign. Some of the companies are pretty bad, we met an irish girl who did it, and her bike fell apart under her, and she lost some teeth and scarred her face. Hopefully john will get back in one piece. I told him that if I have to rung mum and dad saying he´s fallen off another cliff, if he isn´t dead then, he will be.

We´re staying at a pretty cool hostel in La Paz,

this is the view from our balcony. Girls room, we put the smelly boys in a room without a balcony. La Paz is amazing, and the markets are brilliant. It´s hard to remember how cheap everything is, I bought a sweet tshirt for $5, and they were the most expensive ones on the street. the only problem is what I buy, I carry. Sucks a bit.

permalink written by  no_fosters_thanks on December 5, 2006 from Uyuni, Bolivia
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