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Hot showers and Michael Bolton

Copacabana, Bolivia


So we are still in La Paz. I know it says Copacabana, but the silly thing won´t deal with putting in La Paz at the moment. and it´s where we are heading next. It´s been four nights, and we are well ready to move on. We were going to head on this morning to Copacabana, but the tourist bus only leaves at 8am...as we found out at 9am. Oh well. So we have spent some extra time here, but it´s not much of a concern, as accommodation is about aud$5 a night in the city. Not the worst scenario.

Yesterday joho and I kicked it on to some museums which was awesome, the art museum was great...for it´s architecture. I was wrapped. Although I confused some people in the gift shop when I tried to ask for a book of the building itself. I think they thought I missed the point somewhat. But they ended up giving me some postcards...probably to make me just go away. We also went to the coca leaf museum...which was kind of crap. I expected more, heaps of people said it was well worth visiting, and I wholeheartedly disagree. The art museum was waaay better. Went to the english pub later to watch the soccer...which was a good way to spend an evening. Although someone let one of our group out shopping solo...and the worst happened...chris came back with hippy pants. Brightly coloured striped abominations. Very scared. This city does weird stuff to people...

Finally took some photos of La Paz, it´s not somewhere that you want to be flashing your camera around too much. These are the fruit stalls that we get our smoothies from. They are soooo fresh, and a vitamin one (the most expensive with EVERYthing in there) are 3 Bolivianos...which is 50 cents.

And they keep refilling them...so much so that you can´t eat anymore...

We walked past san pedro prison today, you used to be able to do tours guided by the inmates, but they stopped that practice a few years ago. Didn´t get a picture of the prison itself...but got one of joho being a lazy git in the park opposite.

Also..I managed to have my first hot shower in Bolivia! It was so amazing it just wasn´t funny. It´s strange how you just don´t appreciate things back home. Even being able to shower with bare feet. Can´t wait to do that again!

Also as a point of interest..I think Michael Bolton has just hit Bolivia. The number of times I have heard the song -i said I loved you but i lied- and it has been stuck in my head for about a week now. deathly. But the other two musical options seem to be shakira and local music. Thank god for ipods.

Meet the craziest aussie in the pub...he has been in La Paz for about a month, as his passport got stolen. Oh no, how did your passport get stolen we asked. Turns out this crazy git had put it in his daypack, which he then put under the seat on a local chicken bus. While he slept. We weren´t so surprised after hearing the circumstances. I think I lot of this is just being aware, listening to advice and not doing dumb stuff. But I say that now...I´ll change my mind if anything gets nicked.

Does anyone actually read my natters? I know Tom and mum do....

Hey, phil.. heard you left the pub...enjoy your time off before you start work.

And kimba...are you still interested in coming to Malaysia? If not just let me know...it´ll be fine, will need a bit of notice though as if you don´t there may be some flight changing activity. It would be sweet if you do...but I understand if you can´t...it´s a ridiculous amount of money.

Missing everyone, but having an amazing time....take care and I´ll chat again soon! Maybe from Peru....

permalink written by  no_fosters_thanks on December 7, 2006 from Copacabana, Bolivia
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If Kimbo is not coming to malyasia can I, I would enjoy a little jaunt O/S. Let me know cause I will book a little time off and nip over for a week.

permalink written by  Andrea Barton on December 7, 2006

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