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Final Day and Hemingway

Madrid, Spain

So today is my last full day in Spain :( I slept in till around 2:30pm. Finally got our of bed at 3:00pm because some little bastard bug bit both my feet either in Barcelona or last night and man are they itchy! Anyways I showered, got dressed and headed out to SOL. I walked ALL around just south of that area. It was a beautiful day and I was taking pictures left and right. After about an hour I decided to go find the oldest restaurant in the world 'Sobrino de Botín'. The same one Ernest Hemingway ate at and also mentioned in two of his books :D I knew I was close so I grabbed the next taxi I saw and they brought me right to it. I took a few pictures from the outside and decided to end my trip in Spain with dinner here, tonight. I didn't do any research on if I needed a reservation or not or when I need to be there or really anything about the place but I figured dinner around 8:00pm would be nice. After making this plan I made my way back to SOL and caught the metro up and over to Nuevos Ministerios where I thought I saw a few cool sites when driving by that area a several days ago. Well I walked around here and didn't really see anything nice except for one place which I can't seem to find it's name.. I'll keep looking online and add it later if I find out what it was. Anyways there were a lot of shops in the area I was so I decided to visit one of them. I went into Massimo Dutti. Now this is the sort of store I wish I could frequently shop at. I walked around inside looking at the shoes, shirts, pants and jackets. I finally found one I really liked and it fit nicely. Well, 120 euros later it was mine :D. What! It's my birthday trip I get what I want :P Well I was done with this area and remember noticing how nice it looked just east of SOL so i caught the metro back to SOL and started walking east. Saw a lot of great sites like the Palacio de Comunicaciones in The Plaza de Cibeles and Parque de Retiro which is a beautiful park. Well 4 hours have passed and I have seen a lot today. It's about 7:00pm so I start my journey to Botín to see if I can even get in to eat. I show up around 7:50 and see a small crowd gathered around the entrance. Luckily it's just a line and it's still moving! So I hop in and when It's my turn I tell the guy for one and he asks if I have a reservation. I tell him no and he says no problem and directs me left where I am now going downstairs to cellar area. The place was still really cool I had a take in the corner and was handed my wine and food menu. I decided to order the house special menu which for 43 euros I got Gazpacho, Roast Suckling Pig, Half Bottle Red Wine, Bottle of Water and a Loaf of Bread. The roast suckling pig was basically a whole pig roasted over an open fire and two big chunks cut out and plated. The skin was crispy like chips. The whole meal was delicious :D I'm so glad I got a table. Well I am now back in my room. I called my mom and dad and about to call the front desk to ask for a wake up call since I should probably be at the airport by 10:00am.

Well, Goodnight! Last night :D

permalink written by  Kennyboy12 on July 19, 2011 from Madrid, Spain
from the travel blog: 2011 - Happy Birthday from España
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