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Farewell Barcelona!

Barcelona, Spain

So today we woke up, packed up, I grabbed the do not disturb sign cause I collect those and headed out. Since our bus didn't leave until 2:30pm and we had to check out by noon and it was only 9:20am we decided to check out then and luckily the hotel locked up our bags so we could see a few more things before leaving and not have to lug them around. So today we went to visit Hospital de Sant Pau. Parts of the hospital was under construction so in order to gain access to the under ground tunnels we needed to join a tour group. So we got to the hospital around 10:06am and saw the first english speaking tour was at 10:00am. But it had just started three minutes ago so we paid and quickly joined up with the group. The group consisted of around 12 kids maybe in like 9th grade? And three adults. Looked to be a school trip. One of the funny looking boys got on my nerves but that's just cause he looked funny and kept running into me. anyways, aside from a veeeery slow and boring beginning the tour was quite good. I mean don't get me wrong, I could have researched all this in half the time it took to walk through and hear the guide's speech but he was very into the hospital's history and was full of knowledge I ended up loving it. My views on tours hasn't changed the slightest and I still avoid them but I am not disappointed with doing this one. I learned a LOT about the place and boy did a lot of work get put into making the place pleasant for the patients starting with the colors used inside, outside, on the roofs and walls, down to the size of the buildings, shapes of the stones, directions of windows, religious options offered for healing, topographical layout of the facilities as in patients with infectious diseases are in the northern half of the facility so that the winds from the south when they blow through will take the diseases north and outward away from the hospital. I mean they thought about almost everything. There is just so much information I'm leaving out but basically in the end the hospital with it's many buildings was basically a city within a city. It was self sufficient with it's own farms nearby. Oh and not to mention how it got started. Okay anyways it's now 12:20am and Kumiko and I are now looking for a place to eat. We stop by this small still place and order fried green chilies, green olives and what seemed to be the breading used in frying seafood rolled into little bite sized balls but with a hint of seafood flavor like crab or something. I ordered pasta and Kumiko got a sandwich. The food was delicious. After we ate we went back to the hotel to pick up our bags. After we got our bags we stopped by this pastry place and got some snacks for the 8 hour bus ride back to Madrid. Well we get to the bus station, wait for our bus, get on said bus and head back to Madrid. Lots of small things happened on the bus but not really worth writing out. Just small little moments one sees when around the same group of people for an extended period of time. Well we got back to Madrid around 10:00pm Kumiko and I part ways at the metro and I am off to my hotel. MY hotel. lol. I oddly missed this room. Well Guess should call it a night I am exhausted.


Oh tomorrow is my last day in Spain :(.

permalink written by  Kennyboy12 on July 18, 2011 from Barcelona, Spain
from the travel blog: 2011 - Happy Birthday from España
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ahhh, i am the frist one to post on you articles. glad to make friend with you.

permalink written by  eva on July 21, 2011

Sometimes one sad thing about life is when saying goodbye or farewell to a friend or to a place that you've love most, but the best thing is the experience and fun you've felt when you were still in that place with friends you love which is unforgettable. One of the most wonderful things on earth. =D

permalink written by  Sandy Allain on November 18, 2013

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