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Napoli, Italy

Ok so lets see sunday we went to Sicily for a game and it was brutal, the travel not the game! Woke up at 5 got to the airport to find our flight had been cancelled, then took a 2.5hr bus ride up to Roma where we caught our other flight to sicily then a hour bus ride up to the field near the mountains. Got there one hr before kick off so we quickly got our gear on had a fast pregame meeting warmed up and played...thankfully we won 6-0! ha The return home was simple one flight back to Napoli but first I bought a bunch of cannolis, some for me but the rest for the American families that have been helping me out so much.
Monday mornning I got up early and trekked it out to Pompeii, it was awesome! With the walk to train then train to the right line prob took me about 2.5 hrs to get there then spent about 2.5 hrs there. Sat in the middle of some ruins and ate lunch with a view of Vesuvious on my right and some others on my left. The city was a lot bigger than I had imagined I kept getting lost getting overwhelmed with not knowing which direction to go because there were so many streets, but overall it was really cool. I returned went for a run then to the store to buy some things for a nice dinner. Oh forgot to mention all my other housemates went home cuz we had monday and tuesday off. I made some cod poached in a tomato sauce, used a zucchini as pasta, which I totally recommend because it was delicious!! Also made a caprese salad with some bread broccoli and proseco. Tuesday I went to school learned a lot then came home ran and worked out at the field then relaxed until my coach came and got me. I went to his house for dinner with his family, his wife made big sandwiches with hot dog cheese and crispy potatoes was very good. Then a dessert that reminded me of pylo dough type pastry with nutella inside, also very good.
Wednesday I went for a run studied a lil read and made a lunch with boiled chicken then add lil lemon juice garlic powder pepper spice and salt. Added to the zucchini pasta with a calabrese type sauce and bread it was very good!! Then chicken and broccoli for dinner after a very hard training(but very fun). Oh ya last night I got my package in the mail!! I have enrolled in a PES (performance enhancement specialist) certification class, once I pass I will be certified to physically train any level from amateur to professional. I got very excited looking at the material.
Today went for a run then went to class for a long hard day, then on my way home stopped at the grocery store for the whole house, returned at 5. . They have kept letting me go by myself to the store because when I do we get the most out of our money haha. ALthough it gets a little tough to bring back all the groceries by myself but its worth it to get veggies and fruit! So I also made friends with this barista at a cafe accross the street from the school every day before class I get a cappuccino and we talk about what we have done when were playing soccer next etc. Its a lot of fun because I get to practice my Italian and he helps correct me when im wrong after practice I guess our president is taking the team out to a nice dinner and apparently were getting some sort of gift again. I'll keep ya posted and post some pompeii pics soon :)

permalink written by  katieandboo on February 16, 2012 from Napoli, Italy
from the travel blog: Italian adventure
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