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Happy birthday Dad!

Pozzuoli, Italy

Can't remember if I have mentioned but we have been scrimmaging against mens teams to get ready for our big game this coming saturday. We had a scrimmage thursday and sunday. We lost both, but sunday was awful! Lets just say 3/4's of the goals were 1v1s one was a PK and the other tried clearing a ball, that hit my player and the attacker scored. Was a bad day for me needless to say. But it wasn't all bad. Saturday I had gone with two housemates and a few teammates to this little rock beach area in Bacoli. We had to wade across the inlet to get to some rocks to lay on. The few was awesome, there was also a wedding going on up above, we got to watch the bride and groom come in on boat then climb the stairs. The only problem was that it was windy, so half the time I had a sweatshirt on. BUt it was still fun hanging out talking and eating some delicious italian sandwiches.
Sunday wasn't all bad, after the game a few of us went to a place in Bacoli to have a little snack and appertive. My asst coach and i got prosecco with strawberries then I had a cannoli :/
Since the big coppa italia was that night we decided to just go back to our asst coaches house(which was around the corner) hang out and watch a movie until the game that night. I ended up going for a walk after watching two movies...The head gets really tired focusing that long in another language. When I got back it was time to go get some food so we could watch the big game. I got this chicken steak which is like a philly cheese steak just chicken...very good!
Watching the game was a lot of fun because the house was divided half were Juve fans and the other Napoli fans. Oh and other 4 teammates showed up for the game. Needless to say the greater team won (Napoli)!!!
On the way back to the house Neopolitans were out in celebration...people were in the streets chanting Napoli songs or driving in their cars with banners and flags hanging out their windows!! Very cool experience, they truly are a part of their teams.
Oh last week tried to be working out hard and keeping right on my diet buttt...needless to say i can't give up the sweets. I had been working out everyday, mostly twice a day. Just keep giving into the ice cream or other delicious italian delights! Getting super excited for the game this saturday, also super nervous. A team we tied 1-1 they beat 11-0, although I know whatever happens happens, it would still be cool to do really well against them.
Alright I should get to some studying...Oh and I want to wish the coolest dad in the whole world a happy birthday!!! HOpe you really have a great day and do something good for yourself!!
love you

permalink written by  katieandboo on May 21, 2012 from Pozzuoli, Italy
from the travel blog: Italian adventure
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