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Naples, Italy

Ok so haven't really had internet so haven't been able to update. But what an exciting week this has been.
First went to my favorite lil fruit truck got apples strawberries and really good cherry tomatoes oh and cherries all for 3.5 euros.
Tuesday our housemate re-arrived(since shes been at home since her mom passed) and since maria was back we were planning a good dinner for her. After practice we made pasta with clams and oysters it was soo freaking good! We had about 8 people at our house all this week, so its been a little hectic with food. We ate a good dinner then made a little strawberry banana salad with lemon and sugar for dessert then of course talked.
Wednesday after we had a tough practice we had a pretty light dinner because we needed to go grocery shopping(and with 8 its tough to feed) but then we went out to a popular spot in Naples to have a little dessert. I got tronky gelato which is a candy bar turned into gelato. Its a hazelnut chocolate crunchy bar and turned into gelato is to die for!!! Others got gelato fruit and one got a brioches with gelato...kinda strange.
Thursday on our way back from prac found a little little puppy outside our house all by itself. So being a dog lover i took it to our house. My housemate thought its maybe 4 weeks old and it had insect things on it that i had to remove. After about 40 min or using alcohol to remove these things the girls let me bring her in the house. She was so cute but so scared, so we made a little bed for her to lay in and tried to feed her some milk or water. She drank a little bit of milk which was good and then I took her to bed with me. SLept most the night just woke up 3 times to pee and cuz it was lonely probably.
Friday we had to go to an event so we had to leave her at the house but I made a little barrier for her with milk water and place to pee. She drank some milk before we left so that made us feel better. Oh and this even was us meeting the mayor!! I'll find the pics and post them later. BUt he was acknoleding us for our undefeated season and playing against torres in the semifinal of the italian cup. We took pictures he gave us medals and was basically done in 15 min. But it was really cool to meet the Mayor made ya feel special.
Saturday was the big day and boy were they a good team. You could def see why they were the three time champion of Italy! After the first half it was 1-0 so we were doing pretty well considering their average against teams this year was 4-0. Second half became 2-0 then we got a pk which my player missed but then few min later scored making it 2-1 I made a bunch of saves some super important some just normal. Then in extra time we scored again to tie it up 2-2 going straight into penalty kicks. After our team had made 7 in a row I stopped the other teams 7 for us to beat Torres and advance us onto the Final!! It was such a crazy game needless to say lots of emotion and what and experience. That night we went out to dinner to celebrate so that was a lot of fun, also our president gave us a little bonus for winning such a big game.
Yesterday, sunday, a few of us rented a boat and went out on the water for the day. We got some sandwiches and just hung out talking got gelato swam a bit and tanned. all in all one great week with a lot of good memories!!

permalink written by  katieandboo on May 28, 2012 from Naples, Italy
from the travel blog: Italian adventure
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