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busy week

Naples, Italy

oh man what an awesome, but busy, week this has been! So Monday morning I hoped on the train to Marias house in Carosino, near Taranto. After four hours of travel arrived to Maria and her cute niece martina, 2. We headed back to her house where food was already being prepared, started with mussels cooked in a lil white win pepper and parsley, delicious. Then we had pasta with mussels, also delicious, kinda like a spaghetti vongole minus the clams. Had some local win some cheese fruit and a little eggplant parm! It was awesome because the whole family was there for lunch minus the older sister, but one sister kid aunt dad and me. Then after we watched our coppa italia final on tv because they were broadcasting it on the sport channel! Was nerve racking but cool at the same time. Dinner the husbands of the sisters both sister and the 3 kids all came over for dinner and we had some sort of meat and vegtables with crostata for dessert! They own their own restaurant so monday we ate all the left over stuff so it didn't go to waste, and let me tell you they can cook!!! I played with martina a bunch talked with everybody and we just kinda hung out, also sharing stories about her mom and how awesome a cook she was.
Then tuesday maria took me for a little tour of her area, taranto and the sea! The color of the ocean was sooo pretty, a very clear blue! We proceeded to walk around taranto center check out the castle on the water and ate lunch before she dropped me at the train station. It was awesome to be apart of their very close bonded family, fit right in. Once i got back to Agnano I quickly packed and was picked up to go to the american base. Was gonna be my farewell day/night with them.
Woke up wednesday at 6am to go workout so that by 8am we could go to the market! This outdoor market was not only huge but a little stressful, people everywhere things in piles...but it was cool I got a few good things super cheap! After we were at the market for about 3 hrs we headed for lunch then picked up a few things at the mall for her daughter. I then barely made it to the post office to mail off a box of my stuff. Caught the train back to Agnano where i ate din with my housemates at we went to our teammates 18th bday party.
Thursday I woke up and went for a quick run then headed to Ricigliano, the town of my mothers heritage! I was a little nervous to go and meet these family members because they only speak Italian and was worried if my italian would be good enough. But needless to say i am soooo glad i went. After 2.5hrs, getting lost a few times, i found my way to a cute little town. Also after winding on small back roads up and down mountain sides and through vineyards! Immediately upon arriving they embraced me with a big hug and lots of kisses, saying how tall i was and how amazing this was that we were able to meet! Thankfully i made it just in time for lunch and it was delicious. We had pasta with sauce and asparagus, a lil spicy, had salami, fresh cheese(ricotta and mozzarella), bread, wine, tomatoes in oil and herbs, then a digestive drink and limoncello(both of which were homemade). The other cool thing is that they have their own vineyard and make their own oil so the wine and olive oil were theirs and it was delicious!!! We just talked the whole lunch about how i was in italy how i liked it how we were related a little about my family and a little about theirs. Also the grandma was there who was 91, and while maria(the daughter) was preparing lunch the gma and i were talking and she just kept kissing me and crying a little because she was so excited, saying how amazing this was. It truly was an amazing experience, I have been wanting to go meet them for a very long time, has been a dream, so I am really glad i was able to make it happen, and that my italian was good enough. The area was beautiful basically between two mountains, green all around, great panorama! They had a pretty big house and a little garden in the back where they also grow a lot of other stuff, just to eat at the house. sadly after lunch and coffee i had to head back to napoli for practice, we decided i for sure need to come back and stay longer so they can show me other parts of the area. So I can't wait to return and learn more :)
After practice we went out with our president for dinner and had mainly a lot of antipasta things, of the sea, and pasta zucchini and shrimp and gnocchi with mussels. It was delicious of course so was tiramisu we ate! After our 3 hour dinner the president kinda drug us to a club, most of us wanted to go home but felt bad so we went. It was of course very exclusive had to be on a list, but we walked right in. Was an outdoor club so thankfully it was warm out. Ended up being pretty fun, he ordered table service and we all just danced and made a fool of ourselves. At about 3:30 people were crashing so he paid the tab and we headed home!
Friday myself and two housemates went to this cute spot on the ocean where we just swam and layed out enjoying the view and company! Now I am getting ready to go to dinner with my teacher from school, a last hoorah! Then I think we may be going out! Needless to say this a week of minimal sleep, which i figure i can catch up on on the plane :)
pictures to follow

permalink written by  katieandboo on June 8, 2012 from Naples, Italy
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