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heart break

Naples, Italy

oh the emotion...well I will start by saying we lost in the finals 3-2 in double over time! Now lets recap
thursday night was fun pretty quick, we showed up their was food on the table, all homemade specialties including meatballs!! We hung around for 1.5hrs before returning home to prepare everything for departure.
Friday morning we loaded on the bus and headed towards Rome to Ostia. After arriving at our hotel we quickly had lunch and headed to the practice field. The field was brutal, artificial turf lots of bad spots and it was windy. We were by the water. It was cool to watch in the background trick planes were practicing for the next days events, the republican holiday(kinda like the 4th). The rest of Friday was chill had din watched the mens national team lose to Russia then hit the hay.
Sat the normal pregame routine then to the field in our new kit that said coppa finale on it. As we arrived buses of our fans were arriving as well, walking onto the field they were chanting with flares and flags flying! All the emotion standing in line with the cup standing between you and the other team, you could feel the tension and everybody wanting the battle to begin. And oh what a battle they would score then we would quickly rebuttle. There must have been ten yellow cards between the two teams along with two reds in the over time period. Fouls were being called constantly because everyone wanted to win so bad.
Needless to say they won and we were destroyed. Emotionally physically the girls just collapsed where they were, tears streaming out of so many's eyes. We all came together hugging trying to keep it together, because in reality what we accomplished was huge, a serie a2 team in the final first beating the best team in Italy and coming close to winning. But when your so close you can taste it those words don't mean much. I held it together think mainly because i was in shock trying to wrap my head around the fact that this was my last professional game(unless some great offer appears ;) ). I can't deny, what a way to go out, but still, losing is never easy. It was also cool that even though we lost our fans were still cheering and chanting for us, trying to help lift the heads, let us know they were still proud!
Today i couldn't sleep so I jogged over to my favorite spot for a cappuccino and choc croissant then to my fruit stand where i got 6 peaches 5 oranges 4 bananas and a kilo of cherry tomatoes for 5 euro!!! by the time I got back everyone was up so we split up and headed out on the town. my group went towards downtown where we got fruit and walked along the water. Then we met the other group for lunch, i had grilled octopus and it was delicious! We were waiting around because maria was heading back to her home so they wanted to say their goodbyes! At 5pm we dropped her off and headed back home. It was a beautiful day out on the town very very hot tho.

permalink written by  katieandboo on June 3, 2012 from Naples, Italy
from the travel blog: Italian adventure
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