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Salzburg (Amber)

Salzburg, Austria

What an absolutly beautiful country austria is! We got up early (5 am) and caught the train from Vienna to Salzburg we each slept a little but I took some time to look out the window of the train to admire this beautiful country God created. the rolling hills and farmland touched here and there with quaint farm houses as well as beautiful old style mansions. The fields are surrounded with large hills that slowly get bigger and turn into huge mountains as we near Salzburg. Along the tracks there are some of the tallest and greenest trees I have ever seen.

When we got to salzburg we quickly found our hostel, left our bags and went to tour the old town and shopping district and then headed back to shower and get ready for our incredibly exciting Sound of Music tour. As cheesy as it sounds is how cheesy the guide made it but it was still nice to see some of the places where my favorite movie growing up was filmed, as well it was a nice way to see the countryside as we did drive about 1/2 hour out of salzburg to see some of the places. At our hostel before we left for the tour we also met this lady who was traveling before returning home to he usa she was working with the peace core to educate women about human trafficking, it was so great to meet her and talk to her about it as I am very passionate about the a21 campaign.

After the tour we headed for the beer gardens to see how and where the locals drink. It was pretty neat, there was a big wood paneled room with large tables and dim lighting it was fairly full of people. Outside the large hall room they had cafeteria style food stalls each with a different kind of food, one with meat, one with bread, one with salad etc. There was a whole seperate room dedicated to where you get your huge 1L of beer. It was pretty good the 3 of us had all our food and beer for about 30€.

Salzburg is a beautiful city with so much to see it is still hard to believe sometimes that we are actually doing this trip and getting to see and eperience so many amazing things. On our way home from
the beer garden I said that I would have never fathomed as a kid while watching the sound of music that I would ever get to be here and have this amazing opportunity.

permalink written by  Trevor and Amber on June 3, 2009 from Salzburg, Austria
from the travel blog: Europe Trip
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