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Day 10 -The Taj Ma-Holy crap!- (6/27/2009)

Agra, India

What a frickin awesome day. So I wake up in Delhi this morning around 4:00am shower and head to the train station to catch my 5:30am train to Agra. While on this short 3 hour journy I got kicked out of sitting on the two lower berths by an old Pakistani mother.... Retarded because those two seats are for everyone to sit on during the day I believe... But I wasn't about to protest going to the top berth where I have to lay down when her three grown kids were with her... Wouldn't want a huge chunk of northern India getting blown up.... (I'm still a little bitter about it haha) anyways I also meet Dr. M. Ramalingeswara Reddy and his assistant who is a dentist who does speciality dental work, along with other things. Ok so this man is prolly the only real honest and helpful Indian I've encountered so far. He is from southern India and was helping his sister out with her work in India while he was gone and so he was heading to see the Taj Mahal and Agra Fort for the day before heading back to Delhi to relax then flying back south on Tuesday for work. He brought his assistant along to show him the Taj Mahal (he alway goes to see it when in Delhi). So I spent the day with those two before they took the 5:00pm train backnto Delhi. Not only did this guy help me with what stop Agra was, but we all shared a cab to my hotel so that I could check in and drop off my bag then to the Taj Mahal and he covered the fare. He offered to cover my entry fee but I told him I had it. Then he showed me the Taj Mahal.

That place is indescribable.... It's just breath taking, amazing, beautiful. Your eyes can't begin to see the whole thing when at the front door. The whole place is just... Wow.

Well after visiting the Taj, he took me out to lunch and so we ate at the hotel since it was right outside the east gate of the Taj (he covered the bill for that too) then we went to see Agra fort which is just amazing and the architecture was gorgeous. After an hour or so there we went back to my hotel and we said our goodbyes and I went up to my room to nap since I didn't really sleep the night before. The Dr. And assistant chilled at the hotel for couple hours until they had to leave for Delhi. This guy covered all the taxi fares, protected me from the Indians annoying me trying to sell me stuff and rip me off (he actually told this one kid that I was his brother and to leave me alone haha) all around great day. The guy said I was a guest in his country.
Well that was my day in Agra! I'm staying at the Sheela Inn and this place ia really great, the staff is awesome, the rooftop has a nice view, and the room comes with toilet paper! Well I have an auto-rickshaw coming tomorrow at 5:00am to take me to the train station and right now I finished drinking some water on the rooftop and am back in my room about to call it a night.
K byee.

permalink written by  Kennyboy12 on June 27, 2009 from Agra, India
from the travel blog: 2009 - Kenny Baldridge - "No Reservations"
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dude, i'm SO glad you liked taj as much as i did. i told you it's way more amazing than any picture could possibly do justice! glad you went to agra fort too. i *think* that's the same place i went to, the memory starts to fade. was that actually in agra, or about an hour outside of it?

anyway, it's been hard for me to keep up with your blogs but prolly sunday (once i arrive in tubingen for work). sounds like you are having a great time though. so am i! ttys.

permalink written by  Steve on June 29, 2009

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